Why the concern?

Why the concern?

Obviously the number of reservations is both a surprise and concern to Tesla (350,000 and increasing dramatically). Tesla admits to being surprised as noted by Elon's tweet to now having to quickly rewrite production plans. Tesla must also be concerned with the ramp up on generating and ordering parts. The public's response accelerates everything! As a Model S owner and early reservation holder for the Model 3, I'm a little concerned about the quality of the first 15-20,000 production 3's. To be honest, I'm surprised by my concern. This is not the way a beta trained Tesla owner should feel. Oh, how I envy the Roadster and Model S owners. | 11 April 2016

I'm not worried about the quality. It's very important to Tesla, and I found the quality of my car (now 3+ years old) to be very high. It hasn't been problem free, but the issues were minor and never stranded me or really gave me any inconvenience at all. New Tesla cars are even better. The only big issue is just getting the car. After that it has been worth the wait.

One huge difference I see from employees at Tesla is they really care - engineering, production, service and even sales. They are doing something truly impressive and they know it.

I get the feeling at other car companies and dealers that getting the cash is the only thing that matters and few employees really care about what they are doing (or the quality they put into their work). They are dones in a corporation that really doesn't care much about the product, workers or the customer, but where finance totally controls everything.

carlk | 11 April 2016

Don't worry. I will drive one of the first ones if you won't. There is no issue of any kind for my VIN14xx MX, and probably would not have issues on anyone else's too if there are no FWD, auto opening doors and pedastal seats like MS will not.

KdotB | 11 April 2016

Wholly agree

Owning the Model S has bred patience. But not much was needed. Service has always been great! And they especially know how much we love our cars, and how much we want to get back into them

But, with the publicity from the perfect score by CR and their subsequent downgrade based on quality issues, I'm sure Elon and crew are making sure something like that doesn't happen again. Have faith, it'll be all good

Haggy | 11 April 2016

Despite problems I've had with the Model S, I would have had just as many visits to a service station with any other car just for normal oil changes and tire rotations. I'd have to go through my paperwork carefully to figure out which visits weren't ones when tires would have been rotated anyway. Of course for those who don't live anywhere near a Tesla service center, it might be more of a big deal. But at the volume that Tesla is taking reservations, I expect that even running the current centers in shifts 24 hours a day won't be enough.

I'm not saying that because I anticipate huge problems. People who talk about the CR issue don't seem to be familiar with the actual category by category ratings from the latest auto issue, which are nowhere near as bleak as most people think.

Red Sage ca us | 12 April 2016

My biggest concern is that by having the first Deliveries of Model ☰ in late 2017, Tesla Motors may be making the same mistake they did with Model S P85D. That is, having people take initial Delivery during months of Wintry weather. New buyers, and first time owners of electric vehicles, are bound to put their foot in it and find their batteries drained in short order. Then they'll complain about how they used to be able to drive 95+ MPH through hub deep snow, up hill for 600 miles -- both ways -- in their BMW 320d without stopping to refuel and how it is a travesty that they barely made it as far as a LEAF could before the car shut down on them... If it is at all possible to move the timetable up somewhat, so that the first several thousand public Deliveries are made during July/August 2017 instead, it might go a long way toward reducing the level of whining over so-called 'range loss' from those inexperienced with the realities of driving electric.

Oh, but the cars themselves will be fine.

sosmerc | 12 April 2016

You nailed it. "whining over so-called 'range loss' " IS, in my opinion, the reality of driving electric. Once the issue of range loss is solved by better batteries and technology then I believe the market for BEV will really take off.

Tropopause | 12 April 2016

Red Sage,

First deliveries will be to employees, then current Tesla owners. The weather will be warmer by the time the non-owners receive their Model 3.

jordanrichard | 12 April 2016

Either by design or as luck will have it, by the employees having the first cars, any issues will/can be addressed before the public gets their cars. Also and half jokingly, the first cars will be built better because they are building their own cars..... Just saying...

Tropopause | 12 April 2016

Haha Jordan! I never thought of that. Great motivation to "get it right".

brando | 12 April 2016

I have an idea - ideas are cheap - execution is the hard part.

Builders Edition - for employees

Tesla supporter Edition (well, you know 2nd time buyer? Tesla Rich Edition? one of you will offer a better name)
Tesla Loyal Edition?, Royal Edition? 42 Edition? 2 timer? investor Edition?

Have fun.

kzodz | 12 April 2016

First deliveries are to staff and then in California. I don't think there is much fear of them making it anywhere near snow. And I still doubt any deliveries will actually be made in 2017. Let's just hope that they can start building them by then! | 12 April 2016

At a Tesla event I ran into a Tesla finance guy . He got to help build his car. Didn't sound like this was done often, but he was happy to be a part of building his own car even though he doesn't work on the production side of the house. I know I'd love to help build my car, but the logistics would be a nightmare for Tesla.

@Red Sage - Early cars go to the west coast reservation holders so it can be close to the factory. Not much snow around here! To bad we still have to pay a destination charge when picking it up at the factory. I understood this is a legal requirement - likely something dealers crammed through years ago.

carlk | 12 April 2016

Perhaps Tesla should give delivery priority, after current Tesla owners, to people who have owned a BEV. I'm sure Leaf owners would be thrilled of the M3 range and charging "problems".

Haggy | 13 April 2016

The destination charge requirement is supposedly a consumer protection feature. I'd like to see a show of hands from those who are glad that it's a required, non-negotiable itemized feature. OK, I saw a hand go up in Hawaii.

Red Sage ca us | 14 April 2016

After those first 50,000 or so Californians get their cars, there are bound to be some snowbirds somewhere who take delivery before April 1, 2018...