Model 3 with new Model S nose

Model 3 with new Model S nose

Would you prefer the Model 3 come with a nose designed like the new Model S (it does have a place to mount a license plate) or like the on the current prototypes?

Sparky | 22 April 2016

Whichever has the lowest C/D, which I suspect would be the current prototype design. That one with just a little smoothing out would get my vote.

mrdaniel | 22 April 2016

Design is hard because good design is timeless. When the new Civic came out I thought it was unbecoming. But I saw one the other day and it looked futuristic and attractive.

I think people have realized the same with Model 3. The old Model S with the nose cone represents 2012-2015. The X and new S represent 2016. I think the Model 3 will change, too, by next summer but it will get the approval of focus groups.

topher | 22 April 2016

Lowest coefficient of drag BOTH with and without license plates.

Thank you kindly.

mickel.kahrs | 22 April 2016

Don't change the nose, please!
I love the design just as it is right now.
I like the current M3 nose a lot better than the facelift MS with the moustache.
With M3's headlghts and the design of the rest of the front, the current nose is perfect!

jordanrichard | 22 April 2016

Colodriver, the new nose on the MS does not have a molded in spot for a front plate. That is a bolt on fixture. In some pictures it looks as if it is molded in place, but it isn't. Look at the picture in the Design studio or the home page for this site.

Also, IF it was a molded in place spot, that would end up costing Tesla more money, because then they would have to have different bumper covers for different markets.

dachuyn | 22 April 2016

I like the current M3 nose. Perhaps the rear bumper needs to be stretched a little wider ...

mos6507 | 22 April 2016

I liked the photoshop that made it look like a Porsche, but after the Model S refresh it should just get the mustache so all the cars can speak the same design language.

Sparky | 23 April 2016

No moustache please! If I want a moustache I'll grow one in Movember.

EmperorTytus | 23 April 2016

I prefer the existing unveiled design to the mustache.

Supraman | 24 April 2016

I definitely prefer the moustache (UK spelling!) to the original Model S nose; it was the only part of the car that I wasn't keen on.

I'm undecided about whether I'd prefer the Model 3 to have the moustache or not. I'm reserving judgement (UK spelling again!) until somebody shows how these designs work with a front number plate attached, as required in the UK.

Supraman | 24 April 2016

Have any UK customers taken delivery of a new-style Model S yet? If so, does anybody have any pictures of a car with a UK plate displayed on the front. If it was a blue car that would be even better!

Supraman | 24 April 2016

Is the moustache actually an indent? I'm no aerodynamicist, but that doesn't seem very slippery. My uninformed thought is that this design would "scoop" up air and cause drag.

Can anybody provide any technical insight into why this isn't a problem?

carlgo2 | 24 April 2016

The 3's nose shape is actually close to that of the X and the new S (which looks better now IMO). Easy to add that grill and it would look much the same. We could expect a similar grill to keep the company theme much like you find with most other brands where the grills are different, but similar.

carlgo2 | 24 April 2016

Regarding drag, you have to have some air intake and a way to expel it. Surely Tesla has minimized this as much as possible and of course an ICE design would require big openings, although not as big as those 1930's military truck grills that many manufacturers have settled on these days.

Imagine what the parts bill is after even a minor front end collision. Probably make more profit off of that than the initial sale...

Supraman | 24 April 2016

carlgo2 - are you saying that the moustache is an intake, rather than simply an indent with a solid back?

kandrey89 | 24 April 2016

I don't like the current Model 3 nose, and I prefer the new Model S nose, thin sliver of black with Tesla logo.

I also don't like how the Model 3 frunk is pressed down into the car, it makes it look like a Porsche 911, which I don't like.

lph | 24 April 2016

After seeing the MT photo shoot of the M3 I would have to say that the car looks perfect as it is.
Its look as grown on me more and more.

ziumus | 24 April 2016

current m3 nose is great, it will be stupid if all tesla cars looks same......

yongliangzhu68 | 24 April 2016

ziumus' Well said, might as well buy an Audi if you want all the models to look the same from the front. By the time the M3 starts production you will be so used to the front that it would look 'wrong' to change it. Every time I see the the car the front looks better to me.

carlk | 24 April 2016

@ziumus, @wj

+1. BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi have to use the same recognizable front to sell cars but Tesla has much more going for it.

carlgo2 | 24 April 2016

@Supraman: I made an assumption that the grill is functional on the new S and X. Might be wrong, but I don't think Tesla would add drag without reason.

I do think it is wise to have some sort of styling connection, especially if the cars are so good that you want people to associate the different models with each other.

mos6507 | 25 April 2016

If Tesla felt it necessary to redesign the S nose to look like the X, then odds are they're going to do it with the 3 as well. So to make the argument that it's a bad thing to have a unified design language, Tesla's already telling you they disagree with that sentiment. | 25 April 2016

The grill openings are functional. On the Model S there are three radiators for cooling the cabin and battery/motor. These don't run nearly as hot as ICE radiators, but are still necessary in warm/hot climates. There are electrically controlled vanes that close off part of the inlet when full airflow is not needed. This boosts efficiency by 3-5%. It's not clear if the 3 will use a similar system or not. | 25 April 2016

Let me partly backtrack. I don't know for sure if the upper grill hole on the new Model S style flows to the radiator. It was an assumption that may be wong. I'll try and get a look later today.

dachuyn | 25 April 2016

I like model M3 to be a sport sadan, so it needs to look young modern and fast :-)

Yes the nose needs to look different ... low and wide (no hole of any kind except for maximizing efficiency) !

Red Sage ca us | 25 April 2016

I prefer the nose of the Renault ZOE... The so-called 'mustache' for Model X and Model S is closer to that, rather stylish, definitely unique, undoubtedly classy... And almost certainly destined to appear on the final version of the Model ☰. That said, I would not at all mind if the Model ☰ stays as is at its leading edge, even if the Porsche/Ferrari location of the hood emblem stays where it is. Though I certainly expect the parking lights and corner intakes to change prior to its release, similar again to changes on Model S and Model X from their initial Prototypes.

Cesg12290 | 25 April 2016

I personally like how the Model ☰ is designed; along with the hundreds of thousands who have placed down $1,000. If it were ugly, it wouldn't have received this much hype. Mercedes is starting to give their vehicles a flat nose look so I think by Tesla doing this with the Model ☰ is a smart move. Seems to be a futuristic styling.

dachuyn | 26 April 2016

"Yes the nose needs to look different ... "

I meant I like how M3 noses looks right now. However, I hope the bumpers (especially the rear bumper) and fenders can be redesigned to be a bit wider ...

drdrewb | 15 June 2016

I vote new model S nose on the model 3.

d.r.coursol | 15 June 2016

I vote on the current M3 design

Cameronizard1998 | 15 June 2016

It shouldn't cause much more drag as the 'moustache' would allow the other radiators to be smaller.

The Model S moustache is hollow as opposed to the blanked off previous design, so I would have thought it was functional.

Red Sage ca us | 15 June 2016

Lest we forget... Franz von Holzhausen has had a hand in designing some nice vehicles.

Mazda Furai

Badbot | 15 June 2016

is it possible for anyone named Sparky to grow a 'stash?

Sparky | 16 June 2016

That's "Mr. Sparky" to you.

KP in NPT | 16 June 2016

I just did the factory tour yesterday and saw the new nose on every color of Model S. I love it in person and now really hope the 3 gets the new nose. It looks badass.

zephyr12 | 16 June 2016

I like the prototype nose but I'm doubtful that will be the final look since it was only the first reveal. I want to say when the Model X was in prototype it had a very different looking nose as well. I seriously doubt that any changes they make will decrease the drag coefficient since that was a major bragging point. I keep thinking we will see some kind of Tesla badge on the front.

grashelm | 16 June 2016

I like it as is and don't think it needs the "stache".

Red Sage ca us | 17 June 2016

Take a look at the Mazda Furai to see what Franz von Holzhausen was attempting to accomplish here. Compare that to what we have seen of the Matte Grey version of the Model ☰.

dd.micsol | 17 June 2016

I would like a flush mounted plate that has a clear plastic cover to keep it smooth and clean.

mos6507 | 17 June 2016

Whatever he was attempting, it was not as successful on the 3.

sal0311 | 17 June 2016

Can anyone tell me how to add a picture? Help would be much appreciated, thanks.. Steve

JeffreyR | 17 June 2016

It's straight HTML. See Tips & Tricks in General section or FAQ in Model S for examples.

If small:
<img src="[URL]" >

If big:
<img src="[URL]" width="100%">

[URL] = path to plain image from your browser's address bar; make sure nothing else is showing; I use to upload and share

sal0311 | 17 June 2016

Thanks, JefferyR, I will give it a try... Steve