Worlds Greenest car can't be had in Green

Worlds Greenest car can't be had in Green

Contemplating changing in the P85+ for a four wheel version I experience that the car cannot be delivered in green anymore. I was told that it had sold badly and that mine was among the 2.5% of green cars that had been delivered. Come on- it's hardly to believe that this is happening- a green colour should be mandatory for the model S- the blue or titanium does not make up for the lack in the colour portfolio. Isn't this allegedly the greenest car in the world? I guess there is no "individual" options either for Tesla- being able to specify any colour you want. In this case a BRG paint option. I hope Tesla is reading this.


tes-s | 3 October 2016

Can you get it wrapped?

Millionmilesorbust | 3 October 2016

Get it wrapped or painted after market. If they only painted 2% of cars green it's no wonder they would stop stocking that color. Same goes for all companies, if a product isn't selling they stop supplying it.

Tropopause | 3 October 2016

Green and brown both went away. Those colors seem to ebb and flow throughout the decades.

I would like to see more colors added to the line-up.

GreenP85D | 3 October 2016

I ordered a green 85D a few hours after the D announce, with delivery expected in March. Green was dropped a few weeks latter, was told to either select a new color or change order to a car that would deliver before end of the year (2014). So getting a green D cost me another $20K. The P, and 3 month shorter wait were a nice bonus however. Service people told me there are only two (green D models) in the NE area. So far, no regrets.

Chunky Jr. | 3 October 2016

I've got a green one and I love it!

shs | 3 October 2016

I have green (March 2013) and my license plate is GRN EV. Makes it hard to consider upgrading to a D unless I can get green. Love the color, BTW.

Haggy | 3 October 2016

I got a green one even though it wasn't what I had originally chosen. I picked it before I made the order final. What Tesla missed is that it shouldn't be just a matter of what colors people buy, but what they would buy. Had I not gotten green, it might still have been on my list of acceptable colors, and had they dropped something else, there might have been people who would have gotten green instead. The problem was that aside from red and blue, they were left with mostly black and white and shades of gray/silver. For a person who wanted something with more color, there are people who love red or would never get a red car. That left blue for those who didn't want something more monochromatic, and I would have been fine with it. But they really limited things when green and brown went away.
Living near Fremont is enough reason for not wanting to have the same color as everybody else.

It's interesting to know how rare it is though. There may be 1200-1300 of them in total. Mine is one of the few with autopilot. It was also made right before the D announcement, so is one of the few standard green 85s with autopilot.

It's not only the percentage that counts but the throughput. When they discontinued green, they made a lot fewer cars each month. If they sold green now, they'd be able to sell several times as many if they had the same percentage. Back then there was a three month wait. If they wanted to have more colors but had a waiting period for certain colors, they could wait for Green Day to paint the cars. Once they get to a million cars a year, they can bring back green. Then their annual output of green cars can be as high as their annual output of cars in total was back when they had green.

Haggy | 3 October 2016

Now that I think about it, I had my wife go to Palo Alto to look at the colors and she decided on green based on the cars that were there. I then took my daughter to Fremont to look at the car and while we were there, there was a green car in the delivery area. I had gone to make sure I was fine with green. Had there been 50 cars at each location, that would have been expected. It seems very unlikely if that 2.5% was accurate. Had it not been there, I might have gone with something else that we had both seen. Perhaps part of the problem is that people are less likely to buy it unless there's a green car for them to see in the first place.

EVino | 3 October 2016
mjwellman | 3 October 2016

Sorry. Not feeling the love for the green even with the pic.

jordanrichard | 4 October 2016

They also don't offer my color, the original blue.

The flying hippie | 4 October 2016

...and blue hijacks the green thread! Haha. Now that you mention it I loved the original dark blue/black. I'm hoping they make it available again at some point. Maybe when model 3 starts producing they will have enough demand to open up more colours.

George with SacEV | 4 October 2016

I am on my second multi-coat red Model S, but would LOVE an emerald GREEN metallic option for my next Tesla. I think the color choices are pretty lame overall.

We NEED more "strong" colors.

I would also vote for a more brown interior option in addition to the light beige that has been my (forced" choice for the two previous Tesla orders...

Just my $. 02.....which has really totaled over $200,000 so far.

8 - )

California85D | 4 October 2016

I love the green. If I could have gotten that I would have but wasn't available when I purchased.

freeewilly | 4 October 2016

The green and brown look awesome on Tesla, it always turn my head when I see one. Although I'm too conservative, especially it's an expensive car, so I bought the conservative color.

Green and Brown have worse resell value on CPO website.

1BadNerd | 4 October 2016

Did you know that greens were 10% faster?


(Green P85 owner.)

dborn | 4 October 2016

My gripe from day one that the only colours were blue and red. ( I have signature red which I love). All the original colours were variations of black and white. Including the so called green and blue. Hmmm, maybe brown was the exception and I did consider it. I like the current muticoat red and the vibrant blue. The rest, ho hum.

Rocky_H | 4 October 2016

Green is my favorite color. I REALLY wanted to get it in green, but the original green sucked. It had an identity crisis, where it was trying to pretend to be black. So did the blue. So did the brown.

@George with SacEV, Quote: "We NEED more "strong" colors."

Yes, absolutely. The bright blue they offer now is pretty good, but it was a couple of years late from when I got mine, back when they had red + monochrome for color selections.

Tarla's Driver | 4 October 2016

I thought I heard a while ago that they updated their paint shop so that they can change colors between each car without impacting production. If that's correct, it should be easier now to add more colors.

And for the record, our 2015 new-blue would have been green had they not discontinued it.

Shesmyne2 | 4 October 2016

+1 BN
I really liked the original green!
I would have thought they would be a bit more valuable because there's fewer of them. Huh.

Still Grinning ;-)

shs | 4 October 2016

Here is my green.

Wilber | 4 October 2016

EVino: Your Green S is absolutely stunning! Let me know if you ever want to sell it!

(currently making do with Multicoat Red on my S.......)

wayne | 4 October 2016

I suspect a contributing factor to the green being discontinued is all the glass was a green tint. Difficult to have a unique glass spec for only one body color.
Any one know if the brown also had a unique glass color?

RedShift | 4 October 2016


Is that Muir Woods?

cfp100 | 4 October 2016

@wayne, I never noticed my glass being a different color, its a 2012 green P85. looked exactly like my friends glass, anywhere from a red, grey, and 2 whites and another green of varying years... but I wasn't looking for that specifically so I might be mistaken.

I bought my P85 a monthish ago because it was green and the price/options were excellent.

DLebryk | 4 October 2016

Rare event, only two cars at a Grand Junction SuperCharger, my Green and the second one in brown. They looked beautiful together.

Nils - something tells me Green is even more rare now that there are so many Model S - probably more like 1% of all production.

raging.dragonfly | 4 October 2016

I like jewel tones, brilliant metallic colors, esp the ones that morph from one color to another depending on the angle you look at it. I therefore found the original palette very boring, as I suspect many do. I mean seriously, different versions of monochrome? And the original blue and green were so hard to distinguish from black unless you were in bright sunlight, or had an actual black parked next to it. I would LOVE to have seen turquoise, emerald green, vibrant fuchias, purples, green and gold, burgundy (yes, Sig Red is a gorgeous color, as is Multi-Coat Red). I checked out the Bentley page just out of curiosity the other day, and discovered whole pages of colors, divided into color groups! One day, when they can better focus on the luxury and customization end of things, we might get better color options @ Tesla! At least they upgraded the blue to an actual blue, and not a blue-black. And yes, a rich, metallic green would be beautiful and nice to have as a choice.