Model S or Model 3

Model S or Model 3

Who knows, personally I like both.

I was looking at a CPO 85D today. It has everything I wanted two years ago for almost 30K less, 78K. I would be very happy driving that around the country.

The only thing on the Model 3 I can't live without is air suspension. I need that so I can make it easier for my wife to get in and out of the car. I'm pretty sure air suspension will be available at some point on the 3, but if not there are some really nice options out there.

I also downloaded a free iOS app called EVTO-Tesla and have been playing with it. Are any current owners using this and do you find it useful and accurate.

Shadowmist | 4 June 2017

I personally want an S, however if I were to get an S i'd get a P100D. So until I can afford that one Ill stick with a optioned 3. I too looked at CPO Model S's and was inches away from purchasing but having AP2 grew on me so I'll be getting the 3 again.

All option based tbh

greg | 4 June 2017


I'd hold out on buying a new or CPO S for now.
I have a feeling that once the 3 is revealed that the value of even recently made CPO S's may drop in price.

You may then find your dream model S is within reach over the availability and price of a similarly optioned 3.

Also the belief is that Air suspension will be part of the Tow Package for the 3, which like AWD will probably arrive some time later than the initial batches of 3's do.

So you may have a 6 month or so [Tesla TimeTM] wait for the Air suspension on the 3.

akgolf | 4 June 2017

Thanks for the advice Greg, that may very well happen.

As it turns out we're building a house and I'll need to delay my purchase until I have a garage, and hopefully we didn't bust our home budget.

eeb9 | 5 June 2017

I know that Tesla would prefer for me to buy an S just now.

Thing is, an S set up the way I want it exceeds my annual gross income. Not to mention that it is still just too big for my needs and my garage.

My thoughts are that it's better long-term to get a fully-optioned M3 than a used, stripped down MS for the same price.

M3München | 5 June 2017

Model S: very cool, has the features ....but:

1) too wide (1.9 m limit where I want to park)
2) too long (4.9 m limit)
3) too heavy except for 40 and 60 (2000 kg limit)
4) way too expensive for me.

It pleases me greatly to see people jumping out of the queue to buy an S, though. :)

jordanrichard | 5 June 2017

The Model S and Model 3 are 2 different cars all together. Would one compare/cross shop a Lincoln Navigator to a Ford Escape.........?

The Model is S is a full sedan with a hatchback while the Model 3 is a smaller sedan with a traditional trunk. One would be able to haul more stuff in a Model S. So which car to buy? Depends on ones needs.

SamO | 5 June 2017


Can I suggest what is my typical suggestion? Buy the cheapest Model S you can find. Drive it for the next 6 months and keep your Model 3.

You'll be fine with 120 wall charging and Supercharging for your distance trips or the occasional top-off.

Design your optimum Model 3 (with air suspension once it become available) in priority now that you are a Model S owner.

Sell your Model S for a very small loss or a breakeven (taking into account gas, repair and maintenance) after delivery of Model 3.

There are Model S60s for $40-$45,000 with Supercharging.


zeroemissean | 5 June 2017

CPO - Model S fully loaded D85.