I wonder what are the most popular options for the 3.

I wonder what are the most popular options for the 3.

My configuration would be
1) Supercharger Network. I'll pay.
2) Bigger battery (Max range). HOW FAR?
3) Auto Pilot, "Life Protection Systems"
4) Hydraulic suspension
5) Solar all glass panoramic roof. Oops.
6) High amp charging to shorten charge time
7) Quicker delivery date.
8) The opportunity to pick it up day one.

I figure when the costs flush out the above car would be about $60+K.

I also suggested some tech in there?

What do you think?

tedirelan | 17 October 2016

1) Dual Motor
2) Auto Pilot
3) Pano-roof
4) Blue
And that's it,

tedirelan | 17 October 2016

1) Dual Motor
2) Auto Pilot
3) Pano-roof
4) Blue
And that's it.

tedirelan | 17 October 2016

Sorry about the double post.

Question: If ONE feature was announced to come standard (that was once an option) which feature would you want?

jamilworm | 17 October 2016

@tedirelan, Autopilot. Most of the features I just don't care about at all, such as all wheel drive or extended range because I'd never need them in my normal driving. I even seriously have doubt about how much I'd use supercharging even if it were free. Autopilot really appeals to me, but I can't convince myself that it's worth paying for at this point. So if Autopilot were suddenly standard I would be thrilled.

scarface | 18 October 2016

1) Dual Motor
2) Auto Pilot
3) A nice color (if the standard ones are not nice enough)

I'd like to see a all glass roof as a standard option!

SoFlaModel3 | 18 October 2016

The nice thing about auto pilot is you can add it later. When configuring the car if you're on the fence and say you're down to next gen seats + pano roof or auto pilot... take the seats and pano roof, because you can't add those later where as you can add the auto pilot. I suppose the only thing you lose out on is the ability to finance the auto pilot as part of the car purchase.

Just my $0.02.

I want auto pilot, and I figure I will probably get it but if there was anything I would delay it would be that for the reasons stated above.

PhillyGal | 18 October 2016

I think AP, dual motors and the larger battery will be the most popular options.

As for myself? Quite torn about whether to get a Performance model (which I assume will require a larger battery and thus cost big bucks) or a non-P, in which case I'd probably get the smallest battery and save some change. 215+ miles is range is plenty for a two Tesla household.

Decisions, decisions.

melinda.v | 18 October 2016

if you've not already - make sure to go over to model3tracker .info to add your own expected configuration in and see what others have entered. there are about 4000 entries, so a decent amount to gauge averages.

My top option list (for now at least) would be:
Leather / interior upgrades
Dual motor

jordanrichard | 18 October 2016

#4 should read air suspension.

Also, since no ones knows what options will be available, it is impossible to list the most popular. Even then, to say what is most popular would have to wait until a vast majority of people have configured their cars, to see which options they selected.

Though what the OP listed is a highly probable list of options.

Tarla's Driver | 18 October 2016

I'm hoping to have roughly the same choice of options as the Model S. Obviously rear-facing seats are out. Obviously Supercharging is being moved to an option or pay-as-you-go model.

Being in New England, the cold weather package is a must. Having heated a steering wheel is huge when you don't want to wear gloves to use the touch screen.

Also being in New England, dual motors is important for maximum stability in winter driving.

AutoPilot is a must for me (I love it on my S).

I'm not so concerned about range or interior upgrades, though I would pay extra for door pockets.

I'm assuming it has the panoramic roof. I don't need an optional sunroof where it opens up for ventilation, cool as it might be.

One feature I really hope is standard is the Internet connectivity for the life of the car. I would consider paying extra for a WiFi hotspot feature, though I would prefer a one-time fee to a monthly fee.

Pkalhan | 18 October 2016

1) Base Black color
2) Base wheels
3) Next Gen Black seats
4) Base battery
5) dual motors
6) Autopilot
7) Premium interior
8) Cold Weather package

maybe all glass roof

tedirelan | 18 October 2016

@Tarla's Driver - New England, eh? How does your MS handle the roads there? And thank you for helping fund the M3.

jordanrichard | 18 October 2016

Tarla's Driver, where in NE? I am in CT and have gone through 2 winters with my RWD S85, with no issues, except the first time I lifted off the accelerator with Re-gen on standard. The back end got squirrely on me. Since then, when on pack snow, I put the re-gen in low.

I did not get the subzero weather pkg and have had no issues. To prevent the wipers from sticking to the windshield, I park them in the maintenance mode. When I rep-heat the car, any ice on the windshield will melt and the wipers won't get stuck. Also since I pre-heated the car, the interior is nice and warm, negating the need for gloves.

tedirelan, how do these cars handle the roads here in the winter? As I mentioned above, I have a RWD, Mar 2014 car. I live in a hilly area of CT and I was actually able to pass, a Honda Odyssey fan that was spinning its wheels on pack snow. I actually gained speed/traction when I went around the van, getting into the unplowed section. I am not saying I was able to do 30 MPH, but I was able to go up a fairly steep hill without the tail fish tailing on me. Really the only way I knew that traction control was doing its thing was the light flickering on the dash.

jfriedwf | 19 October 2016

My configuration would be
1) Supercharger network.
2) bigger battery
3) glass panoramic roof (opening possible)
4) dual motor
5) a nice color ( the standard ones are not nice enough)
6) tow-bar
7) leather / interior upgrades
8) base wheels

I would be great to get more information about the technical details ( sizes, weights, etc.) on this page.

JHB10 | 19 October 2016

Non negotiable:
-Leather seats
Highly probable:
-seat heaters
-silver paint (or red or blue or ...)
-dual motor (for better regenerative braking and acceleration)
-bigger battery (for range, but also acceleration)
Would consider:
-tow bar
-panoramic roof
-Air suspension

I also really hope it comes with a spare wheel, and not a repair kit

JHB10 | 19 October 2016

I forgot to add HUD
That would also be high on my list

Antonioc222 | 19 October 2016

1) Supercharger network
2) Pano roof

That should be plenty for me to enjoy for my daily commute and traveling.

andy.connor.e | 19 October 2016

If there is really a solar glass roof, that would come first even before bigger battery.

family.kandarpa | 19 October 2016

1) (Solar) panoramic roof
2) Max size battery for max range and speed
3) Auto pilot
3) Super charging (one time pay for lifetime)
4) Any features that provide smooth and quite ride
5) Internet connectivity for one time fee rather than monthly fees.
6) Ability to share (of course for a fee) car processors for cloud computing while in parking. Prefer Tesla software manage this feature to maintain integrity of software for car operations and guarantee hardware sanity.
7) Good air filter (on similar lines of X)

PhillyGal | 19 October 2016

I'm pretty sure there won't be a solar roof.

Pointless, needless, expensive. It would only provide enough power for something stupid like an internal fan. The huge battery will already provide plenty of juice for internal temp control when parked, and solar panels won't produce enough juice to actually matter in the scheme of the battery or distance driven. Math, people.

cessna182 | 19 October 2016

gotta have more "supercharger" locations...I want AWD and that's about it. Get me from DFW to LIT w/o recharging.