Chrome outside window seal

Chrome outside window seal

Has anyone had a problem with this? When closing the passenger window the chrome seal came off. Haven't had time to get it fixed.

snlnk | 23 June 2016

Yes, this happened to our driver side at the front window, lower part. When the SC fixed it they said most of the bright chrome wasn't attached properly so the they reattached almost all of it. The SC suggested the detailer that installed the Xpel removed the bright chrome to do the in Xpel install and then reattached it improperly, however the detailer vehemently denied this and the SC fixed it anyway.

VIN 751, March 14 delivery.

lilbean | 23 June 2016

Is it the chrome at the bottom or the top of the window? I saw a Model X witht the chrome missing at the bottom of the window.

snlnk | 23 June 2016

The bottom.

lilbean | 23 June 2016

I guess I should watch out for that next. Thanks for the heads up.

Triggerplz | 23 June 2016

The chrome on my drivers side is not all the flushed down like the passenger side SC asked me to bring it in. I hate to drive 45 minutes just for that but I will in the next day or 2, I don't mind the 45 minute ride but doing one stretch the traffic is always backed up :-(

Redmiata98 | 24 June 2016

...and the chrome on the exterior door openers does come off too.

lilbean | 24 June 2016

@redmiata- That doesn't surprise me. It feels cheap to me.

speyerj | 24 June 2016

The chrome isn't meant to be reattached according to my SC. If it gets pulled off for some reason they recommend replacing it with a new piece. It warps.

lilbean | 24 June 2016

Always something "new"... sigh.

rossRallen | 24 June 2016

@Trig et. al.: About 1 foot of the chrome strip running up the driver's door from the rear view mirror bulges out a little less than 1/8" compared to the pax side. It's not flapping loose, just not snug and tight as it should be.

Tesla Service Center thought that this larger gap between strip and frame might have had something to do with my wind noise issue, and so they did something unspeakable to it. I nearly passed out when I saw what they did!

My local body shop guy—in the process of undoing the unspeakable at my expense—said that he thinks the clip holding the strip has been damaged and isn't engaging to hold the strip tight. He's the one who found it was sticking out slightly.


snlnk | 24 June 2016

Before we got our X I always read on the forum if the car has problems Tesla will always make things right. But now I'm reading about a lot of bad experiences at the SCs. Even if Tesla corporation wants to make things right, it seems like the SCs are sometimes incapable of executing on this. Ours has only been in the Dublin, CA service center once, mostly for front door problems, and it came back with scratches in the leather and wood finishes on one of the doors...and the doors still don't work right.

Triggerplz | 24 June 2016

I called the SC and asked if they had that chrome peice in stock in case they can't put it back they said no and they won't just order it without trying to put it back first so it looks like I'm gonna have to drive there and if they can't fix it I'll have drive back there again when the part comes in.. I like driving my MX but I can find better places to drive to than there.. I know people are having more serious issues and I hate to complain about the chrome molding but they could make it a lot easier by just ordering the part.. Maybe I should just buy the chrome piece and have it sent there as it can't cost more than my time to make 2 trips there

rossRallen | 24 June 2016

@Trig - this work could be done by the Tesla Service Rover. You shouldn't be putting lots of miles on your car for warranty service. Mine's already been trailered twice RT for the 100 mile drive each way to my SC, and this time I asked for the rover. They're coming to my house to replace a part that was back ordered on the last visit.

Triggerplz | 25 June 2016

@rossrallen thanks for the heads up

jwh8000 | 25 June 2016

I'm 150 miles away from the nearest SC and have a rover coming Jul 5th to replace a sensor in the FWD. He had me snap a couple of photos of the screen and the door and text them to him. They pull the logs to figure out the problem order the parts then come out for the install.

aesculus | 25 June 2016

There is another thread over at TMC about the difference of some SC in ordering parts ahead of service and others only ordering if your car is sitting on the lot rotting. It's one thing about discovering an issue while it's apart and another where the part needed is well known or highly suspect.

rossRallen | 25 June 2016

@aesculus - Interesting. I wish there was some consistency in the parts situation. My SC won't order parts ahead of time unless the work is left over from the prior visit, where parts were unavailable.

lilbean | 25 June 2016

Yep, my SC refused to order parts ahead of service. They just want the car to sit there. That seems so silly. They should have parts on hand for the convenience, just like at ICE service centers. Oh well.

rossRallen | 25 June 2016

Doesn't make sense except that all parts are probably available just-in-time for production.

Triggerplz | 25 June 2016

What's the charge for the ranger to come out?

lilbean | 25 June 2016

Tesla Ranger Service

Tesla Ranger service may be available in your area. The service fee is based on $3 per mile from the nearest Tesla Service Center. The minimum fee is $100.

elguapo | 25 June 2016

Rockville SC is awesome and saved me a on of time by preordering a suspect part. Love them!

By the way - is the chrome really chrome or plastic? Feels and looks like plastic to me when compared to some of my other cars...

lilbean | 25 June 2016

Feels like plastic to me too.

rossRallen | 25 June 2016

Ranger should be free for warranty items. But worth the cost quoted to avoid a 2 hour ride each way or dealing with trailering and a loaner and minimum of three days in the shop.

I think the trim must be metal. Plastic would have been destroyed after removing "the unspeakable" mess with sharp tools.

Triggerplz | 25 June 2016

As I stated earlier I asked the SC to just order that chrome peice so I wouldn't waste a trip there, they said "O HELL NAW" we can fix it, so guess what, when I got there they ordered the part now I got to go back again, it's only 35 miles but there's a section of highway that's always backed up.. Going 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, auto pilot, auto parking, auto opening door, and summons, with the chrome hanging off ain't cute...

Triggerplz | 25 June 2016

@rossrallen I called and asked them about the service ROVER they was like what the hell is a service ROVER, I said the service where they come to your house to make the repair, they was like "Oh HELL NAW" you mean the service RANGER, I was like blame rossrallen he's the one who called it service ROVER, I followed his lead. :-)

lilbean | 25 June 2016

Lol Triggerplz!

rossRallen | 28 June 2016

Yeah, my bad. Ranger. Not Rover. WTF's the difference? All I can say in my own defense is that I once had a bad experience with a park ranger. Mental block.

Well, will your Ranger service you? Or not?

lilbean | 28 June 2016

Range Rover :)

jwh8000 | 28 June 2016

I live in Michigan and the nearest SC is Chicago 150 miles away. We are serviced out of Cleveland which is even further. They service us with rangers or rovers or whatever they call them. My problem is a bad sensor in the FWD, it reads objects that aren't there and will not open correctly. They probably have those sensors available since it is a pretty common problem.

lilbean | 28 June 2016

Door latches were a common problem but they didn't keep those stocked.

Triggerplz | 28 June 2016

@rossrallen it's all good, I think they knew what I meant when I said service ROVER they was just busting my balls.. They did say it was some kinda charge for the ranger but they would check with a supervisor to see if they can just pick it up Im about 35 miles away so I may just drive there again. It woulda been nice if they woulda just ordered the part instead of me driving there to order the part. And I'm still getting a crackle sound from the rear speaker that was supposedly fix.. :-( I hear a new SC will open about 20 minutes away that would be good..

jwh8000 | 29 June 2016

@lilbean, than he will just have to make more than one trip cuz I'm not driving to Chicago for them to fix it.

lilbean | 29 June 2016

@jhopper- I agree. I would hope the ranger keeps a stock of necessary parts :)

rossRallen | 29 June 2016

You mean the rover, right?

lilbean | 29 June 2016


KDLTesla | 21 December 2019

Hi folks. Did Tesla charge you for labor and the part when they replaced the chrome stripping that was falling off? My SC is saying that neither the labor or the part is covered under the warrant and service plan. Digging in to the details on those but wanted to see what others are experiencing. Thanks.