"Follow Me" mode for cyclists

"Follow Me" mode for cyclists

There has been a series of accidents with cyclists being killed by vehicles in my area recently. My idea is to create a "follow me" mode in the Tesla autopilot that will follow an individual or group of riders creating a safety buffer. Even if only one rider in a group owned a Tesla he or she could provide a much needed service for the entire group while still enjoying the ride. Take the idea for what it's worth!

compchat | 12 July 2016

Well apparently you wish to keep your identity a secret otherwise you would simply tell us what your medical subspecialty is (if you are a physician). What's the big deal anyway ?

Okay I'll go first. I'm a general internist. See how easy that was ?

Already had my gender reassignment so respectfully I decline your offer to geld me.

SCCRENDO | 13 July 2016

@compchat. I'm an endocrinologist and have stated it many times. It's not a big deal. Mainly here to discuss Tesla, its mission and my car. Model S owner since April 2013, 93000 miles. Reservation on 2 model 3s. Sometimes the discussion meanders off into other areas. If I was here to advertise I'd post my details. So now that you know my specialty does it change the discussion.

lilbean | 13 July 2016

You guys are so hilarious. It was so obvious! Hint: the username

bb0tin | 13 July 2016

Going by the usernames compchat is a chat bot

SCCRENDO | 13 July 2016

An article I saw today which may encourage "Mr. Billionaire aka Ross" to get out of his car

SCCRENDO | 13 July 2016

The origin of my handle is from the early 1990s. Just started playing soccer again in my early 40s.
"Sccr" is short for soccer and "Endo" is short for endocrinologist. Still play once and occasionally twice a week
I am looking for a vanity plate name for my 1st Model 3. Perhaps I should use it
My vanity plate on my Model S is BSTN 26 2. This stands for the Boston Marathon (26.2 miles). I look at this as one of my life achievements. To qualify for it in my late 50s and to actually run it in under 4 hours.

Mike83 | 13 July 2016

Great advice. Under 4 hour marathon is awesome; congrats on that.
Bicycling is so much fun and provides so many benefits. Soccer is also great exercise and tremendously exciting. I used to play left wing in college when I could run 2 miles in 10 minutes. Lots of running in soccer. We do cross country skiing now to stay in shape in the winter. Thinking of going to Whistler and Bend for that.
It is too bad people don't get into good habits which is easy to do once started. Today we do an hour bike ride, a half hour fast walk, 15 min. of weights and 20 min. Tai Chil. We alternate with other sports also. Tennis, boxing, hiking, kayaking, swimming, yoga and sometimes basketball. Need more days in the week.

SCCRENDO | 13 July 2016

When people come to me about the elixir of youth I recommend exercise. I agree we need more days in the week. I work 4 1/2 days a week and have an hour commute each way so it makes things tough. I always exercise in the evening before dinner. Annoys my wife a little in that we only get to eat after 8 pm. Although I have very quick reflexes and speed to the soccerball I'm not a quick runner. My fastest marathon was CIF in Sacramento (my Boston qualifier) at 3h43m which is about 8m36s a mile. My fastest 7 miler was at 7m38s a mile. Funny I prefer downhill skiing to cross country.

Ross1 | 13 July 2016

@SCCRENDO: A competition for suggestions for your number plate?

Rolling, rolling...


SCCRENDO | 13 July 2016

Ross I'll take a pass on those

SCCRENDO | 14 July 2016

A further reason to increase our exercise and lose weight. Heart disease and diabetes is increasing among obese US adults

compchat | 16 July 2016


You are one lucky guy being able to run at your age. Running is about the worst thing you an do for your knees/ankles and back. Especially if you are prone to DJD. Now bicycling is another story and much safer for your joints (unless of course you engage in mountain biking).

Of course you could bend over and pick up your briefcase and sustain a life changing low back injury. Life is just that unpredictable. So enjoy while you can.

Being an endocrinologist did you know Ben Milchiker ? He retired many years ago but use to have a very busy practice in S. Orange County.

SCCRENDO | 16 July 2016

@Compchat. No I don't think I know Ben. Thanks for the running advice

Mike83 | 16 July 2016

Actually the mountain bikes of today are twin suspension that give a smoother ride than some road bikes and you don't have to contend with watching for trucks and cars. One doesn't have to do 10 ft. jumps as there are beautiful shaded single track rides in many areas. I paid $5000 for a carbon mountain bike that rides like a Rolls with front and rear air-shocks.
I am looking at LiDAR helmets for bicycling.

SCCRENDO | 16 July 2016

Mike I don't think it's as much us seeing the car as the car seeing us.