'Unlock' button in iPhone App does not unlock the charging door

'Unlock' button in iPhone App does not unlock the charging door

I am finding that the 'Unlock' button in iPhone App does not unlock the charging door. I have to then get in the car and unlock it using the button in the console screen. Has anyone experienced this? Sometimes I do not even see the 'Unlock' button show up in the iPhone App after I hit the stop charging button.

It could be user error on my part, but is there some trick to consistently be able to stop the charging and unlock the port -i.e. make the ring around the charge port turn solid white color.

I have seen this problem mainly when using the NEMA 14-50 at home as well as at the public chargePoint stations (J1772)

zanegler | 7 January 2017

Continuously holding the trunk open part of the fob will unlock the charge port and allow removal or insertion of charger. The unlock on the app is not supposed to do that.

Teslapalooza | 7 January 2017

Thank you zanegler.
I did not know the App is not supposed to do that. But then, why are they providing an unlock button in the IPhone App if it is not supposed to work?

Conan_the_Contrarian | 7 January 2017

OP, the app's unlock feature unlocks the car doors. It doesn't unlock the charge port. So no user error.

It can actually be a useful feature. For example, you need somebody to get something out of your car, but you're not there and they don't have a key. Unlock the car remotely, and they get in, get your object, and drive it to you in another car. Or people decided to wait for you while you go into a store. It takes longer than you thought, or it starts raining, or whatever, and they text you to come out to let them into the car. But you just unlock the doors from your app so you don't need to physically go outside.

At the superchargers, there is a little remote control button on the supercharging connector, and that will open the charge port. But you don't have that on your home charger.

Triggerplz | 7 January 2017

To be able to use the feature that you can let someone drive the car without the key you have to be able to remotely unlock the car

Teslapalooza | 7 January 2017

@Conan_the_Contrarian , I agree, being able to remotely unlock the door has its uses fro sure.
I will try @zengler's suggestion of holding the trunk open part of the fob to unlock the charge port.

@Triggerplz, I didn't know there was such a feature that you can let someone drive the car without the key . I guess I learn something new every day.

Triggerplz | 7 January 2017

@ramseshan yes from your phone app go to controls then start put your tesla code in unlock the door from your app and the person has 2 minutes to enter the car press the brake and drive away

Triggerplz | 7 January 2017

@ramseshan you can press the port door with your hand and open it also, the car may have to be unlocked in order for it to open with your hand

Teslapalooza | 8 January 2017

thanks for that info Triggerplz. By the way, what is the Tesla code? I just tried unlock and lock from my iPhone. It works without having to input any code

And yes, I have been using that 'pressing with hand to open charge port' method whenever I charge the car at chargePoint stations.

Triggerplz | 8 January 2017

Your code is your my tesla password, you can lock and unlock the car from your app without the code but to enable someone to drive it without the key you will have to put in your My Tesla password

Teslapalooza | 8 January 2017

ok got it @triggerplz