Test drive tomorrow. A few questions before hand

Test drive tomorrow. A few questions before hand

I have a test drive scheduled for tomorrow but I thought that I'd ask the forum a few of my questions before hand.

I already have a pre-autopilot S so I'm pretty familiar with Tesla.

I think the number one question I have is... What should I make sure to check? In other words what kinda things were surprising to people. I'd rather know now than afterwards.

After the latest update it seems that all 3 seats in the second row of the 7 seater now move all the way forward. Does this change the complaints that people have had in the past? Is the 6 still that much better than the 7?

Is the luxury upgrade worth it? Now that they have put the motorized rear hatch back as standard I'm not sure that any of the other things are that important.

If you get the self opening doors don't you risk having them ripped off by a passing car if you parallel park?

How much head clearance do I need to open FWD? Does the garage opener chain get in the way?


socalsam | 3 June 2016

Don't get the premium upgrade.

Also- 6 seater is by far the most comfortable and useful configuration.

The X drives very similar to an s.

Good luck

aesculus | 3 June 2016

See if you can listen to both audio choices. Most that like better quality audio thought the upgrade was worth it.

Only open the FWD to the lower setting in your garage and then raise them incrementally with the lever until you see what might hit first.

Bigger wheels and P loose a lot of energy. Not worth either IMHO. The car is plenty fast enough and range is my #1 priority.

tomgibson9 | 3 June 2016

If you are unsure on battery size, know that that while the car you will be driving will be a 90kWh battery, They have the ability to switch the driving mode to mimic how a 75D would drive. To me, the 75D was plenty quick and fast enough. If you don't need to the extra 20+ miles of range, consider this cheaper option.

davediep | 3 June 2016


- If you get the self opening doors don't you risk having them ripped off by a passing car if you parallel park?"
If you approach your X from the front, the auto front door only opens a crack then open wider once you pass the door. If you approach the car front behind, the door will open wide.

- Does the garage opener chain get in the way?
It may. In my case, I raised the garage opener unit up a few inches to fully open the falcon wing doors. Be careful, the falcon wing door may hit something from your ceiling. There are blind spots on the doors that the sensor(s) do not see.

socalsam | 3 June 2016

Tom Gibson have good advice- 75w Barry is fine for most uses. You only need the p version if you are a narcissist like I am who needs the biggest baddest and fastest. Not a smart financial move but a fun one.

bak_phy | 3 June 2016

@Tom I agree that 75KwH is fine for most uses but I worry that 5 years from now it'll be a 65. my S has lost about 4% over 20k miles. I'll definitely try the different driving simulations. Its great that they have that now.

@aesculus I'm not sure how much it would help to here the different audios although I would love to do it anyways. Often speakers need to be broken in over many hours before you can really hear them correctly. I suspect thats one reason why there is so much disagreement over the quality of the upgrade. I thought a lot about it before buying the S but then Tesla made the choice easy by raising the price from $900 to $2500. :) I'm quite happy with the quality of the standard in the S so if the X is similar I'll be ok.
@dave sounds like there will be many X's in NYC with just one door!!

@Socalsam I have the model S P85 which has been good fun, but It's actually pretty rare that I use all the power and the 90D is almost as fast. It wasn't a 30k upgrade to get the fastest at that time though. More like 14k. Still.... When doing something crazy why not go totally crazy??

socalsam | 3 June 2016

If you are gonna be a bear- be a grizzly!

Can't argue with your logic.

eddiemoy | 3 June 2016

sit in the third row with someone in the second row. the space in the third row was the biggest surprise to me and how the seat moves all the way back to "lock" then moves forward.

PXChanel | 3 June 2016

Figure out how to close the front doors and FWD's without bumping them if they are being closed at the same time. I was driving and when I closed the drivers door at the same time as my passenger behind me, we bumped the doors. In a conventional car, this does not happen. Anyone can close any door at any time, and the doors won't bump each other.

lilbean | 3 June 2016

Did the doors get damaged when they bumped?

PXChanel | 3 June 2016

No, but I didn't close forcefully

lilbean | 3 June 2016

Phew! I've been closing them at the same time and they don't touch. They have come close though.

PXChanel | 3 June 2016

That is very weird. One would think all models have the same doors. I didn't think they had redesigned the doors. I could be wrong, but maybe in fixing the original door issues they created this new door collision problem.

elguapo | 3 June 2016

None of the doors should hit any of the others, even if you close them at the same time - if they do, you have an alignment/tolerance issue.

PXChanel | 3 June 2016

But when the doors were at baseline/closed they seemed aligned perfectly..

bak_phy | 6 June 2016

Did my test drive in a 6 seat 90D with premium upgrade and premium sound. Thanks to everyone here for their advice.

None of the doors hit each other. They seemed to work as intended. The falcon doors are pretty cool. Some have mentioned that they are slow to open but I didn't feel it was any different than the automatic sliding doors on my odyssey.
The driver seat was great. Much more comfortable than my model S. As a tall guy (6'4") I also appreciated not having to crouch down to see traffic lights.

The back was smaller than I had hoped for. No way 7 of me could fit in the car. It's essentially a taller model S with the backwards facing jump seats facing forwards. Given that its only $5k more than a similar model S that is probably all that one could reasonably ask for. I do however wish that the back seats had 5 point harness's like model S jump seats. Great when unexpectedly picking up extra kids that would otherwise need booster seats.

I was happy to have tried the non P version. Although it looks just slightly slower than my '14 P85 on paper it felt a fair amount slower to accelerate when at speed. E.g. going from 30 to 60 on an on-ramp. I suspect that from 0-30 it's similar to my P85 due to the dual motors but then it fades quicker. I hate to have to spend the extra money but I think that if I don't I'll always miss my P85. Go grizzly bear!!!! I don't think that ludicrous is worth it though as I don't want to have to hit a button for extra power or think about the state of my battery.

The car seemed a lot quieter than mine. Much less road noise. This might have been in my head though as I just thought of it after the drive. Did any one else notice this? Also no noticeable whine from the front motor which I had heard when I test drove the models S P85D 18 months ago.

It friggin' drove itself!!! That's so awesome... I could definitely get used to that!

Only decision I have now is whether to get premium upgrades and premium sound. And trailer hitch now that I think about it. Has anybody gotten one and regretted not getting the other?

aesculus | 6 June 2016

I would say go with the P for sure since you have experienced both. I don't have the P and think the performance is very good.

If you can deal with the cost of the upgrades go for them. I bought them all and would do the same again.

As far as the trailer hitch is concerned: Everyone to date has gotten a tow package when they just ordered the accessory hitch. Perhaps you can be the first to discover that is no longer the case. :-)

socalsam | 6 June 2016

Go with the P for sure if you already are feeling grizzly like. I did not get the Premium sound or the Premium Package and don't regret it for a second. Its almost 8 grand for those two items and while I could easily afford them, I felt they were a frivolous purchase.

bak_phy | 6 June 2016

@aesculus Even the software? hmmmm

@socalsam I think I'm going to have to agree with you. It's the same choice I made with the S. In the end I think I'll just pay up for what makes the car truly unique.. Fantastic performance in a large car which can drive itself!
And the winter package which is an option which I have no control over.

socalsam | 6 June 2016

I live in AZ- so no winter package for me. Good luck with the purchase!

aesculus | 6 June 2016

@bak_phy: I get way more use out of the PUP, audio and other accessory features than I would ever get from P&L so that is where I put my money. Those who like performance would probably choose the opposite.

But I still like my auto presenting front door. :-)

bak_phy | 6 June 2016

@aesculus please expand on that. Have you heard the difference between the two audio system? Is it just more bass. Louder?
The HEPA filter sounds nice but I'm inclined to think that it's more a sales pitch to China. (and maybe LA)
I'm not really sure what any of the other things are. Quick dock? It has blue tooth. Why dock anything? For charging?
I'm worried that I walk up to the door from behind and the door swings open to take out a passing bicyclist. Or worse.
I do agreed that L is pretty silly. Not really useful in the real world. | 6 June 2016

You are going to hear a little whining by the front drive unit when you launch it but that's not a bad thing.

rossRallen | 6 June 2016

I have a SigX, which came fully-loaded. Didn't bother with trailer package or Ludicrous. Delirously happy with all the features and options. No regrets.

I drove a Model S P90DL today. Neck-snapping, but not worth another $10K to me.

Redmiata98 | 6 June 2016

Upgraded sound is noticeably better in the X than in the S. Had it in the S and have it in the X. would not get it in my next S but would in my next X. That is if my current X wears out ;-)

Trailer package depends on your situation, if you might use it in the near future, get it now because you cannot retrofit. I think there is an addition to the frame or a reinforcement.

Up sound: YES
Up trailer package: Maybe

dbh | 6 June 2016

Upgraded sound is fantastic - far, far better than standard sound in our S, and definitely better than the premium sound in loaner Ses I've had. It's a bargain for how good it is imho.

I think the trailer upgrade is a no-brainer too. Unless you own a pickup also, of course. Verified that towing our small boat is a breeze, and have carried bikes and skis too. Taking a trailer of stuff to the dump will in the near future.