Moving to Alaska, will I ever get my Model 3?

Moving to Alaska, will I ever get my Model 3?

So I ordered my Model 3 before the reveal went live while living here in Germany (I'm military). I was expecting to come back to the States ("the lower 48") this summer but I got an assignment to Alaska. I know they'll be starting with the West Coast first and moving East but is this going to set me back to the end of the line...? I sure hope not. Tesla, can you shine a little light on my situation?

dsvick | 2 February 2017

"Tesla, can you shine a little light on my situation?"

Tesla doesn't monitor these forums, your best bet would to make sure you update your address on your myTesla page, then get in touch with customer service. Even then I don't know that they'll have an answer for you at this time. You're certainly more ahead in the line than if you'd remained in Germany :)

Everything about the way and the order that deliveries will be made is still unknown at this time. As a WAG I'd lump Alaska deliveries in the same time frame as the mid-West.

akgolf | 2 February 2017

I don't see why not.

I moved from Alaska last summer and have seen several Teslas in Anchorage. There was at least one Roadster in Alaska. I say was because it was involved in a crash on the Parks highway in 2014.

qtrpnoy | 2 February 2017

Well, currently I have my home of record address in Arkansas listed. I guess when I move to Alaska I'll update it and hope for the best. Thanks

dsvick | 3 February 2017

Is there any way you could get a few days leave when it is delivered and just go get it in Arkansas and drive back to Alaska? That might get it to you few months earlier.

akgolf | 3 February 2017

Would be hard to drive it anywhere in the lower 48 up to Alaska. No supercharger network on the ALCAN and I wouldn't subject it to the conditions you'll encounter on that road.

msmith55 | 5 June 2017

Alaska has weather below minimum recommended for EV, -20 C . You need heated garage 10 C, and 100 Amp charger as minimum. Not seeing any superchargers in Alaska. Need generator backup as battery will fail after exposure to temperatures below -20 C for 24 hrs.

SamO | 5 June 2017


1. What is "minimum recommended" weather for Tesla? Many people own these vehicles and live in the arctic circle.
2. Why do you need a "heated garage?" Are you aware that you can heat both the battery and the interior of the vehicle using electricity stored in the car?
3. Superchargers in AK are not necessary for ownership, but are helpful for long distance travel. Model S or X would be appropriate and helpful in many/most conditions. Are you aware that electricity is more readily available in AK than gasoline or diesel?
4. Please cite where a Tesla battery will "fail after exposure to temperatures below -20C for 24 hours." Are you aware the Model S and X use electricity from the pack to warm the pack?