m3 pickup instead of delivery

m3 pickup instead of delivery

Can you receive your m3 quicker if you pick it up at the factory? I live in connecticut, made my res. April 1st. Living on the east coast I will have to wait longer for mine. I love the model s but out of my price range. Can't wait for m3. Obsessed. I would fly to cali to pick up and drive home cross country if it were possible to get sooner. WOULD BE A FUN EXPERIENCE

melinda.v | 22 October 2016

the entire reason for delivering to CA first is to be able to get to issues quicker. Reservations will be invited to order based on your location... and you will not be able to specify pick up location until you order.

leskchan | 22 October 2016

There is another consideration. You will have pay CA sales first and then CT sales tax again. Three is a thread here that discusses this exact issue.

jordanrichard | 22 October 2016

mbastiaanse, The long and short answer is no. Well, technically yes, but not by much. Once they start producing car bound for the East coast and yours is built, I suppose you could pick it up at the factory and drive it home. That would be your only gain I time. You would only be saving 2 weeks.

I too am in CT and my MS was finished on Mar 15th, 2014 and got to Milford on March 27th. Though the actual transit time is probably less now since they are now using rail.

You still though have to pay for CA sales tax which is a lot higher than it is here.

KP in NPT | 22 October 2016

I live in RI and am a current owner and do not believe picking it up at the factory will get it to you sooner except for saving transit time, like Jordanrichard said. You'll be invited to configure based on your place in line, then factors such as owner or not or geographical location would come into play. That is my guess, anyway. Tesla isn't ready to reveal such details so we'll have to wait to be sure.

That said, I do think you can choose to pick it up at the factory. I would like to do that and drive it home, if the timing works out.

mbastiaanse | 22 October 2016

Thanks for the feedback, i didnt consider the sales tax factor. I guess ill just have to wait. We have a supercharging station not far from my house in west hartford that i often stalk tesla owners! So far every tesla owner has let me check out there car and was always friendly in taking the time to talk to me. I cant wait to be a part of this revolution and network. I am an electrician by trade and installed solar panels a couple years back, bought and installed on my own. I cant wait to be able to drive my model 3 on pure clean energy produced at my own home! Saving the planet one mile at a time!