If you are thinking about to wait for your order...

If you are thinking about to wait for your order...

...because you're worried about the initial quality I think it maybe unnecessary. Mine delivered more than two weeks ago did not have any problems. Prtty much all issues we've heard are related to those doors and seats. These are mostly learning curves on Tesla's and user's parts and should be ironed out even if it might take a little time and inconvenience. On the other hand I can unequivocally say the VIN 14xx X I got is much more solid and quite than my VIN 372xx S. Fit and finish is noticeably better too. Even my car challenged wife said the same thing too. Now she wants me to get the car wrapped because she likes it so much. We did not even consider that for our S. My S is pretty much trouble free. It does not look like the X, even it's from a much earlier batch, is not at least as good except perhaps the learning curve for those complicated new functions I mentioned.

So take your choice. To enjoy the awesome car now or to take the imo unnecessarily cautious consideration and to wait for a year or so. Knowing what I know now I would definitely do it again without hesitation.

Like2bcheap | 12 April 2016

Nice to read about a vote of confidence with the X, it's comforting. We are picking up ours today and since our vin is at 25xx, based on yours we should be just A OK.

Waldek | 12 April 2016

second @carl. for us our 90D with full options is the most expensive car we ever bought, but after nearly 2 weeks we own it (and over 1,500 miles driven already) we would buy it in a blink of eye again. It is VIN 17xx.

carlk | 12 April 2016

We seem to heard a lot of people reporting issues. You certainly only hear people report problems but that does give the impression that there is a lot of initial build quality problems. I just want to make it clear build quality of the X is quite much better than even my mid-cycle MS. Everything we hear seem to be related to sensor calibration or software fine tuning if not user error or learning curve. A few reported paint chips or scratches which is likely incurred during the delivery process and can happen anytime. So waiting only will deprive your opportunity to enjoy the car with no real gain other than the perceived peace of mind. And do I have to tell you that you don't know what you have missed?

socalsam | 12 April 2016

The first models had (continue to have) a lot of problems- glad I didnt get a signature. But the most recent ones seem to be pretty much trouble free. You will hear the aches and pains from people but if you look closely, they are the ones who got the cars early.

I sat in an early sig car a while back (friend of mine had it) and I will echo what carl says- the build quality was miles ahead of my 2 year old tesla model s. The newest ones should be even better.

Im scheduled to get mine any week now. April to Early May is my scheduled delivery date.

carlk | 12 April 2016

It looks Tesla did do some hardware updates until late Q1 delivery. I wouldn't even worry too much about that except for a little inconvienent. Unlike what has happend to some early MS none of those issues would make people to be stranded on the side of road. I'm an eternal optimist of course. I don't feel making a vist to the SC at my convenience is such a big deal even if I have to.

Gary an Rachel | 13 April 2016

100% trouble free Vin # 000677 and enjoying every mile. The ONLY thing I can think of to hold off AT THIS point is to get the 100 battery. But it has not been an issue once with us. 250+ miles is working just fine.

elguapo | 13 April 2016

100kWh battery won't make a meaningful difference. Look at the difference between 75D and 90D at 20 miles. What's a 100kWh get you? 260 miles in a 90D?

TheAustin | 13 April 2016

I'm waiting until I can actually see and test-drive the m*therf*cker!!! But who's kidding who, we're getting one :p

elguapo | 13 April 2016

@TheAustin If you are in DC/MD/VA area, I'd be happy to let you test drive my P90D. It's awesome!

Brian Vicars | 13 April 2016

Do you think that if I contact Tesla & promise that I will not complain about anything when I take delivery for my SigX, I will get my vehicle sooner? For example, if it is delivered with a wheel missing, I'll just get my wife to run alone the side of the vehicle holding the brake rotor. She may enjoy the added exercise. That's for those of you who remember the "cycling mode" option I suggested last year.

yuendds | 13 April 2016

16XX 90D model X. Only two minor problems. One was uneven distribution of the metallic flake on the rear spoiler. It had to go to the body shop to fix. The second is the hitch receiver doesn't work. Looks like the little balls are stuck and would not allow insertion. The SC worked on it for awhile but no joy. They need to order a replacement. Otherwise great ride.

TheAustin | 13 April 2016

Thanks elguapo, I appreciate that. I'm on the eastern end of Long Island...I just heard back from my guy that we'll have test drives in a couple of weeks. I can wait. I think ;)

AlMc | 13 April 2016

Good to hear that the ones coming off the line now/recent past are trouble free. EM has stated that if you are waiting for the perfect car you will wait forever as TM is constantly innovating/improving.
So, I agree with Carl that if you are waiting because of QC you probably should just 'go for it'. If you are waiting for other reasons..ex: a feature that you believe is coming 'soon'....then wait. It may be a long wait so you will have to judge whether it is worth it.

aesculus | 13 April 2016

The second is the hitch receiver doesn't work. Looks like the little balls are stuck and would not allow insertion.

Thanks for the tip. Have not even tried mine yet but a good idea for all of us to take them out the bag and at least try to insert them.

aesculus | 13 April 2016

The driving part is a no brainer. I had never driven a Tesla before. It's an amazing vehicle to drive and with autopilot, be driven, :-)

If Tesla would provide driving tests and factory tours back to back as a walk in, they would sell these things like hotcakes. They would not need to go outside the bay area to see them to meet their production goals. :-)

MyXinTx | 22 April 2016

I hesitate to post this since the owner of this thread has unfairly criticized me for my concerns. While IMO all of them are valid, the current one causing me to delay my order is my last hurdle.

No Model X has been evaluated by the public for it's A/C performance in the heat of summer. The last thing I want is to find out that my X cannot handle the 98+ degree weather, especially with all that overhead glass.

I have already endured a Lexus SUV that had an undersized A/C compressor and was inadequate to provide a comfortable climate in the summer. I need to know that Tesla has not done the same with an electric A/C compressor to preserve battery life, especially with the Model X cabin significantly larger in volume than the Model S,

So instead of being a fanboy and blindly expecting that Tesla turn out all features with amazing performance, I prefer to be somewhat skeptical until I evaluate it for myself.

As it turns out, feedback on the ventilated seats indicates very poor performance of that function, not to mention a misrepresentation in the description of that feature..."cooled, dry air" suggest A/C cooled air is circulated like some vehicles, yet it is only ambient air.

eric.zucker | 23 April 2016

@WaitN4myX: premium interior with 6/7 seats have 2 HVAC units. There is a setting to activate the rear one even if the 3rd row is empty.

I find it curious that some complain the car is cold in winter with climate control off. There is no waste engine heat, what would otherwise heat the car?

MyXinTx | 27 April 2016

@eric.zucker: Perhaps 2 HVAC units with respects to fans and ducting, but I am only aware of a singe electric A/C compressor in the front of the vehicle.

If there are 2 separate A/C compressors, then I stand corrected.

Anyone have the answer?

jon | 28 April 2016

I know it is a 2 zone system in 3 row version and only a 1 zone system in 5 seaters. I presume that implies separate units, but ducting might make it a 1 compressor system for 5 vs 6/7 seat MX with baffles. I can't properly answer you, but 6/7 seat owners chime in on # of AC compressors in your MX

eric.zucker | 28 April 2016
MyXinTx | 11 May 2016

I finally checked with the Gallery reps, as far as they know, there is only one A/C compressor for the Model X regardless of the seating configuration.

The 2-zone system refers to the numbers of fans and ducting.

BAT1 | 11 May 2016

Can't wait for DS to open in UK. Just waiting for EM to move the steering wheel to the Right side. Life would be boring without a little risk. It's nice to hear some positive views from owners of MX.

Mom2Dancers | 11 May 2016

I don't understand the system of the VINs... We received ours not even two weeks ago, and it has VIN 000395... What does that mean? We were not a Signature Reservation. Did we get somebody else's that they returned/refurbished, or do they assign VIN out of order?? I'm so confused.

loganboyd | 11 May 2016

Signature Series had a different VIN sequence... i think

AlMc | 11 May 2016

@mom: Since many are reporting receiving their vehicles with Vins over 1,000 it is unusual, IMO, the you have '395' issued to you recently. You may have an identical configuration to VIN 395 that may have been built for another customer who cancelled their reservation.
A question though that is best answered by your DS. If you get an answer it would be nice if you could post it here.

DarthB | 11 May 2016

@mom you are in the east coast, right? It may take a long time for Tesla to retrofit/ship/inspect in SC so yours could be built earlier like in early March - do you know when yours was built? Anything out of the Fremont factory now should be >2K VIN.

clublon | 11 May 2016

What about waiting for next month's improvements? Any thoughts?

vperl | 11 May 2016

Yep, wait..... Order the Five seater in a week

vperl | 11 May 2016

Yep, wait..... Order the Five seater in a week

vperl | 11 May 2016

Yep, wait..... Order the Five seater in a week