Video of the Gigafactory -- Elon showing it to Leonardo DiCaprio

Video of the Gigafactory -- Elon showing it to Leonardo DiCaprio

And some interesting comments by Elon too. One hundred Gigafactories are all that the world needs to transform to sustainable energy.

Another observation those robots are without brand markings like those red Kuka we used to see in the Fremont factory. Is Tesla making its own robot now? No reason it not to. It's already doing the software anyway.

Dramsey | 30 October 2016

Ah, Leo...the person who thinks nothing of taking private jets to Cannes, yachting parties with his friends, and even to every environmental conference he receives awards at or gives speeches at. His carbon footprint must be one of the very largest in the world for a private individual.

And considering the outrage at Trump's lewd comments, does anyone think Leo gets a pass for his pussy posse?

(Sorry. Leo's hypocrisy annoys me.)

Mike83 | 30 October 2016

If you watched the film the man already admitted it. It doesn't take from the message. Contempt prior to Investigation?

Red Sage ca us | 30 October 2016

Dramsey: The point is, would he travel to all those events using purely electric transportation if he could do so just as fast, or even faster? I think jets are fascinating, just as I do rockets. But just as I love Corvettes or Ferraris, and respect the precision design that goes into their engines...? I will kick them all to the curb in a nanosecond in favor of a fully electric, cold fusion, or anti-gravity solution instead.

Dramsey | 31 October 2016

The fact that Leo cannot maintain his jet-setting lifestyle with electric, "cold fusion", or "anti-gravity" means is irrelevant.

We are constantly told by hypocritical, moralizing little shits like Leo that we must sacrifice and cut back to save the planet. He says climate change is "the most existential crisis" we've ever known...right before jetting off to Cannes.

It's like a serial killer pedophile lecturing us on ways to keep our kids safe.

Dramsey | 31 October 2016

And yes, it does take from the message. It's painfully obvious that Leo doesn't believe in climate change or the effects of anthropogenic CO2...because if he did, he wouldn't be living the lifestyle he does.

SO | 31 October 2016

@Dramsey - Elon pollutes the air with rockets and has a private jet. But I'd say the net effect of his actions are doing more good than harm.

Same could possibly said about Leo. Why didn't any other celebrity stick their neck out before Leo and make this video?

Mike83 | 31 October 2016

Who is perfect? Doing more to stop Climate Disruption more than compensates for flying somewhere to tell the truth and make a difference. OTOH we have the nit pickers who only see the negatives in people but most likely its themselves they see in the mirror.

grega | 31 October 2016

He give attention to this big picture that needs attention. Far more effective than not travelling.

But if I was an oil company is be yelling this argument of hypocrisy. It sounds good, and it is a great argument in the small picture.

carlk | 31 October 2016

When people could not argue the message they always try find fault of the messenger. I don't know what or if any are in Koch's closet but regardless DiCaprio has made positive contribution to mankind way more than what the Koch's have done to harm us.

johndoeeyed | 31 October 2016

If you did some research before commenting, you would know that Leonardo DiCaprio offsets his emissions to become carbon neutral. It really isn't that hard to educate yourself on a topic before posting. Your argument is both fatuous and wrong.

Dramsey | 31 October 2016

Yes, yes, I've heard it all before: sure, Leo's carbon footprint is thousands of times larger than yours or mine, but that's OK because he's, you know, spreading the word about AGW. Because there are apparently some people who wouldn't have been aware of all this climate change stuff had they not heard Leo declaim about it.

And his carbon offsets are the purest phlogiston. Leo says he's working with a company called Future Forests to offset his estimated CO2 emissions, which according to his web site amount to about 11 tons per year.

OK, first, the EPA's official estimate for the amount of CO2 emitted per year by the average passenger car in the United States is 4.7 tons per year. Does anyone really thing Leo's emitted barely over twice that? Anyone? Let's look at some more figures...

According to Carbon Offset to Alleviate Poverty, per-capita emissions in the United States are 17.9 tons per year.

According to the World Bank, it's 16 tons per year.

According to Wikipedia, it's 16.4 tons per year

According to data gather by The Guardian, it's 19.8 tons per year.

I could go on-- there are many other sources-- but note that every one of these citations shows average emissions for a U.S. citizen as much higher than the 11 tons Leo says he emits. Now, you might say that these figures are arrived at by dividing a country's entire CO2 emissions by the population, and thus you're attributing to the average person emissions from things they can't control, like power plants and whatnot, and that's a fair point...

...but just a little math shows that his private jet jaunts alone count for MUCH more than that. I'd guess he's doing stuff like dividing the CO2 emissions of the jet by the number of people on board. The fact that they wouldn't have been there had he not been going probably doesn't count.

Morally, DiCaprio is the same level of hypocrite as the country preacher that exhorts against premarital sex while bedding the daughters of his congregation members.

He is, however, quite a gifted actor. So there's that.

johndoeeyed | 31 October 2016

You seem to be taking a position where ANYBODY who does ANYTHING does not meet your criteria of not being a hypocrite, making you feel OK about not doing your part.
There is nothing much a person can do to avoid carbon emissions if they need to travel internationally. All they can do is try and offset them. Leonardo does this. He does far more to try and prevent the Climate Change catastrophe than YOU. How about YOU try and not be responsible for emitting carbon. YOU will fail your own ridiculous requirement. YOU are the hypocrite.

grega | 31 October 2016

I've heard of a few people who won't fly at all, including an expert who caught trains from UK to Hong Kong instead of flying, which is a huge commitment. But there ARE some people who are able to influence change better than others. For most people, we can't affect the big picture - but we can change our habits to improve our own contribution, make our small picture look great knowing we do each play a part, affecting the whole.

If someone has the opportunity to nudge the big picture in the slightest they should do it. If they can also keep their own contribution green then of course they should.

ps. I feel like it's the same as asking a Monk who's taken a vow of silence to describe the experience. And getting no answer.

cweber | 1 November 2016

Let's be honest. Individual "carbon footprints" are irrelevant (don't amount to spit) in the discussion of AGW. Labeling people hypocrites because of the car(s) they drive, number of bedrooms they own, number of flights they take, etc., is akin to yelling - squirrel!! A disingenuous distraction. It. Does. Not. Matter how many incandescent bulbs Leonardo replaces on his yacht. All that matters from the perspective of the planet is the pace with which humanity transitions from fossil fuels to renewable energy for electricity, heat, and motive power. Period. The efforts of Musk, Gore, DiCaprio, etc. to accelerate this conversion are to be commended - irrespective of their individual lifestyles. And on a related note - if a hundred years from now, our progeny were to build a monument to the "leaders" of this transition - that monument should be inscribed with the names of every current Tesla owner. The members of this Forum, the 100,000 early adopters, have done far, far more than any of us realize to validate a concept and greatly accelerate the pace of transition to electric cars worldwide. It is very satisfying to watch this "phenomena" unfold, and we should all take great pride in our boldness and foresight. P.S. the other action you can take that will have much bigger impact on humanity's carbon footprint than say - taking the bus - is to vote.

carlk | 1 November 2016

Well said @cweber . You have to see the effect of the whole package instead of from individual actions. People like @Dramsey have large negative effect even if they drive an EV and never fly in an airplane.

Nic727 | 1 November 2016

Whatever if it's good or not that he uses a private jet, he is the only artist (with a great influence) to try to change mentality about climate change. It's not like he is taking private jet each day...

johndoeeyed | 1 November 2016

Mark Ruffalo is another prominent actor doing a lot.