US DOT forms "Automation Committee". GM's Mary Barra co-chairs. Tesla not included.

US DOT forms "Automation Committee". GM's Mary Barra co-chairs. Tesla not included. | 13 January 2017

Why include the three companies that actually have working products on the road (Tesla, Google, Volvo). Tesla has more experience than all the committee members combined. Makes you wonder if the intent is to slow development so these committee latecomers can catch up.

finman100 | 13 January 2017

How does this s**t even happen? Did they "vote" themselves into this "committee"? Gawd, this is just stupid. Really? No Tesla or Elon? THAT is so telling. Yes, this will be yet another f-ing hurdle for the leader to jump over to give obsolete companies a go bankrupt. Arrrrggghhh. Could this be more obvious, i don't think so.

Just so tired of living in a world that fails to move forward.

Disruptors unite!

stevenmaifert | 13 January 2017

Tesla isn't represented, but can anyone confirm they weren't invited? If Elon felt snubbed, I think we would have seen a tweet or blog post by now.

hcwhy | 13 January 2017

I understand that Mary Barra actively seeks anti-Tesla legislation and then uses the legislation as a selling point for GM's cars. What qualifies her to chair this committee is puzzling.

bp | 14 January 2017

Tesla isn't the only driving automation player that is missing.

It's too early to be concerned about this. A lot can change before this group would accomplish anything, if they ever do.

And since this is a policy-making decision by the current administration, it wouldn't be surprising to see changes to the strategy or make-up of this group before anything they do would impact policy.

Tesla's best strategy for impacting policy could be to do what they are doing now - continue to push ahead as the market leader for driving automation, and to do that responsibly. And as long as they can avoid making any major mistakes, it could make it difficult to do anything that would prevent Tesla from deploying the technology.

As we consider purchasing two new Teslas in the next year (a Model 3 and a 100D Model S or X), a larger concern is how Tesla will handle the uncertainty of Full Self Driving. Tesla can't be sure what hardware changes may be needed (sensors, vehicle communications, ...) to get the software to pass testing and receive regulatory approval - and they haven't provided any indication on their commitment to provide hardware upgrades for AP 2.0, if changes are needed to fully activate the functionality.

carlk | 14 January 2017

It does sound odd that Tesla is not in the committee although we do not know the full story yet. i agree with @stevenmaifert Elon will not be quite if he feels he's snubbed. It will look bad to the committee more than it will hurt Tesla.

carlk | 14 January 2017

Looking at the list of committee members it reminds me of how big corporation do things. Meetings of dozen department heads to decide things as simple as a paint color change. No one wants to be left out but no one wants to take the responsibility either. It could be that Elon took a look at that and decide it would be a waste of his valuable time since the committee will not get any meaningful results.

hcwhy | 14 January 2017


Good point...never thought that Elon might have declined and that is certainly possible.

hcwhy | 14 January 2017

Obviously, extra time is something Elon just doesn't have .