Why aren't more Tesla owners on this forum?

Why aren't more Tesla owners on this forum?

Must be only about 1%... ?
So why aren't they?

mdd | 16 January 2017

Better things to do?

SCCRENDO | 16 January 2017

@Ross. They have lives. The better question would be why do you spend so much time on the forums and won't even purchase a Tesla. Do you even have a reservation on a Model 3? Most of us appreciate Tesla owners more who buy cars and spend their time driving instead of spending time on the forums and not buying.

Dramsey | 16 January 2017

Also, the signal-to-noise ratio here can be rather high at times...

Bighorn | 16 January 2017

I think you may have meant low?

Ross1 | 17 January 2017

Off topic

David N | 17 January 2017

"Why aren't more Tesla owners on this forum?"
Already mentioned:
Better things to do, tired of the "few" constantly using the Tesla Forums as a sounding board for their personal views on non-EV/Tesla issues. If you don't agree w them then you're wrong, you're mis-lead, uneducated. That type of condescending attitude/statements not only shows of a persons character but it turns others off very very quickly,especially new comers. And what's sad is I don't think the "few" know that they at times dominate and chase away.
It would be nice to focus on helping each other.
I was brought up that if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything.

dchuck | 17 January 2017

@Ross -

Big Dollars = Big commitments. if you can afford a 100k car your probably either working 3 jobs or too busy running your own business, etc...

Many owners do not even know these forums exist. How many times have you seen someone start a post saying "i have owned a Model S for 6 months and i just ran into this problem..."

Just because people don't post doesn't mean they are not reading. I read these forums for 6 months without ever posting a single time. The ratio of watchers to posters could be 100 to 1. If your number is correct and 1% of owners participate then 100% of owners read these forums.

As David N said, when you look at a post and there are 3 pages of drivel it tends to turn you off on the whole thing. Thank goodness most folks make a comment and move on. Once i see it going back and forth between the same folks over and over i just ignore it and go to the next post. Some people will just close the window and go on with their lives instead.

carlk | 17 January 2017

Most people who buy a car just for the sake of buying a car. I've never been on another car forum before except for a few months when I first bought my Porsche.

Ross1 | 17 January 2017

Perhaps the attitudes here repel 99% of owners.

rxlawdude | 17 January 2017

We're the 1%-ers! Huzzah!

lilbean | 17 January 2017

That's it, Ross!

RedShift | 17 January 2017


Lol. Good catch!

Bighorn | 17 January 2017

Trying to raise the bar of S/N:)

Silver2K | 17 January 2017

Ross | January 17, 2017
Perhaps the attitudes here repel 99% of owners.

You mean like when people call others "Dipshit"? ;-)

Bighorn | 17 January 2017

No, when people started keeping track of how many posts people have made and "padding" ensues:)

Silver2K | 17 January 2017


Ross1 | 17 January 2017


Lumina1 | 18 January 2017

I don't like it as well as some of the other forums because it's hard to find posts and topics.

AEdennis | 18 January 2017

I can't speak for other owners...

I can speak for my own participation.

1) The forum software is very unfriendly. (basic search functions and the like is very limiting) (removal of embedding links has made it even less appealing.)

2) Structure of this forum is basic and not very user-friendly either.

3) The moderation on this forum is pretty unimpressive. I would hasten to guess that employees that are tasked with moderation have more important things on their plate than being on this forum.

4) Comparing the quality of posts and discourse in other venues, it's clear that I get more "value" for that at other fora (TMC for one, and a few of the other locations that I frequent.)

That being said, there is still value, so, I come by every now and then vs. more often at other locations.

soakes | 18 January 2017

Other reasons why this forum sucks:
- no threading (but that seems to be the norm these days)
- some sort of ridiculous delay between selecting a link and it being sent to the server
- no basic functions such as search or user profiles

ram1901 | 19 January 2017

Some of us remember the old adage "sticks and stones' and press on trying to get this forum back on track.

If I were to rewriting the OPS question using some dark humor I would ask:
--Why don't more people jump in front of a moving high speed locomotive?
--Why don't more people walk across a flaming bed of coals and nails?
--Why don't more people happily take abuse from others?

But here's one final rewrite:
Does the non car talk -- dismissive and often abusive political talk on this forum keep many other Tesla owners from participating in this forum?

Venting done:
I feel better now.

Ross1 | 20 January 2017


Ross1 | 20 January 2017

As above, sometimes it is better to be seen and not heard.

Ross1 | 20 January 2017


Mozap | 20 January 2017

I'd rather drive my car.

lilbean | 20 January 2017

+1 ram

Silver2K | 20 January 2017


the general forum is for non-car talk.
that's why it's called general and the others have model names as forums :)

SCCRENDO | 20 January 2017

@ram. I reckon it's your kind of posts that chase people away.

Ross1 | 21 January 2017

Do you remember the surge of posts a year ago when new Tesla buyers were excited about Model 3?

They came
And they went

mntlvr23 | 21 January 2017

It all went downhill after the Wizard of Oz closed

VA Tesla | 21 January 2017

+1 David N +1 ram

FactDoc | 21 January 2017

I reserved a BMW i3
I reserved a Chevy volt 2016
I reserved a Chevy bolt
I reserved 2 Tesla model 3
And I'm on those forums