Will we own the battery pack in the Model 3?

Will we own the battery pack in the Model 3?

I still think we will own the battery pack (when buying the car with cash or on finance). Does anyone know?


DTsea | 21 April 2017

Of course. It is part of the car.

SamO | 21 April 2017


Tesla has never discussed battery leasing. The closest offering was the swap station, operating in Harris Ranch, CA. But Tesla required that the original battery be returned.

Morgan Stanley recently came out with a note discussing swap and lease in the context of the Tesla Semi, which is scheduled to be revealed in September of 2017.

dsvick | 21 April 2017

Why would you think you wouldn't own the battery pack?

PT733 | 21 April 2017

I was surprised when someone suggested we wouldn't own it. Now I know :-)
Maybe it's with some other makes that you don't.

Bighorn | 21 April 2017

GM used to not let consumers own their EVs.

KP in NPT | 21 April 2017

I don't know of any company that makes BEVs that retains ownership of the battery? Just think of all those Leaf owners who are getting screwed.

Red Sage ca us | 21 April 2017

"SIGNS POINT TO YES" -- Magic 8 Ball

Rocky_H | 21 April 2017

@KP, Renault in Europe has been doing battery leasing for many years. They now have about 100,000 vehicles out on the roads with leased batteries, where they are not owned with the cars.

But, it sounds like they may be planning to end this by the end of 2017.

KP in NPT | 21 April 2017

Interesting @Rocky. I'm not sure how that would fly in the US, unless both the vehicle and the battery were leased. I wonder what it means if the battery is defective or needs replacing? If they swapped it out it could be a good option for those worried about degradation.