Cool Things to come new version

Cool Things to come new version

During the Code Conference 2016, Elon mentioned that there could be some future cool things in version 2 and 3 that will might not make the first version of Model ≡. Any speculation as to if these features could be simply downloaded or will the features only be options on the next model versions? | 5 June 2016

There will always be new cool versions in software, but I suspect Elon was eluding to hardware changes. With the Model X, he has stated they should have added some features over time to avoid having all the issues they had at one time with the X initial production. It's far easier to fix a few issues than having to deal with a lot of different issues all at the same time during a product launch.

Haggy | 14 June 2016

Tesla intentionally split the reveal into two parts so they wouldn't overpromise and commit to things that might turn out not to be practical once the final design is done. I'm sure that not everything Tesla wanted for the first iteration will make it into the car for the first version, but Tesla wants to get things done on time. They don't want to earn a reputation for being late.

JeffreyR | 14 June 2016


Red Sage ca us | 14 June 2016

I suspect they fall a mite short of the seven cupholders per passenger metric.

Ross1 | 14 June 2016

already earned the reputation..

topher | 15 June 2016

Things which can be upgraded over OTA, will be (perhaps on a 'paid option' basis). Anything which is relegated to version 2 or 3 will be hardware.

Badbot | 15 June 2016

Sorry red they are putting 4 in the frunk to make the metric.


Red Sage ca us | 15 June 2016

Badbot: I think it was Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth that set the bar at around 3.5 cupholders per passenger originally...

Badbot | 15 June 2016

yeah but they were small