"Side Collision Warning" is misleading label for this function

"Side Collision Warning" is misleading label for this function

While driving my Model S today the car seems to suddenly veer right for no reason and almost collide with the car on my right side. At the time i didnt know if it was a steering failure, tire problem, or what, so i may have overreacted in turning the wheel back.

here are the details:
I was NOT using TACC or autosteering as i as wanting to drive the 'old fashioned way' on this stretch of interstate. Those of you in the bay Area may be familiar with Westbound 580 as it crosses the bay on the Richmond bridge.

I was driving westbound and in the right lane, but switched to the left lane to pass the vehicle in front of me. This part of the bridge has some extra metal protruding from the side of the bridge at about the one foot level, so it is an unusual roadway in that respect. As far as i remember, about the time i was alongside the vehicle suddenly my car veered right towards that vehicle and i heard a few beeps! So, i applied force to the wheel to keep car going straight and luckily it did!

On the rest of the drive home i was thinking about what happened and that it might be one of those new 'features' that i just hadnt experienced before. Sure enough, when i get home and check out the touchscreen options i see that "Side Collision Warning" which i had set to "On" also can cause autosteer to turn on instantly to try to avoid a perceived collision. This part is only explained if you press on the small 'i' to get more information. Needless, to say, i turned it "Off", so it wont happen again unless i decided to turn it on.

So, my point is the function should be described as "Side Collision Avoidance" because it is MUCH more than just a warning. A Warning, is a communication from the car to the driver. Avoidance on the other hand is the car taking some kind of action. very different!

I realize i also might argue that the car overcorrected and almost caused a collision. In other words, that the side collision acoidance autosteer software has a bug. I will leave that issue to other threads, for now i want to just focus on whether this function is properly labeled on the touchscreen.

Compare it to the "Lane Departure Warning" located right next to it on the touchscreen. This function does not involve any active steering by the car. it only involves a steering wheel vibration to communicate to the driver. So, "Lane Departure Warning" is labeled correctly.

I couldnt find any thread on this forum addressing this mislabeling. I did find a few threads at TMC about how the feature works, but no one mentioned that it is mislabeled. Seems to me this mislabeling is asking for a lawsuit!

Do you agree, or am i missing something?

Muzzman1 | 7 July 2016

I've had this happen in a similar scenario, except there was no car to the right, but as much as your car veered right to avoid the metal protrusion, it would also have veered left to avoid the car. Your Tesla and the side collision prevention will center the car.
Those sensors are accurate to the inch. So it might have been a perspective from the driver's seat that made you feel as though you were going to impact the car to the right. I leave mine on and trust the car. (that's just me)

GHammer | 7 July 2016

It has saved me when a semi moved into my lane, I don;t care what they call it, I'm leaving it on.