UK reservations - Model 3

UK reservations - Model 3

Hey all,

So, who's ordered a Model 3 here in the UK? It would be interesting to pull everyone together and share our experience!

holophoenix70 | 25 April 2017

Me (as of Jan 6th). I some rough calculations on cost to buy, own and run, figured what I needed to be earning, left my job and started my own company, just so I could afford one without hindering my current lifestyle. That's how excited I am!

holophoenix70 | 25 April 2017

Where about a are you from? What colour and options are you aiming for? I'm in Southampton and I'm gunning for either the silver or matte black shown at the reveal, or possible some boring black over which I might wrap something fancy. Definitely going for dual motors, all glass roof and premium sound system, as well as the fastest model I can afford.

holophoenix70 | 25 April 2017

...although at this point, I'm kinda paranoid I won't be able to afford anything but the base model. But then, I've always gone out and earned whatever I've needed to earn in order to fulfil my dreams, so onwards and upwards.

s2rogerjackson | 27 April 2017

poulton-le-fylde I ordered model 3 / 1april 2016 gutted when elon said have to wait extra 12 months for right hand drive , by that time we probably have all options on the table

holophoenix70 | 27 April 2017

I think of it like this; I've got loads of time to save a big deposit so I can lower my monthly repayments OR offset a bunch of additional options. If it were coming out next week, I might get less car. Does that make sense? Just act like your paying for it already, put the money away and get a better Model 3.

JohnH628 | 27 April 2017


Unbelievably, I'm also in Poulton-le-Fylde! Ordered my Model 3 on 1st May last year and was pleasantly surprised to hear that we might actually see RHD models as soon as 2018 - wouldn't have been surprised if it had turned out to be 2019 before we saw any on this side of the pond!

Never been excited by the prospect of buying an electric car before Tesla came along, due to generally unappealing designs and concerns over range, but Tesla's attractive styling, over-the-air updates and Supercharger infrastructure have changed my views completely.

Not decided on colours and options yet. Will wait to see what the pricing looks like (depending on dollar/pound exchange rates too) but certainly don't think I'll be needing all the bells and whistles like Ludicrous Mode, AWD or air suspension.

theo | 27 April 2017

Looks like we're all in the same boat, I ordered in April 2016, how time flies. Will be interested to see more news related to the interior and the choice of options. I would expect to see orders for U.K coming through mid 2018.

mattfog | 27 April 2017

Another early April 2016 reservation here. Hoping for delivery in Q3 2018 with AWD and upgraded battery.

bj | 27 April 2017

I'm in Oz so I'm polluting this thread, but in the same boat as UK reservers having to wait for first RHDs. The upside is that we won't have to agonise over whether to wait for AWD and that kind of thing, we should have every menu option well and truly sorted by the time our turn comes around. Also bugs well and truly ironed out. So there is upside.

mark | 28 April 2017

I ordered in store on 1st April 2016 at 09:30 after I saw the reveal. I wasn't aware you could order the day before.

I'm still keen, but also a little on the fence until the final reveal, and we see the final exterior, interior, options and prices. I was kinda hoping they would make more changes based upon Elon's early tweets, but the shots of the release candidates look very similar to the original alpha cars, and in some cases not as good so will have to wait and see.

There is still nothing else out there that compares though, especially having the Supercharger network. One other advantage is that as we have to wait at least another year, we should have the full options available to us by then (AWD, performance etc) and hopefully the early issues will have been sorted out.

I've got a fairly highly optioned ICE car at present, so would want my Model 3 to at least have the same options so it doesn't feel like a downgrade.

Even though I ordered early, I don't think that will make much difference to UK deliveries as they will probably do a run of RHD cars at the same time.