"VW diesel owners are bringing their business to Tesla"

"VW diesel owners are bringing their business to Tesla"

"One auto maker’s scandal is another’s gain."

(One story I liked from the article, especially the last paragraph):

Douglas Surber, who lives near Tesla headquarters in Orinda, Calif., was also among the first wave of customers to put down a Model 3 deposit. Surber, 58, works in software and owns a 2013 Model S and a 2009 Jetta TDI. “When the Model 3 comes out, that’s what I’m going to want,” he says about replacing his diesel car.

Despite the enthusiasm surrounding the rollout of the Model 3, there are still a number of uncertainties surrounding the car, including whether it will be delivered on schedule and what the final product details will look like, Edmunds’ Caldwell says. However, the deposits are refundable, leaving prospective customers with little risk. “The worst that can happen is that it comes out, you don’t like it, and you buy something else,” she says.

Tesla has had its own set of reputational problems to deal with, earning the attention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for problems with the Model S suspension and its Autopilotsemiautonomous driving feature — which was involved in a fatal Model S crash in May. “Today’s automobile is a very complex machine,” says KBB’s Harley. “If you’re an auto maker, you have to cross your ‘Ts’ and dot your ‘Is.’ It isn’t a pleasant environment to be an auto maker.” Tesla didn't respond to a request for comment.

However, the negative press hasn’t deterred prospective Model 3 buyers. “There’s absolutely no comparison between corporate-wide fraud and disagreements about whether Autopilot issues should have been reported,” Darling says. “I love value, and Teslas are profound value.”

chris | 14 July 2016

That's me! Goodbye Passat TDI!

gordon.photographer | 15 July 2016

Me too...Passat TDi will be scrapped when the 3 arrives...presuming it survies that long (tdi, not Tesla)

charles_gingras | 15 July 2016

yup that's exactly my case, the $ I'll get for being cheated by VW will go directly on my model 3 downpayment.

Haggy | 15 July 2016

"Problems" with the suspension makes it sound as if it happened to more than one car. There's no indication of that. I haven't heard of anybody canceling a reservation because of the accident in Florida. The clear message is to pay attention to your driving, not buy a different car. If you do buy a different car, you still have to pay attention to the road.

luomaike | 15 July 2016

I love my 2015 Passat TDI, but it's clear that diesels are lame ducks and electric is future. We'll apparently have until 2018 to sell our TDI's back to VW, so like others here, I will time it to coincide with delivery of my Model 3.

JeffreyR | 15 July 2016

Great news, welcome to the Grinning Club all of you.

@Haggy +1 that part of the article did seem a bit heavy-handed. It seems the rare occasions where something has gone wrong w/ a Tesla equals systemic problems. But other auto-makers are off the hook.

Bradrodenburg | 24 July 2016

2011 Jetta TDI...will be doing the same and putting my $$$ towards my Model 3

AlexM3 | 24 July 2016

Good point, Model 3 is the only choice in 2017 for everybody young and older)

cdkiel | 24 July 2016

2014 Jetta Sportswagon. I am leaving VW and joining Tesla. Hopefully delivery will be prior to the VW buyback deadline. Looking forward to it.

garry | 28 July 2016

My 77TDI manual VW Golf has been a lemon. Before the scandal, I had intermittent power loss issues. It was like I took my foot off the accelerator, lasting 10-15secs. Very scary when I was half way across an intersection. The dealer lent me a car for 6 months. The fix in the end was a software update, after I had paid almost $5,000 in other "fixes". As much as the Diesel Golf has nice build quality, it has been plagued by sensor and software issues. Definitely my first and last VW, looking forward to my M3...

darlin | 28 July 2016

You will all love Tesla the company and your cars. I waited 2 years for my X and it is worth every bit of the wait. I hope the model 3 production goes much smoother than the X's.

Derik | 4 August 2016

I've got my 2010 Jetta TDI. My plan here is to drive it until the end of the buyback / when I can order my M3 and put the money toward the down payment. Not as much as I would like for being lied to and never getting a vehicle that would have been legal to drive. But 6 years and 160k later at least I'll get something back.
Worst part is by A/C just broke (Compressor thought it would be a good time to die) and I live in the desert of southern California. I'm debating weather or not to fix it.

kaffine | 4 August 2016


Are you sure the compressor itself is bad? They had a lot of issues with the RCV (refrigerant control valve) that is in the compressor but available aftermarket. Dealer only sells the entire compressor from what I understand. It is fairly easy to replace but you do have to evac the AC system and recharge it again.

javajunkie586 | 5 August 2016

Our '01 Jetta TDI didn't survive long enough unfortunately. My wife now drives a '14 Fiat, my '01 Jeep Cherokee is the one being replaced with the M≡

Derik | 8 August 2016

I'm pretty sure it's the compressor itself. I went ahead and replaced it. With the $500 GC and a $100 dealer coupon it ended up costing me $400 out the door.
I did some reading into how the buyback / fix is going to work and what I read was I pretty much have until 2018 to turn the car in or sign up for the fix. So $400 for a little more than 2 years of driving seemed to be worth it.

I'm still amazed that they haven't even submitted a fix for these cars yet and don't even have to until Jan (for first gen cars like mine).

john.r.sheridan | 14 August 2016

I can't wait to get rid of mine asap. 2015 model and I'm fine with letting it go. I'll get a cheap car during the wait and I'll keep putting away for the model 3. This couldn't have coincided at a better time. I feel like Tesla is paving the future and I want to back them up.

Derik | 15 August 2016

My TDi is paid off. So sitting and waiting for a while doesn't really cost me anything other than oil changes, a set of tires (current ones are nearing their death with 90k on them), and whatever else happens to break . Doesn't make any financial sense to get rid of the TDi until the very last moment, my reservation comes up, or it's going to cost me an arm and a leg to keep it running.

Steven.mitchell1 | 15 August 2016

Yup. Reserved mine today. Wish I'd committed earlier. I just hope the timing works out; not sure how I'm going to bridge the gap, if there is one. Maybe I'll end up in a used Honda for a year, haha, that ought to make the transition to a tesla even more fun.

Ross1 | 18 August 2016

For every seller there is a buyer. Funny, that.
Have you thought what it is about your castoff that someone else wants to buy?

Bear in mind the dealer needs to add $5 to 7k for margin and warranty.

rchandler | 27 August 2016

2013 Audi A4 TDI for the scrap heap when the M3 is available. Audi didn't come up with a decent offer to upgrade to a 2016 A4 and don't want to be stuck with a legacy ICE vehicle anyway.

brando | 29 August 2016

Surely you jest. Someone would be happy for a deal on 2013 A4 TDI.

If you are considering doing it for the sake of the planet, just junk the motor for scrap steel value, and let a DIY (Do It Yourself) electrify the A4. Good project car and a fine short mileage city car, no?

Red Sage ca us | 31 August 2016

Scrap heap! w00+! It can be recycled as an electric car, or a bunch of coffee machines, in a later life!

bwendell | 31 August 2016

My '10TDI dumped all it's dual clutch transmission fluid at 30K, my '14TDI was perfect through 48K and my '15 TDI which now has 33K was in the shop for about 4 weeks diagnosing a high pressure fuel pump intermittent failure
. I've been planning on purchasing the Model 3 from the first to replace the '15. Hopefully, like others, the timing works out. Meanwhile, I'll drive my VW essentially for free, beyond the excess mileage drive. Lets keep our collective TDI fingers that there are no out-of-warranty expenses beforehand and Elon can keep his aggressive timeline promise.