worth upgrading 60-75?

worth upgrading 60-75?

I have a 60d bought 9 months ago. I have a 60 mile roundtrip commute and can charge at work or at home. I really don't need the 60 to 75 upgrade for range. I'm more worried about trade in value in 4-5 years or later if I don't. What do you think?

croman | 23 May 2017

If you ever road trip, do it. Otherwise it's 2k for resale value and maybe a bit more local convenience on charging schedule.

CraigW | 23 May 2017

I put 60,000 miles on an S60 and crossed the U.S. in 2014. If it is long range driving you are worried about, don't - just don't. The superchargers are designed about 130-150 miles apart in rural U.S. This is plenty for an S60.

People love to talk about range anxiety, but you need to plan your trips, regardless. Once you have take the car on a 1000+ mile trip, you will feel better.

My advice: Before you decide, take that 1000+ mile trip and satisfy yourself that the car can do it. Then make your decision.

croman | 23 May 2017

I took a 1500 mile round trip. One way 60D return 75D. Could make it to my destination 237 miles away with 9 miles by going 66 mph. On way back could go 75mph and arrived with 22 miles range. I was able to skip a supercharger saving one hour because it was way off the highway. Big difference. But yes, I still made it with a 60.

tes-s | 23 May 2017

+! @croman. Bigger is better for road-tripping, and the only reason for a larger battery if the smaller meets your daily driving needs. Resale value in 4-5 years? Wouldn't worry about it.

Anthony J. Parisio | 24 May 2017

croman +1 Save time on trips is nice.

Andrew_OH_70D | 24 May 2017

I had a 60 for 2 years and 83k miles. I sold it for a 70D because of autopilot. The one advantage of a larger battery on long trips is charging time at Superchargers. As you know, charging slows down tremendously as the battery charges more than 50%. According to Wikipedia "they take about 20 minutes to charge to 50%, 40 minutes to charge to 80%, and 75 minutes to 100%. In my 60, I had to routinely charge to 80-90% on road trips. With my 70D, I can charge to roughly 70% before heading to the next Supercharger. It would be even lower for a 75. The time adds up on a long trip. I picked up my 70D in Denver and drove back to Ohio. I really noticed the difference.

kevin | 24 May 2017

On long trips, the 75 upgrade solves a lot of problems. When I had the 60, I said I didn't meed more range, but I was glossing over p;problems.

lorenkraljevski | 15 October 2018

Are 2014 Model S 60 able to be upgraded to 75, has anybody out there done it?

Bill_75D | 15 October 2018

No on the 2014 models.

Andrew_OH_70D | 15 October 2018

I have over 183k miles on two Model S's, an S60 and a 70D. In early 2013, on trips I charged at RV parks. Today, all you have to do is make it 120-160 miles between Superchargers. Having a larger battery is like carrying around 5 gallon gas cans that you never use, especially if your daily commute is easily taken care of. The one exception is if your daily commute results in you arriving home with less than a 30% charge, or if you must charge above 90% to make it through your day.. That may have an effect on long term battery life.

Rocky_H | 15 October 2018

@@lorenkraljevski, Bill's answer may not have been clear enough. It's not just that he hasn't done it. The 2014 models did not have these artificially limited software-locked batteries. The 60 is physically just a 60. There is no upgrade for it.

Bill_75D | 15 October 2018

@Rocky - thanks for the elucidation.

hpjtv | 16 October 2018

@lorenkraljevski there are some shops that will swap the battery out for you. Look on eBay. You can go from 60 to 90 but it's like $10-15K for the upgrade and they keep your existing battery pack.