New Carpets for my Model X

New Carpets for my Model X

I just had new custom carpeted floor mats done for my Model X with special embroidery and colors to match my tan interior.

You can purchase any color combination and artwork you want from:

raging.dragonfly | 13 June 2016

NICE, Aesculus! Those are Gorgeous :-)

elguapo | 13 June 2016

Looking good!

Triggerplz | 13 June 2016


aesculus | 13 June 2016

Some of the logo's he can do are amazing ;-) ;-) ;-)

rossRallen | 13 June 2016

Very nice! Those colors and logo look great.

Can you please share with us the cost for the cabin and frunk and trunk if you got them?

lilbean | 14 June 2016

They look awesome!! Congrats!

aesculus | 14 June 2016

I paid $589 shipped for the cabin mats. He can do frunk and trunk but I am waiting for Weathertech for those.

I had heavy engraving on all the set including text and logo's. The carpets are very heavy. Much heavier than the Tesla originals.

Send him an email and he will give you a link to pictures of various cars and options. They are really amazing. What I could not get from Lloyd's and TSportsline I could from him.

elguapo | 14 June 2016

Question - do people put after market mats on top of OEM or remove the originals then put new ones in?

With my S, I put my weathetech on top of existing mats. Don't know if there's a "best practice" here or not.

aesculus | 14 June 2016

Your choice. I have always laid my carpets and WT mats over the originals. Note the last car I had put WT mats on looked pristine under the WT after 15 years.

Triggerplz | 14 June 2016

You should never put the after market mats on top of the old mats.. Most after market mats have a warning attached stating that

lilbean | 14 June 2016

I agree with Triggerplz. Putting mats on top of factory mats could make them more prone to interfering with the pedals.

elguapo | 14 June 2016

The OEM mats in the Tesla are attached to the X, unlike the S, so it will take a bit more time to pull them up.

I agree with @aesculus as that's been my prior approach, but I do believe @Trigger and @lilbean are correct regarding safety, so I will probably end up storing originals somewhere.

elguapo | 14 June 2016

And by "storing", I mean losing them.

lilbean | 14 June 2016

@elguapo: Haha. I had no idea OEM mats were attached. Does that mean you have to tear them off to remove them?

elguapo | 14 June 2016

@lilbean They're not stuck with adhesive, they have anchors in the corners (at least my front mats do). I don't think second row has anything as mine always get crunched up.

I wouldn't put it past the robots to put extra adhesive on the mats though. TM loves it's adhesive!

elguapo | 14 June 2016

Its not it's. Auto correct isn't always smarter than me!

lilbean | 14 June 2016

Haha. You got that right. Tesla LOVES adhesive!

lilbean | 14 June 2016

They should pack goo gone in the swag bag.

Triggerplz | 14 June 2016

@elguapo don't throw them away they make good knee pads whenever I have to get on a knee in the driveway or walkway to change a bulb in a light etc I put my old car mat down, these knees on concrete is not a good look :-)

aesculus | 14 June 2016

The carpet mats I got have studded bottoms. They don't move at all.

The OEM mats have three velcro circles on them. They don't move either. I am not worried about fowling my pedals with these mats but the tacky ones you get from the auto parts or big box store I would not place over the top of the OEM mats for the safety reasons stated.

elguapo | 14 June 2016

@Triggerplz Perfect idea. My knees don't do well on concrete either. I don't intend to throw them out. I intend to put them someplace "safe", where I would "never" lose them which, of course, means I will lose them. :-)

Triggerplz | 14 June 2016

@elguapo I can relate as I got 2 attics full of "safe" treasures that will never be used again

rossRallen | 15 June 2016

I've been having a good email conversation with Jerry at ForMyTesla. I have a 7-seater SigX, so he needed some information about the center seat cutout.

Also, I'd like to have "Signature" in Tesla's script font added under the "Model X" logo as shown by @aesculus. Jerry is highly-responsive and working with me on these mats. I particularly like the rubber heel pad on the driver's side and the contrasting stitching and edging that match the tan leather. Thanks @aesculus for posting about these mats.

BTW, the "Signature" logo is problematical since the highest-resolution I can get is a screen shot from the X's instrument panel. It is going to take a lot of time in Photoshop to clean up the pixelation. I haven't been able to find a hi-res version of it anywhere that Jerry & Co. can digitize. Anyone have any ideas?

aesculus | 15 June 2016
aesculus | 15 June 2016

@rossRallen: Did he show you pictures of my front and center mats? I can't show them here. :-)

rossRallen | 15 June 2016

@asculus I'll have to look on his site again. The only photos I've seen of your mats are your second row.

Funny that there's no hardware " Signature " logo inside my X, only on the screens.

I really love my X. It's a constant source of delight, even when I find a few lines of code that aren't right. They'll get fixed.

lilbean | 15 June 2016

You wanted pics of mats? Here they are:

Redmiata98 | 15 June 2016

Lilbean, pix for the six seater?

lilbean | 15 June 2016

Yes, for the six seater.

rossRallen | 15 June 2016


Redmiata98 | 15 June 2016

Thanks, they look great, wise choice!

lilbean | 15 June 2016

I'm pretty sure the pic is of aesculus's mats. Jerry sent me the pic.

aesculus | 16 June 2016

No comment :-)

elguapo | 16 June 2016

Cost? Did I miss it upthread?

aesculus | 16 June 2016

I paid $589 shipped for the cabin mats.

Way up thread.

NumberOne | 16 June 2016

I just removed the front two mats, and I think I will put the passenger side OEM mat back under the other mat. This way I have only one mat to store.

elguapo | 17 June 2016

@aesculus Wow! That's a great price considering the personalization and how great they look. Thanks for sharing.

oragne lovre | 21 July 2016

I'll drive the X for a 2nd long-distance trip, which will be more "adventurous" than the first one. I plan to get a set of mats for the trip. I've looked at various options and winnowed down to two; the first one is like what aesculus got and the second one is

Any X owners who own either of the two are urged to give feedbacks.

Many thanks.

BadgerX | 22 July 2016

Second one is Lloyd's, also available here:

I have these & love 'em. Bought two separate rear mats, one for when 3rd row seats are folded & one for when they aren't.

elguapo | 23 July 2016

I have the Lloyds Luxe in front and the rubber tite in back. They're great and EV everything is great to work with.

That said, I prefer the weather techs in my S, but WT is in no hurry to make the all weather for the X, so Lloyds is the best for the current time.

hami05 | 23 July 2016

I can second the Lloyds. Have the rubbertite ones in one of my other cars. Another option is Toughpro all season mats on Amazon. I ordered those for my 7 seater already and the car isn't even getting here for atleast 6 weeks... Lol

rossRallen | 23 July 2016

After reading @aesculus's post in June, I contacted I purchased and installed a full set of carpeted mats: frunk, front and rear cabin, and a two mat set for the trunk. In the trunk, one mat covers the back of the 3rd row seats when down, the other the parcel shelf. If you raise the 3rd row, this mat is easy to stow. The parcel shelf mat stays put even when the shelf is raised and tilted.

The mats are very high quality, fit perfectly, and the beige trim exactly matches my tan leather seats. I had a custom graphic embroidered on the mats. I'll add that Jerry at ForMyTesla provided the best customer service I've had anywhere in years.

I tried to post some photos, but getting an error message from the Tesla site. I'll try later. In the meantime, here are some photos.

Driver's mat:
Complete set:

rossRallen | 23 July 2016

And here's the frunk:

Prices and color and graphics options at > Model X > Custom floor mats

Triggerplz | 23 July 2016

@rossrallen is the frunk mat upside down or did I have to much to drink :-)... btw I don't drink

rossRallen | 24 July 2016

Looking into the frunk from the front of the car, the logo is right-side up. I held the camera over the frunk so it looks upside-down: front of frunk at top of photo. Why? I don't know.

Triggerplz | 24 July 2016

@rossrallen the mats are real nice but by taken the picture that way it looks like a police outline sketch of a murdered 2 headed penguin :-)

rossRallen | 24 July 2016

@Trig. I didn't see that until now. Whatever you're on, I want some.

Triggerplz | 24 July 2016


aesculus | 25 July 2016

@rossRallen: Those mats look excellant. I really love the tan trim and lettering with the tan seats. I snuck in Tesla T's on my front mats and they are really cool too.

rossRallen | 25 July 2016

@aesculus - I know you did, I saw them! They look great. I saw photos of another customer's mats with "P90D" in red in a second line below "Model X". That's really nice, too.

Responding to @Trig's comment, I rotated the frunk image so it appears as you look into the trunk from the front of the car, and added a photo of Jerry's two-mat solution for the trunk.