When are you officially in the order queue?

When are you officially in the order queue?

I have put in an order but I haven't decided if I want to trade in old MS. The Tesla site wants me to lock in my decision now. Same goes for whether I want a Tesla loan.

Given that final payment is at least two months away I don't really feel that I to decide these things yet. I can't lock in a rate yet anyways and interest rates have fallen about 0.25% this MTD which should reflect itself in auto rates at some point.

The question is am I in the queue now? It says that I get my delivery estimate once I confirm order. Do I have to do these other things first? If I'm not in queue then why put a deposit down until you are ready to "confirm."

vperl | 13 June 2016


That term, may or may not mean.

When to order, and confirm your X by clicking the purchase button, your five thousand dollars are not returnable

Whenever, whatever, Tesla decides to do is their choice, TESLA

might deliver in 4 weeks or 52.

But, maybe possibly your case sooner.
Think positive, I have since April 2014, confirmed first week of January 2016.

Good luck
All deliveries are subject to Tesla day to day decisions

Your Model X will be delivered quickly.

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