2nd row seats unlatch when child seat is used in 3rd row

2nd row seats unlatch when child seat is used in 3rd row

Has anyone figured out how to fit 2 kids and their car seats plus 4 adults into the X?
When the kids are in the 3rd row, the 2nd row seats have to be moved forward and I get a persistent beep and message that the seats are unlatched and unsafe.
I've had the car 6 months; I'm thinking the 3rd row seats cannot be used. | 22 August 2016

@keith: Sounds like you have uncovered another design issue caused by having falcon wings. Because of the doors, the second row seat belts cannot be anchored to the sides of the car as they are in typical minivans with sliders. Therefore, Tesla engineers had to anchor the belts to the seats, themselves. The seats are movable to facilitate entry into the third row. Apparently, there is a latch in the floor that anchors each second row seat to keep from depending on the motor mechanism that moves each seat to prevent the seats from moving in a collision.

Hobson's choice: put the kids in the second row and put two adults in the third row, assuming a 6 seat configuration allowing the adults a little leg room in the middle or put the adults in the second row and take your chances.

The design must have been vetted by the Mbuti people. 😇

eric.zucker | 22 August 2016

How old are your children? My kids are 13 and 10, the younger one must ride in a booster seat, no problem.

I can understand the issue with rear-facing infant seats which need more space. Personally if my kids were still infants, I'd like them to travel with an adult next to them, so I'd have one child in the 2nd row and another in the 3rd.

elguapo | 22 August 2016

I don't know about true car seats, but my kids are in boosters and they still have zero leg room in the third row. Zero. And they're about 43" tall. Third row is fairly useless, sadly. B

eddiemoy | 22 August 2016


third row has two occupancy sensors, one is but the other is seatbelt. the second row works via these two sensors. if it senses occupant in third row, then it second row will go back to most forward position, think it give the third row 24" of space. if it doesn't sense third row occupant then second row goes back to rear most position giving the third row only 21" of space. not sure if your child seat fits in 24" if it does, then plug in the seat belt behind the car seat. this will prevent the second row seat in front of it from going all the way back but still latching.

if you cannot fit the car seat in 24" of space, then unlatching is the only way.

@elguapo, kids with boosters are usually too light for the butt sensor to sense them in the third row, in this case, you need to wait until they buckle to move the second row back.

here are some interesting video's that show how this all works: