Cost of electrician for 240 volt outlet installation

Cost of electrician for 240 volt outlet installation

Getting my 1st MS delivered at end of month. Just had an electrician come and give me a quote of $1,260 for installation of the 240 volt NEMA 14-50 outlet. Was wondering what others paid for installation. $1,260 seems a lot to me.

petero | 7 July 2017

mikel. It depends on the amount of work required. I'm sure you have received several bids. I cannot stress how important to have a quality electrician do the work (to code).

In my case the electrician had to make minor adjustments to my garage's electrical panel, run about 30 feet of metal conduit (panel to plug), and install and wire the Nema 14-50 outlet. He charged me $500. I thought it was fair.

Should_I | 7 July 2017

Depends on local labor rates. Layout of your home. Local code concerns. If the power panel is in the garage and has the capacity to spare that sounds wildly expensive.
If they have to install another box and run wire the length of the house thru an attic and you live in CA then it might be fair.

SUN 2 DRV | 7 July 2017

Get multiple bids, and consider having a Tesla Wall Connector installed instead...

thalore | 7 July 2017

I called a local electrician and was charged 325$, which I thought was very fair. I got lucky and our box is basically right on the other side of my garage wall where the plug is, so it was within 2 feet.

The electrician has hooked up other EV's but this was his first Tesla, which I don't mind giving the guy a chance and it's worked great. Him and his father (who he brought with him) couldn't stop talking about the car, which was great.

Rocky_H | 7 July 2017

You've given no information about your situation. It could be $200 or it could be $5,000, depending on what needs to be done.

Jcollins | 7 July 2017

I don't know where you are but in Alabama with an auxiliary box nearby, it cost $100.00 And has worked flawlessly for over 2 years.

SCCRENDO | 7 July 2017

If in SoCal I can recommend an electrician. I paid $450 for a A NEMA 14-50 in 2013. This year I added an HPWC which costs $550 plus $800 for installation. My city provides free permitting and rebates $500 for HPWCs. Both times I used electricians from the Tesla website. Like others said you may have certain requirement that justify the price but it sounds steep. With a quote like that I would get in other quotes.

spmeister | 7 July 2017

Seems high. My electrician not only installed a 240v circuit & outlet, he ran a new 100amp line from my main panel on the house out to the garage (about a 75' run, including trenching & conduit work), and a 120v outdoor outlet on a fence 40' from the garage on its own new gfci circuit for a bit less than that. Northern Virginia. | 7 July 2017

In May 2014, a Tesla recommended electrician installed my HPWC on a two foot cable run from my electrical box in my garage. He provided the wire and the 100 amp circuit breaker. I pulled the county permit. Final cost was $465.00. Installation was in northern Virginia. Unit has worked flawlessly.

mikelmiller14 | 8 July 2017

My run is 100 feet as electrical box is on other side of house

pawanvaswani | 8 July 2017

I have paid $300 in Houston

rob | 9 July 2017

Where are you? I got the utility in LA to give me a rebate that covered the charger and most the installation. $1200 for an outlet is preposterous, though if there's a really long run maybe a lot of that is materials.

pnajar | 9 July 2017

If you go to Home Depot you can price the components. You'll need a circuit breaker- same brand as your electrical box, a 14-50 plug, a box to put the plug in, a cover, and wire for the run. You may also need conduit. Once you have that cost the remainder is labor and profit.

Xerogas | 9 July 2017

100 feet is really, really long. Like, crazy long. That's a lot of copper and conduit, and possibly additions to your breaker box. Plus just the labor involved in attaching all that conduit to your house safely. May not be such a bad price after all, but there's nothing wrong with getting a second opinion.

tompilot | 15 July 2017

Will be installed in four days. 100amp $400 new conduit from box. No tesla electritions near my area in northern IL. My guy says he has done a few..

williamd314 | 16 July 2017

I'm in Los Angeles, and I had a NEMA 14-50 installed in just a few hours for about $375 all in (parts and labor). The panel in my house is fairly new, and the run was pretty short (practically next to the panel), so the cost of conduit was minimal.

sean697 | 25 July 2017

I paid about 650.00. That's the upper end of reasonable for me. Especially considering I could have done it myself. The only thing stopping me was I wanted an experienced home electrician to assess my main panel breakers for optimum fit because I had run out of space and need to move stuff around and consolidate, and for drilling through the garage wall.(You need a hammer drill to drill through my siding which I don't have.) I could have run the conduit, wired the outlet and mounted the box myself. I do have experience as an electrician in shipboard and industrial setting though. But still with youtube and the internet, almost anybody could do a simple install like that. Especially if you have plenty of room in your main service panel.

For a simple 14-50 outlet install though, probrably want to go with 6 AWG wire. Some metal lightweight conduit. (EMT). And if you don't want to get a pipe bender, some 90 degree junction boxes. Plus box connectors with bushings, if all this sounds too much then just pay an electrician. But really its not that hard.

gregtopf | 5 August 2017

I was quoted $500 for an outlet. I used an electrician from the Tesla site. Nice local guy. It's a little on the high side, but still fair. It's going to be an outdoor outlet so it needs the weatherproof housing. And my town requires permits for that, so he's handling that too.

vp09 | 5 August 2017

We paid $1675 for installation of two outlets and several motion sensor lights on the outside of the garage. The longer run for the heavy gauge copper wire was over 40 feet.

The Nema 14-50 outlets were $9 each at Home Depot.

One outlet would have been plenty-- We have 2 Model S90Ds but have never needed to charge both at the same time.

the.hulk | 5 August 2017

I was quoted $380 for my install: parts, labor, and city inspection. Electrician is coming next Friday.

hotakuchi | 4 October 2017

Moving to Portland Oregon. Any one from Portland has recommendation on local electrician for installing NEMA 14-50 in garage? Thanks

garyjtate | 20 October 2017

Garage location both 200 amp box and receptacle install.
60’ run.
Memphis area.

bryan.whitton | 20 October 2017

RV waterproof box with 14-50R $35.
8-3 Romex W/Ground $8.00 /ft.
50A 2P breaker $23 to $30
3 hours of your time

Pretty easy. :-)

chohans | 21 October 2017

Get an extension to your dryer socket such that either the dryer is plugged in or the car is plugged in. As long as you don't use the dryer at night you can treat your tesla like you treat your phone. Plug it in at night an you have a full "tank" (battery) in the morning.

Pros: 1. Cost is minimal. Cost me less than $100, maybe even less than $50 ( I can't remember).

Cons: 1. It is limited to about 35A. So don't expect it to be a supercharger. Plan your charging to be at night. 2. If you have more than one Tesla, it will not charge both at same time. One at a time.

chriswilliams.jcws | 22 October 2017

$300 in UTAH. Short run

mcdonsco | 22 October 2017

That is a LOT IMO. I paid $350 for mine to be done and he had to run it from the panel on the opposite side of the garage, across the ceiling in conduit and down the wall to the new outlet. Very clean install, and again, only $350. $1,250 seems REALLY HIGH to me.

elvnga | 23 October 2017

I had other work done at the same time, but the outlet in the garage with the line run along ceiling in conduit from the box came in under $200. Would have been over if he was not doing 3 other projects at the same time. I am glad I like in Atlanta after seeing the prices in other parts of the country.

Svystrcil | 24 October 2017

I got mine quoted for $420 :) I thought that was pretty good after reading most of these posts.

mnhoff | 11 August 2018

First off, instead of comparing total costs, we should compare $/man-hour, since everyone has different levels of work needed

Many of you simply need a line from the panel already in the garage, this shouldn't take more than 2 man-hours. If we say it should be ~$100/man-hour (?), with parts and transportation $300 is reasonable.

My place has the panel on the other side of the house with no easy access to the garage. My trusted electrician told me it would take 2 people about 6-8 hours to get it done a line run, with some variation to the panel to make space, and quoted $1300. Which I think is a pretty good deal considering the difficulty. But I'm curious of other's experiences...

Mrx50518 | 11 August 2018

Seems way too much to me. But as others have pointed out, it depends on what are your needs.

patley | 27 September 2018

I live in Portland and the rates for the 14-50 just below my breaker box in the garage is from $693 to $975!

If anyone in Portland has found a less expensive electrician please post it

ps7379 | 12 November 2018

@spmeister: NoVA. Looking to do a NEMA1450 in my garage. Expecting a 70' wire run from basement to garage. Wondering if we can connect directly and exchange information. I'm basically looking for a reference.

janendan | 16 November 2018

Miami condominium HOA approved ‘Evercharge’. Most of the Millions of Florida HOAs don’t allow. Our estimate was $1200(proprietary charger), $900(permit), $3500( 100’ installation to garage parking spot ), $15/ month( maintenance, insurance, servicing charge), & $.15/Kwh( for the 6.2KW L2 ). 1/3 Florida residents & 2/3 Miami residents.
Lifestyle of Tesla owner: Mostly supercharging, partly destination charging in places you would not go unless...,
I recommend retirement and a very good marriage before buying a Tesla without home charging, and forgoing some options to install.

susanclayton | 25 November 2018

We are having sticker shock in advance of our Tesla 3 delivery--quoted $5,500 in GA to install 100 amp. We have a detached garage that is 75 yards from the house panel. We have 20 amp today in the detached garage. All but $650 is for trenching/labor/etc. What have other people done to solve? Has anyone trenched themselves? I am worried about handling that amperage myself.

What do people do for remote garages? Run in the air? Buried cable? Looking for ideas to reduce this terrible price tag. Thx

TAC | 25 November 2018

My total install cost came to $3.68 + buying the HWC from Tesla for $500.00. Charging model 3 mid range that uses 32amp max and calls for 40 amp wiring.
Since I own a gas stove and yet my house was wired up for an electric too using that 40amp breaker and wiring was a perfect solution. 240v single phase 3 wire with 2 hots and one ground with an additional ground bare ground wire termiinated to the same ground bar of the breaker box. Had just enough wire found the run going from the breaker box, to the attic down the wall. Cleanly installed with some $3.68 cent blue flex conduit coming down the garage wall.

csgo.expertt | 27 November 2018

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younseyM3 | 27 November 2018

I had a 240V 50amp outlet installed on the side of my house for $450. A big cost saver was only having to run the line ~30 ft from my panel to the side of the house.

kcheng | 29 November 2018

@susan, ask your contractor how you can make it cheaper. He might suggest that you and your spouse do the trenching. You could go to the local equipment rental shop and rent a small trencher. You don't have to lay the cable, just dig the trench.

Another possibility is to combine two 120volt outlets for a 240v charge at 20amps, 16amps continuous, which is half a normal NEMA 14-50 at 32amps will give you. The two 120volt outlets can't be on the same line. Look up

mps331 | 18 December 2018

It really depends on how your garage and breaker are laid out. I paid $700 as the breaker was on the other side of the garage. I can do some things in the house by myself, but I will not DIY electrical outlets, especially 240V.

susanclayton | 21 December 2018

Following up on my sticker shock quote in GA for installing a power outlet in a detached garage.

My midrange Model 3 was delivered 2 days ago, and we had the NEMA 14-50 outlet installed today. Our Tesla sales advisor recommeded another electrician, so we got this second quote. It was for $700, in GA. The $5,500 quote was for 100 amp service, and we realized we didn't that much. The sales advisor told us that with the NEMA 14-50, we'd get 32 amp which is the most my Model 3 can handle anyway, without Tesla's wall charger. We have a second outbuilding that had 60 amp service already, so we ran a homerun 50 amp line to the detatched garage.

Hubby dug the 18 inch deep trench himself, which was not fun (imagine a tree root every 3 inches) but it was much shorter than 75 yards--probably 30 ft. long. We did that to save money and only pay $700.