Is there anyone trade in their Tesla for another car maker already?

Is there anyone trade in their Tesla for another car maker already?

liudmd | 19 December 2016

just curious to know.

Triggerplz | 19 December 2016
liudmd | 19 December 2016

you always make me laugh.

Triggerplz | 19 December 2016

lol Happy holidays to you and your family

liudmd | 19 December 2016

wish you the same!

rdfbsmith | 20 December 2016

I will never trade it. I love my Model X to much

patswin | 20 December 2016

I can see trading any of my other cars for a Tesla but I cannot imagine ever trading my Tesla for for another car!

AlMc | 20 December 2016

Does cancelling an X reservation and buying another ICE SUV count?

zubinanary | 20 December 2016

We just traded in the wife's Lexus RX400h ICE for a Model X which she picks up on Thursday. I traded in my Infiniti FX ICE earlier this summer for my Model S.

I don't know of anyone who trades down to an ICE... I mean trading up is normal, but trading down... not so normal!

AlMc | 20 December 2016

@zubinanary: Not so normal, I agree. But, it does happen.

carlk | 21 December 2016

Like what people say xxxx happens. ;)

malcolm.hall1932 | 21 December 2016

OP: You may as well take this thread down. No one is going to fess up to doing it - they would be feeling too foolish and sad by now :-)

AlMc | 21 December 2016

@Malcolm: One data point that I am not feeling foolish about: We had reservations for a SigX and a PX for over two + years before deliveries started. One was to replace my wife's SUV which has a folding second row that is in the folded position >50% of the time. Unfortunately, we could not wait 3+ years from the time of deposit to delivery of a 5 seat folding second row seat version as her ICE SUV became mechanically problematic.

So we got another ICE SUV.

Am I proud of that: NO (I would prefer to be an all BEV family);

Do I feel foolish or ashamed: NO; When time comes to replace this new ICE SUV with an X (or maybe we can downsize to a 'Y') then we will revisit a BEV SUV/CUV.

Lumina1 | 21 December 2016

I'm sure people have gone back to ICE vehicles. I saw a MX P90D at a Ferrari dealership. If you trade, you probably won't be post I g on the Tesla forums.

francoisbitz | 21 December 2016

Since my confirmed 5-seater was not available in June 2016 I went ahead and bought a new MB GLS-450 so I requested my 5 seater to be delayed till end of Spring 2017 so I feel like I got some use of the GLS

I was also not happy with the lack of response regarding folding seats at the time hence the GLS in case the X would not have that feature

1Force | 21 December 2016

I don't think this is unfair post and question. If Tesla is going to give customers run around on misalignment body issues by saying,"it's with in specifications of Tesla" than yes people will look at other options.

PedanticOne | 21 December 2016

Are you implying that if a customer went into a SC with an alignment issue they wouldn't fix it? I haven't heard of that happening to date. And would you really trade your car because something is 2mm off? That does not seem reasonable.

malcolm.hall1932 | 22 December 2016

Pedantic +1.
Aims: franciosbitz:
my comment does not apply to you. You had good reasons for your decision. I guess I was thinking more about the people who had owned a Tesla but decided to sell it and return to the Ice Age.

poloX | 22 December 2016

My little niece just got a Lexus ES about three weeks ago. I looked at how beautiful it is, the touch and finish, the material, the workmanship....and its only less than 35k and was depressed for a week for my decision then.

TeslaFred | 22 December 2016

That is the decision we are making now. We have a S, and the ride, handling, user interface are all superior to any ICE we have test driven . . . but then, go sit in an E-Class or S-Class and marvel at the interior.

It's a tough decision.

malcolm.hall1932 | 22 December 2016

TeslaFred: I'm not quite following you. Are you saying you are about to sell a Tesla and buy a Mercedes S or E?

aesculus | 23 December 2016

Early on there were some defectors to the Volvo XC90 hybrid that could not deal with the seats etc.

liudmd | 23 December 2016

when I went to visit my daughter from N.J to Buffalo, NY, is about 360 miles, usually I just went straight (non stop), with only one tank of gas I could do it. but with model X, I probably need to make two or three stops for charging, each charging will take may be 30-40 minutes, when you add everything up already one and half hour to two hours behind. that's very bad drawback for me. but that may be just for me.

brando | 26 December 2016

I always prefer 6 or 7 hours of driving. Coffee, stretching, scenic outlooks, eating are all such a waste of time.

Sleepydoc1 | 26 December 2016

@liudmd - I drive 425 miles from Sacto to Huntington Beach and go over the grapevine (4144 ft elevation change). I do it with 2 good charges during meals and a 10 min potty break in between. Not sure how 360 mi, except in horrible winter, is 2 hours of charging. I have a 90D MX. Like brando hints, I don't have a 6 hour bladder. Middle age will get most of us guys, and the wife needs to stop every 90 min or so anyhow.

carlk | 27 December 2016

Not to mention when I don't do long trips I save ~15 minutes every week not having to detour and stop by a gas station rain or shine to use the gas handle that is full of germs. That's a lot of nonsense and time wasted.

lilbean | 27 December 2016