Tesla is still unknown: 60% of millennials reported not knowing who Tesla is.

Tesla is still unknown: 60% of millennials reported not knowing who Tesla is.

Google recently released results from its global brand study and found that Tesla was the “coolest” brand among certain age groups and “coolest” of all automakers worldwide.

According to the survey results, Tesla beat BMW to be the “coolest” automotive brand in the world.

Even more impressive, among teens (13-17) and millennials (18-24), Tesla was ranked amongst the “coolest” of all brands globally. The only brands ahead of Tesla were Google (hmm…), Netflix, Youtube and Amazon.

Though Tesla certainly has that cool factor, “awareness” is not a category the automaker fared well in.

Turns out you either know and love Tesla, or you’ve never heard of the automaker at all. In fact, 60% of millennials reported not knowing who Tesla (the automaker) even was.

Maybe some additional marketing resources should be set aside to raise the Tesla awareness level?

SO | 20 May 2017

The Tesla vehicles market themselves. Tesla can advertise if needed. Key words: if needed.

SbMD | 20 May 2017

All Tesla needs is a Tesla emoticon to bring awareness to Millennials :) | 20 May 2017

Or a Tesla with its dog on Facebook.

carlk | 20 May 2017

Low awareness is actually not a bad thing. That means Tesla still has a lot of reserve customers. Those people will soon figure it out when they start to see Tesla their friends and neighbors have.

222 | 20 May 2017

I agree

Ehninger1212 | 20 May 2017

I'm technically a "millennial" most people my age do not even realize electric cars are a thing. It's sad.

mcdonalk | 21 May 2017

What's a "millennial?"

carlgo2 | 21 May 2017

Not so much into cars period, from something I read awhile back. My generation waited breathlessly for the new models to come out, devoured the car magazines, went to car events. Today...not so much. Still, I would guess that Tesla is better known to the millennials than are other "exotic" makes.

carlgo2 | 21 May 2017

Actually, reading the OP again, not many may know WHO Tesla is/was, but may know WHAT Teslas are.

SamO | 21 May 2017

Tesla has sold fewer than 125,000 cars in the U.S.

There were an estimated 263.6 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States in 2015.

The fact that 40% of the MOST INFLUENTIAL BUYING GROUP know about Tesla speaks volumes to the power of Tesla customers as a viral marketing force. Especially with "mouse nuts" marketing budget.

mntlvr23 | 21 May 2017

100% of the millennials in my house know more about Tesla than they care to.

finman100 | 22 May 2017

that 60 percent number will not last. and if they DID know about Tesla...they rank it as the coolest car maker. that seems like a win-win. and then, already mentioned above, future Tesla owners will come from that 60 percent number. another win. i really don't see a down side...

nadurse | 22 May 2017

This isnt just millenials as far as awareness, its pretty much everyone. Out of my family(boomers and late GenXers) and close friends (millenials and early GenXers), when i shared with them that I was going to buy a Tesla most of them said "whats a Tesla" and those that had heard of Tesla knew nothing about it other than it was an expensive car. A small minority of them lets guess 10-20%, knew that 1) Tesla makes cars, and 2) their cars are fully electric.

RedPillSucks | 22 May 2017

Maybe it's a cost thing. Until the model 3, there may not have been incentive to learn about a car you couldn't afford.
Now that there's a cheaper model, I suspect the awareness will grow with the increase presence of the car.

MS_Hapi | 22 May 2017

I think that number is going to drop a lot over the next few years as the Model 3 comes out in bigger numbers on the road and more millennials can afford them. That plus all the supercharger stations going up will catch attention. The focus on all electric cars is starting to take off thanks to Tesla.

As more people go in for a test drive or see them on the road or have a friend or co-worker with one, the excitement for owning one just grows once you know what their about. We've had our MS since March and the love of having it and driving it hasn't diminished. It is a cool car, sexy styling, plus you know you aren't polluting the air every time you leave the house and they are fun to drive. Lots of reasons for people to check it out...and fall in love.

We live in a small bay area town and we routinely see several of Teslas on the road every day. A neighbor near us owns 2 of them and we saw a third parked in their driveway the other day. I think we are the only ones on our block to have one though. The other day as we were stopping at a traffic light we pulled along side a P90D and a third MS made a turn in front of both of us. Couldn't help but smile. Definitely think those numbers on Tesla recognition are going to be higher by next year.

SamO | 22 May 2017

Yea. Nobody knows about Ferrari because they aren't affordable. ;-)

Ross1 | 22 May 2017

They also have never heard Elvis.
There is a link to that somewhere....

RedPillSucks | 22 May 2017

@SamO There are lots of expensive cars brands that the capital challenged know nothing about.
Ferrari is not such a good example.

Haggy | 22 May 2017

I asked my kids about this. They agree completely that the only thing less cool than that Wall Street Journal is TMZ. Over time, they may change their views on the WSJ and find it more valuable, but I'll admit that it holds little to attract teens or 20somethings compared to...just about anything.

Maxxer | 22 May 2017

I'm a millenial. Who is Tesla?

SamO | 22 May 2017


None that sell 100,000 cars per year.

Tropopause | 22 May 2017

Tesla will become one of the largest companies in the world someday. We will look back upon this time and remember the fond memories of change.

DonS | 24 May 2017

The millennial generation has the lowest percentage with driver's licenses since driver's license became required. They flock to urban areas. They just want transportation, and don't care about cars. Given those generalizations, 40% is not bad.

Garyeop | 25 May 2017

I am a boomer, knew Tesla as Nikola first, and remind my kids every day that youth is wasted on the young.