Version 8.1 Camera Usage

Version 8.1 Camera Usage

Just installed 8.1 and enjoying new functionality. I keep reading that 8.1 increases AP2 camera usage from 1 to 2. Which cameras are now in use? The front windshield has 3, obviously 1 is in use, is the other one the rear camera for Summon (beta)?

reed_lewis | 31 March 2017

I doubt they are using the camera for summon. They use the sensors on the rear bumper for that.

They are using the one they did before, and most lilkely an additional front facing camera (Probably the wide angle, but that is pure speculation).

PV_Dave @US-PA | 1 April 2017

Actually, I think it's the narrower (i.e. longer range) forward camera, which they've put to use to help bump up the maximum autosteer speed.