inventory cars

inventory cars

supposedly there around my sales guy knew of one but there not listed on the site i think

asingla | 5 July 2016

There are MX's that they have in Inventory. Interesting I was able to get a 90D with exact specs and color that I wanted along with Odometer reading of 50 miles - never been sat in before except for pre-inspection.

Ordered on 7/3/2016 with scheduled delivery on 7/6/2016.

panagiotarosfamily | 5 July 2016


LimawanS85 | 5 July 2016

Ask your sales person. There should be quite a few available. Although my sales person advice me, unless you really want something now, to configure to built as the quality in the new ones are much better

asingla | 5 July 2016

This was at the sales office in Palo Alto service center - they have a few scattered across the country and most of them are test drive cars that I wasn't interested in buying given the limited discount vs wear-tear that a demo car can take.

I was at the Sales office two times over two days and on the first day of visit they had two un-used X's - one was supposed to be delivered to Fremont Sales office for Test-drive purposes (Metallic Grey) and one X that became available because the owner decided it (Red) was not the car he wanted. The next day when I came to finalize, the Red was gone but luckily the Metallic Grey that I wanted was still there.

Since the inventory changes everyday, I would recommend that you visit the store and get real time status. The sales consultant told me that they plan to put this information alongside the current S inventory online - till then, the Sales Office is the only place to get this information.

lilbean | 5 July 2016

Awesome. Congrats!

CalabasasKid | 6 July 2016

I picked up a Midnight Silver on Ultra White 6 seat config. with 22" black Onyx wheels after seeing it at my local store. It was a test drive car with 300 miles on it mostly driven by the store manager to get from store to store. It wasn't available at first but then they emailed me on Father's Day to say it was available. Throw in the $900 "showroom discount" and the $1000 referral code discount, and the fact that 22's are now $5500 whereas this one had them priced at the old $4500, and I couldn't resist. $3000 is a decent incentive and the car was exactly what I wanted. It's awesome!

Andrew_OH_70D | 7 July 2016

I have purchased our last two Model S's from Inventory, and I believe that's the best way to get a good deal, as you will receive the $7,500 tax credit as well. What you want to look for is high mileage inventory vehicles, which is unlikely now that the Model X is so new. These are called "Unicorns" by the sales staff. Some sales staff's are better than others in finding these deals. The sales staff in Blue Ash, Ohio is very good at this. They found a perfect S70D for my friend in California, in California, when his local sales center less than 10 miles away claims they could not find it. They found the perfect 70D for me in Denver. I flew out to pick it up, and had lunch at Elon's brother's restaurant in Denver before hitting the road.

My referral code is if anyone needs it. I've purchased a total of three Model S's, and currently own two. If you're patient, you can find a deal on the perfect car for you. As time goes on, there will be better and better inventory deals on the Model X. It's an incredible vehicle, and I'm seeing more and more of them on the road here in Ohio.

aesculus | 7 July 2016

Aren't there two different things here?

I see used cars (CPO) as previously registered cars that are in Tesla's inventory as one

The other are cars that were demo', loaners, cars built on speculation,etc that have never been registered and are considered brand new, but may have more milelage on them then a brand new car.

The third category is probably in the used bucked which is cars that have returned. They have been registered and perhaps completely refurbished, but they are non the less used cars in that sense.

It would probably be good to know which category you are buying it as there is some pretty big distinctions between the types, at least to me.

Andrew_OH_70D | 7 July 2016

The demos/loaners are what you want. If they have been sold before, you will not get the tax credits.

Bradtc | 7 July 2016

Don't forget that you can use the referral discount on inventory cars as well.

asingla | 7 July 2016

Mine was delivered today early morning at Palo Alto Service Center - Odometer reading of 20 and brand new X90D with everything on it (except Premium Sound) - don't know why they didn't have premium sound but what the heck! | 7 July 2016

I second @Andrew. Bought a loaner S85 with AP a year and a half ago while waiting for my X. 4400 miles but couldn't tell from new. Perfect for the next 12,000 miles before I sold it. The $7500 tax credit was joyfully accepted along with the $6,000 price discount. With a new car warranty what is not to like?

siliconhammer | 8 July 2016

I suspect some of these inventory units are floor units coming from showrooms. I was frequently visiting the Santana Row showroom because I was wondering how the interior holds up with hundreds of people crawling in and out daily. A sales person said they don't leave them on the floor long enough to show wear, they get new ones frequently and the floor models get sold. | 8 July 2016

@silicon: judging from my sample of one experience, hard to tell from new.

asingla | 8 July 2016

Folks - Luckily for me, it was a car to be destined for Fremont Sales/Service Center to be used as loaner car and was sold to me instead - new without anyone getting in/out or mileage on it. You may also get lucky - does not hurt to try!

aesculus | 8 July 2016

Yesterday at Seaside, CA they had a white, red, black and midnight silver X's. I am pretty sure these were all for sale but I was not certain. I forgot to ask.

So if you want one immediately give them a call.

sunnyvale45 | 24 August 2016

Question. How much does it save to buy an Inventory car?

hami05 | 24 August 2016

@sunnyvale It depends on how many miles are on the car and what the retail for the car was. For example, a brand new 75D with '50' miles on it, which originally retailed for $95,200 may be discounted $1000 and is being remarketed at $94,200. At the bigger end of the discount spectrum, a test driving P90D with 5k miles on it which retailed for $142k may be discounted ~$10k down to $132k. Sometimes you get lucky though and find a brand new 90D with less than 200 miles on it with a $4-7k discount on it, but those tend to go quickly.

sunnyvale45 | 24 August 2016

i am torn because I am waiting for the model 3, but I thinking of buying an used S, because it might have more bells and whistles, i heard about the inventory cars as well

lilbean | 24 August 2016

Good choice and you get it sooner :) and its a more luxurious car.

KurtsX | 27 August 2016

Ive been waiting 21/2 years for my 5 seat X, only to be told they were pushing back delivery so they could sell the 6 & 7 seat models first. I got tired of waiting and found a 6 seat model in Inventory, with a delivery in 2 weeks. I also got a $7000 discount over the car I was waiting for, so Im a happy camper. Delivery due any day!!

Gayatrikr | 28 August 2016

Nice what was the config

Gayatrikr | 28 August 2016

What did u pay

elguapo | 28 August 2016

The savings are usually minimal, as others have said. Rare cases of real savings often due to higher mileage or damage from an accident that had to be repaired. The latter is where the bigger savings are.

Remnant | 31 August 2016

@ Msteadman (OP, July 3, 2016)

<< supposedly, ... my sales guy knew of one [inventory car] but [they're] not listed on the site i think. >>

They are now, on "My Tesla"/Order page.

larmorfreq | 31 August 2016

I have a 90MX white on order with 6 seats, it has been in production for a while, at least a month. No delivery date yet, but now wifey wants red, is it better to get new MX or find an inventory? Is there any chance new hardware was installed in the past month that is not available on older inventory MX's?

Spprcv | 31 August 2016

Those are really questions you should ask your DS. They are really the only ones who can let you know if that is an option for you.

AyenTeslaMX | 2 September 2016

When configuring a custom order now they show you inventory cars that closely match what you select. It is pretty cool. The delivery time on an inventory car is showing only 14 days!

adamcb | 2 September 2016

Both my original Model S P85+ and my new Model X P90D were inventory cars, and both had ~2000 miles on them so I got a substantial discount. Yes, there were a few scratches on the interior and one or two very minor scratches (which I had repaired), but when you look at the discount, the fact that both cars received a service "shake down" to fix things like the FWDs before I got the car) and I only had to wait less than two weeks for delivery, it was a great deal.

BUT you are going to want to look at your car in question very carefully and negotiate with the delivery specialist on what is "wear and tear" and what needs to be replaced. Overall - very satisfied here with two inventory cars.