Topfit Car Dash Cam for Model X Autopilot 2.0 review

Topfit Car Dash Cam for Model X Autopilot 2.0 review

Today I just installed the Dash Cam on my Model X Autopilot 2.0.

I bought it from eBay for $285.0. It is shipped from Hong Kong and took 3 days to be delivered to California.

- Super Easy Installation (5 to 10 minutes, no tool required)
- No drill or pill off, no permanent alter to Tesla
- Can take Cam off and restore Model X back to factory setup at anytime
- Cam because part of the car and do not attract unnecessary attention
- iOS and Android App to control the Cam over build-in WIFI

- Voice Prompt is Chinese
- Chinese Manual with poor english translation (but you really do not need manual to install it)
- Cannot change the default WIFI password
- Video quality is acceptable, but not near other Cam in $300 range
- No GPS

I really like the Cam because it does not require any permanent change to my car and I can restore my car to factor setup at anytime. I do not care about the Chinese voice/manual and GPS. I think the picture quality is good enough to show what happens in front of my car.

pictures can be found at:


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Triggerplz | 11 February 2017
lilbean | 11 February 2017

It cannot record while parked.
No possibility for 4 channels.
Not fully hidden behind rear view mirror.

Triggerplz | 11 February 2017

I wouldn't get it, I just posted the link to make it easier for those that wanna see it

davesimpson.2222 | 11 February 2017

I received this camera and ordered it for the model X. The housing would not fit my model X so I think they shipped my camera with the model S mount. They are in China - does anyone have an idea as to how I can get the correct mount? Tnx Dave

lilbean | 11 February 2017

Good luck. I emailed the company and they never responded.

Bighorn | 11 February 2017

Topfit is a long time forum spammer

Model_D | 11 February 2017

Mine fit perfectly. I waited for the Model X with AP 2.0 version. Hopefully you ordered the one for your model and AP version. I know its limitations and I really like its limited price. I just wanted to avoid the liability of someone and witnesses incorrectly assigning blame where someone is hurn in a collision. I could care less what happens when it is sitting still. | 11 February 2017

I put together a details analysis of the popular Tesla dash cams, with advice, comparisons, images and installation tips (more for the Model S, but some applies to all Tesla vehicles). There were too many limitations with the Topfit for me to consider it a good choice, although there are plenty of worse choices.

lilbean | 11 February 2017

Nice, TeslaTap!

tomliuxd | 11 February 2017

@Dwepilot, absolutely agree with you.

@TeslaTap, Model X's windshield make dash cams installation far more difficult than model S.

If you want to have dash cam installed in your car and professional help is not available, I think Topfit is the best choice so far.

Buying online always comes with Risk. I lost $2000 at one time. Last month I ordered two AutoSock for my Model X from AutoSock directly. But I only received one. I called their customer service number multiple times. All calls went to voice mail directly and never heard anything back.

If possible, I would suggest to always buy from Amazon or eBay. The two companies provide some buyer protection and can refund your money in case things go wrong.

Triggerplz | 11 February 2017

@tomliuxd did you pay by credit card if so nofity your credit card company and they will refund your money, good luck

vperl | 15 February 2017

They probably rode, trotted off into the sunset with the cash, cowards are like that. Run never admit they are crooks, cowards.. just trot off without remorse for their actions.

lilbean | 15 February 2017

That is why I didn't go with Topfit. Their lack of response and the website just looked fishy to me.

Model_D | 15 February 2017

I used eBay and PayPal. That way I had a couple of different methods to dispute it. He had a 100% rating for 90+ sales. Amazon didn't carry it for AP 2.0, only AP 1.0.

mark.manner | 24 April 2017

FWIW, I got a Topfit for my new S 100D from Amazon, received it in about 5 days, and installed it in about 5 minutes. Video and still image quality is pretty good, enough for what I want which is coverage while driving in case of an accident or similar event. It looks very good installed, which is nice as well. I know there is a trade-off in resolution compared to some cameras, and recording while stopped, and front only. However, I don't think that it is a rip-off or scam in any way. Several other forums and here have positive information on it.

mark.manner | 24 April 2017

Meant to add that voice is now in English (at least for my MS AP2 version), and IOS app and Android app appear to both allow fairly quick review of the clips. IOS a bit better I think. Still better to pull the micro SD card out to your PC if you want quick access to all of it. New documentation with camera now in English too, and it also says can use a max 128 GB sd card.

cica3838 | 17 May 2017

Mine always resets the time stamp to Jan 1, 2016. Any ideas? And it takes photos randomly once in a while.

fredz | 18 May 2017

@tomliuxd @Dwepilot
I got one and am about to install it on my X AP2. However does this somehow influence the calibration of the Tesla camera that's inside there? Just wondering...

Model_D | 18 May 2017

@cica Just downloaded a video last week of a crazy driver. My time stamp was correct. No pictures were on the card.

@fredz My AP camera works great as far as I can tell. The dash displays what I believe is the normal number of vehicles and their correct relative distance and location. I did not select AP when ordering the X so I can't report if it causes problems with AP functionality.

philgrocks | 25 July 2017

I just got the current model from eBay. Super easy install. Took a little effort to get it aligned, but less than 5 min. Super clean install. English is default language. Search Teslafans on eBay. I have no affiliation with the seller.

inconel | 26 July 2017

Does the camera greet you in Chinese every time you enter the car? And if so is it possible to turn it off?

Model_D | 26 July 2017

Mine is silent. Always has been.

tlees6 | 26 July 2017

Tesla has eight cameras, Why no recording function build-in? | 27 July 2017

@tlees6 - Cameras are optimized for AP, not as a dashcam. Monochrome, and may have a non-standard frame rate (the AP1 camera was 36 fps). Also Tesla would need to add a lot more memory. With AP2 Tesla can capture a small amount of video, but it is unclear how much - perhaps a few seconds and it is not currently owner accessable. | 27 July 2017

It may also take the AP2 processor (where all the cameras are connected) to handle video. This is a power hog, and when parked, it the AP2 processor would need to be left on. The vampire drain would be significant. Ideally, you want your dashcam to be on 24/7 to capture damage and break ins while the car is parked, with some kind of motion detection.

A typical dashcam takes about 5W, whereas the AP2 processor is estimated at 100-200 W.

Still there is merit in the idea - having an integrated mutli-camera dashcam would be so cool!

inconel | 27 July 2017

@Model_D thanks for confirming, did you buy from teslafans on eBay?

@tomliuxd when do you hear the "voice prompt in Chinese"? Thx

Model_D | 27 July 2017

@inconel Yes, from teslafans on eBay. Just used it today. A truck ran a red light and almost caused a serious collision. Added it to my growing library of stupid drivers videos. Hopefully when my kids learn to drive they will consider defensive driving after seeing the videos. Download via wifi from camera to phone is agonizingly slow. I really should wait till I get home and stick the micro SD cars in the computer.