Wrong cover art for music

Wrong cover art for music

When playing music off my iphone, most of the album or cover art is incorrect. Does anyone know of a fix for this?

stevenmaifert | 12 May 2017

It happens. The best you can do is make sure the music file has the correct metadata tag for the album. If the file is missing that tag, then the system has to guess, which could also be the source of the wrong cover art.

mntlvr23 | 12 May 2017

Album cover art has gone downhill, starting in 1982, shortly after the release of Last of the Mohicans by BowWowWow - which was a high point for this teenager | 12 May 2017

@cranio - Not sure of the source of your music (iTunes?), but if the album art is wrong, it is due to the source, not Tesla. Tesla just uses the art image embedded in the song. You'd have to either contact the source to get them to fix it (unlikely) or fix the art yourself by changing the metadata in the song file.

jarrett | 8 September 2017

I've got the same issue. Using Spotify, and using Audible, so from two different sources makes me think it's a tesla issue. Does tesla get the album art from the phone over bluetooth or does it connect to the internet to download it?

blue adept | 8 September 2017


Try this: | 8 September 2017

@jarrett - Spotify artwork is a different issue from local USB songs that are missing artwork. The album art is provided by Spotify or Tesla or some combination (likely from Spotify, then resized by Tesla). There have been some problems on Tesla's end, although I thought they were fixed last week (at least for Slacker, used in the USA).

Not sure how you're using Audible, presumably through your phone/bluetooth? All bets are off on how that is handled.

653bonair | 28 March 2018

If I play the Sirius XM app on my Smartphone and use Bluetooth to connect to Tesla, the wrong album art displays... for live broadcasts and reruns. For example, right now I'm listening to Howard Stern on XM-100 and Tesla is showing album art from Disney Alladin. Unfortunately this forum software is as bad as Tesla's browser, so I can't post pics.

EVRider | 28 March 2018

@653bonair: You can't embed pics, but you can post them elsewhere and embed links here.

I don't use Sirius XM, but I assume the app shows the correct artwork on the phone when it shows the wrong artwork in the car? | 28 March 2018

@653bonair - Tesla does not create artwork or get it from Tesla's server. The artwork always comes from the source providing it. If the artwork is wrong in XM, either XM is supplying the wrong artwork (most likely), or the XM app is not providing the correct artwork. You may have more success contacting XM to see if they can fix their bugs, but I'm not hopeful. XM artwork issue has nothing to do with Tesla.

653bonair | 28 March 2018

XM doesn't display any album art for live shows. The player is somehow doing it.

Chunky Jr. | 28 March 2018

@TT - when I play music from my phone, the album artwork on my phone is correct, but in the Tesla media player it is incorrect. They aren't often incorrect, but when they are, every time it is correct on the phone.

EVRider | 29 March 2018

@Chunky: Are you saying that when you stream music from your phone via Bluetooth, the car shows different art from what the phone shows? Or did you mean that when you play the same music from USB in the car, the art is different from what you’d see when playing from your phone?

Chunky Jr. | 29 March 2018

@EVRider : the former. When streaming via Bluetooth from my phone, the phone and the car show different artwork. My phone is never incorrect. The car occasionally is. Certain tracks are wrong the same way every time. For example, there is a particular song by REO Speedwagon and the album art shows Cheap Trick at Budokon every time. The phone shows the correct cover.

EVRider | 29 March 2018

@Chunky: That's very odd. Maybe the car is trying to do some caching and messing up. I'm not familiar with the protocol used by the phone to stream media via Bluetooth, but I suppose it's also possible that the phone is sending the wrong information for the artwork. Have you ever seen this issue in a different car?

I haven't seen this issue when streaming from my iPhone 6 via Bluetooth (in my 2016 pre-refresh S85).

EVRider | 29 March 2018

@Chunky: Are you playing music files stored on your phone or streaming them from somewhere else?

Chunky Jr. | 30 March 2018

The files are part of my music library, but being streamed from iCloud. Sometimes the album art shows something that doesn't even exist in my library. I think Tesla must be using something like CDDB to get the artwork, because it is definitely not getting it from my phone.

EVRider | 30 March 2018

I asked about the source because I found some reports of missing album art when streaming from an iPhone, but it was streaming from the cloud (Spotify). It might be that the iPhone sends the correct album art metadata most of the time, but when it's missing the Tesla Media Player tries to get the album art elsewhere. However, I've found that when album art is missing when playing media from a USB, the Media Player doesn't show any art, rather than the wrong art. Hard to say who's responsible in this case.

todd | 24 April 2018

I have the same issue. I'd say over 50% of the time...anything playing over bluetooth from my iPhone has incorrect album art. It could be downloaded music, could be streaming Apple Music, almost always when using SiriusXM app and even Audible. I can't believe my Honda Odyssey can get it right EVERY single time...but a Tesla can't :( . Very disappointing. | 25 April 2018

Tesla used to use CCDB (which is error prone). Around 7.0, about 2 years ago, Tesla completely dropped CDDB and only uses the source artwork that is embedded in the file (USB) and presumably that provided via the source. For me, this was a huge improvement, as CDDB often got it wildly wrong. The CDDB is good for top few hundred albums over each year, but as you get to lesser known albums, it becomes less reliable. There is no mechinsum to fix CDDB errors either.

While it might be Tesla caching, I strongly suspect the source. There are about a half dozen ways artwork is handled, and often multiple artwork methods are included from a source and even multiple covers (front, back, etc.) for a single song. Sometimes the artwork is for an album and sometimes for a specific song and often both are available.

Tesla has only used the album art associated with a song, and I think the first one found (not sure on this). If there is separate album art, it is ignored. It's easy to find the problems with USB files, but very hard to identify what is going wrong with Bluetooth album art unless you can tap into the data stream and know all the formats being used. All the methods used should have the same cover art, but often one or more methods are screwed up (I've seen a lot of errors in my analysis, even on CDs).

Now it's also very possible Tesla is using a wrongly tagged artwork. For example, I think it uses the first art found for a song (which should always be correct), but perhaps it should use the art that is tagged as the front cover. It's valid for a song to have art in any order, so the first one might be wrong. Unfortunately, the cover art standards are a bit loosy goosy. Most of my analysis was done with USB files, which can be easily verified and repeated by anyone.

As for another car getting it right - perhaps they use CDDB and CDDB happens to have the correct artwork. Some owners found CDDB worked great - it just depends on your music library.

Here's one test - see if you can bring up Gladiator (Hans Zimmer). CDDB brings up a picture of Hans rather than the album art (This was years ago, so they could have fixed it). It's a good test if CDDB is being used for artwork by someone in the chain of getting the music to the car. For example, perhaps Honda ignores the Bluetooth sent album art and uses CDDB instead (I doubt it but it would explain the difference). The more processing in the chain (iTunes, cloud, phone app) to get the artwork to you the more chance someone is altering the album art or providing the wrong format in some cases.

jamenendez01 | 15 May 2018

I’ve started having a similar problem when streaming songs from my iphone via bluetooth to the car. For reference by songs from iphone I mean music I have ripped from CD and bought from iTunes that has been a****y curated by me over the years with tags, comments and high res album art (that looks great in Model S).

It only happens occasionally but when it does either the cover art shows up as missing (one case) or shows up with completely different cover art.

Once again, for reference, these are the cases of mismatch I’ve had, in order:

1. Sweet Jane by Cowboy Junkies from the Trinity Sessions. The first glitch it showed the album art for their Greatest Hits album while showing the correct album on my iPhone. The second time it started like the previous but then the display switched on my iPhone to show the song as being the greatest hits version (including greatest hits album for album). On a third time, today, the song displayed as it should.

2. Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas on Leftoverture. The album art did not display in car but displayed on phone.

3. Can’t Find My Way Home by Blind Faith from their only album Blind Faith. My phone displayed the correct album art (the original British one) while the US alternate album art displayed on the car.

At first I suspected that the system may be using Slacker for album art but Slacker has both the Trinity Sessions and Leftoverture albums available; it would have displayed correctly.

The one thing that occurs to me is that recently tried an Apple Music subscription before I gave it up as being not for me and it doesn’t expire until the 25th. I wonder, if in my case, it is somehow messing with the album art even though I have the setting turned to off.

Over than that darned if I know what is going on. | 15 May 2018

@jamenendez - Just tested your three songs via Slacker, and all worked fine with the correct album art. Still don't know what is different via Bluetooth - and issue with Tesla software or the phone app that provides the artwork.

jamenendez01 | 16 May 2018

First of all, thanks for checking TeslaTap; what you found is what I suspected and it always nice to have some independent verification.

Checking again last night and this morning here are some updates:

1. The album are for Leftoverture (Csrry On Wayward Son) is now displaying. Interestingly, Apple Music does not have streaming rights to that album. When I ask Siri to play that song (because the Apple Music subscription is still on) my phone tries to play the Greatest Hits version. I solved by that playing the song directly from my downloaded music.

2. Cowboy Junkies is now streaming corectly with correct album and title. Not surprisingly, I checked Apple Music and sure enough, they don’t have the streaming rights to the song on the original album.; only the Greatest Hits version and I remember asking Siri to play the song. Well now, I think to myself, I’m seeing a pattern here.

3. Same for Blind Faith. Their album on Apple Music is the alternate US version not the original British version I have on iTunes and my iPhone. Unfortunately, I never asked Siri to play the song (always done it directly from phone) and the correct album art displays on my phone while other album art is displayed on car.

4. This morning it displayed the album art from the Complete Led Zepellin Boxed Set when I played Kashmir from Physical Grafitti. The album is rioped (Inown it on CD) AND Apple Music has the streaming rights.

5. Same thing this morning when Inplayed Today Is Gonna Be a Great Day by Bowling For Soup for my son. Apple has streaming rights.

Closest I can figure is that there are a couplenof things going on here. First is Apple Music and this only applies if you are using Apple Music with a curated iTunes collection of your own; if you are not careful in how you play the song on your iPhone you will get the Apple Music streaming version amd not YOUR curated version.

As for the second part it involves our Tesla audio systems and CDDB. As I’ve learned curating my collection over the years is that if you rip a CD where there is an updated/remastered/secret sauce added edition (which in many cases there are) then neither your album title, song title or year may mot match what is in the database; it happens to me all the time when ripping or using the database in iTunes. If tour album doesn’t match the latest greatest bersion in the database it simply pills the nearest matching entry and uses that for album and whatever.

I’m mentioning all this kit because I think there’s a fix any of us can apply but more as a disucssion of my reaults and experiences that can help anykne else who has a similar problem see what I experienced and found out. | 16 May 2018

@jamenendez - Thanks for the analysis! Ripping a CD with MediaMonkey and getting artwork is about 80% right automatically, but it's easy to scan through the artwork options to find the right cover. So many albums/songs have been reprinted, combined, split and otherwise manipulated into different albums.

On iTunes, I assumed they had all music rights - didn't know they have quite a few holes in the library (which I expect is true of every streaming service).

jamenendez01 | 16 May 2018

TeslaTap: thanks for the thunbs up!

Since you seem to cherish tour music collection even more than I do, let me ask you a question.

About 60-70% of music collection is ripped from my CD collection that I built in college and my earlier adult years with the rest being digital I purchased over the years. Obviously it’s pointless to convert all the already digital stuff to FLAC but I was wondering if it is worth it to re-rip my CD’s to FLAC.

Here’s the rub: I didn’t invest in the premium audio system. Also, as a test I played Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap first streamed my iPhone, then off a Slacker playlist and finally off a FLAC rip on a USB stick.

The truth is I could clearly make out and hear the lead and rhythm guitars as well as the bass on each recording with no issues. The lossless did sound the cleanest to me but only by a little; the ither two were comparable.

Given this do you think its worth it to rip any albums I have that I listen to in entirety to FLAC to really enjoy?

elan | 17 January 2019

This is super annoying. As a dev, I'm sending the right album art over Bluetooth, but it appears to be ignored at least some of the time and replaced with whatever bad search Tesla is doing. | 17 January 2019

@jamenendez - Hard to say if it's worth coding your CDs to Flac (if already in MP3). The way I view it is once the CDs are in a lossless format, it's as good as it can get. You can always downgrade FLAC to MP3 (although no idea why anyone would do that). Flash/Disk space is so cheap now, the reason for MP3s (lossy compression) makes little sense except for streaming services where bandwidth is an issue. So even if you don't have a great music player today, perhaps tomorrow you will.

@elan - Might be worth focusing two songs - one that works right and one that fails. What happens when you use code the "failed artwork" into the song that works? If it doesn't display the artwork, then I'd look at the differences between the artwork. Perhaps the artwork is in an unsupported format or has odd dimensions, and Tesla then skips it and tries to find artwork via some other means.

Also songs can have multiple artwork - any chance it's grabbing the wrong embedded artwork? I've seen some fairly strange art on occasion in addition to the cover, and not necessarily in the order I'd expect.

philippem | 17 January 2019

For file missing the artwork, it seems to often get artwork from some source even if the file is our own recording of a song. An audio player should never display an artwork if the song was sung by someone else. It is quite annoying that if we record someone playing an instrument and don't put artwork on the file that something random get displayed. If a player try to guess artwork and it is not 100% percent reliable, then it is a must to provide an easy way to remove the artwork. | 18 January 2019

@philippem - I've found it 100% reliable for USB music. It always shows my artwork correctly (8000+ songs). Also found streaming 100% reliable.

The issue is with bluetooth when you're going through multiple OSes, protocols and different apps. Hard to say what the issue is yet. Elan seems to be looking into it.