Things that drive me crazy

Things that drive me crazy

jleonar1 | 14 July 2017

Sorry but I hate the fact that the X won't start warning from sensors sooner than 20". As we have seen, others have backed into things that could have been avoided if the sensors would start beeping at 4' instead of 20". My previous cars for the past 15 years have had warnings that alerted much earlier. My Range Rover would alert me while backing up onto a road from a driveway of a car approaching at least ½ block away. Nothing from my X.
My second complaint is these washers on windshields are pretty useless. How hard can it be to squirt some fluid on windshield.
The AC and heater is not even close to being as powerful as it should be. The heater is like 1960 VW.
No blind spot monitoring yet. Plus many other software upgrades that I thought would be available at end of 2016. My wife won't let me use autopilot as it scares her terribly.
I know most people here never complain about Elon and Tesla but his glow and the speed of getting my car to where I assumed it would be in December 2016 is growing old. Everyone makes excuses for Tesla and I'm sick of all of them. Just give me the damn car I paid for. Level 5 self drive that I paid for is a total joke and will never happen. They made a promise that they aren't able to keep. I love the X but I'm not in love with all the shortcomings.

Tâm | 15 July 2017


1) I got enough noise so I don't want another audio alarm at an obstacle 4 foot away while backing up.

2) Spraying is messy. May be pouring heated fluid from the blades in sub-freezing winter is more efficient than spraying all over in the air.

3) No complaints with heater from Norway arctic owners.

For maximum A/C, make sure you are not on energy saving mode.

4) No blind spot monitoring: True. I still have to turn head before lane changing.

5) Features not available at 2016. True.

6) Scary Autopilot: True. You need to be in charge of driving the car. You still need to brake as you always do and steer as you always do and don't depend on Autopilot.

7) 2016 excuses: It was a soft deadline and it was a roll out with no date of finishing it.

8) Level 5 self drive: It's a vision with no concrete deadline with no foreseeable future date.

For perpective, most in the driverless industry would set the date as 2021 but by then, Ford won't release it to the public first but only to hail and ride industry first.

Patience is not new in Tesla.

It's been the same since the day of Roadster, then Model S, then Model X, then Model 3.

oragne lovre | 15 July 2017

For blind spot "monitoring," my X DOES warn me about cars that are in blind spots with radar-like signals. I still turn head to confirm before changing lane anyway.

I do not entirely rely on Autopilot, knowing that it is just about at level 2 for now. The TACC, however, is awesome once you get used to it.

carlk | 16 July 2017

Two people even bothered to reply? Ooops that makes it three. Maybe I'm driven crazy by that unreasonable whine too.

lilbean | 16 July 2017

Threads like this one annoy me. Does that count?

Tâm | 16 July 2017

Right now, it is a monopoly so there is no rush for Tesla.

There is no other EV can drive from coast to coast for 51 hours and 47 minutes.

There is no other car (ICE or EV) that allows beta semi-autonomous function to its owners.

There is no other car (ICE or EV) that allows over-the-air upgrades to affect practically everything from safety, performance, entertainment...

Other car companies have enough money and brain to catch up with Tesla, but until then owners can complain a lot but the fact is Tesla is a monopoly with no serious contenders. | 17 July 2017

And even with Tesla's minor quirks - it's still the most fun to drive too!

Vawlkus | 18 July 2017

Funny, my X starts warning me when I'm a little under a meter from things. If my math is right, that's 3 feet and a bit, so I don't get where you're getting 20 inches from.

So autodrive scares your wife. When I get as a teenager my mother had me go thru lifeguard Trainyard JT before she'd let me swim in a lake. Seems about the same to me.

Is Tesla perfect? No one has ever claimed them to be. Are the one of the best? No ones disputed that so far.

Roamer@AZ USA | 18 July 2017

I can only concur that after going thru the development cycle with Gen One auto pilot on a P85D then on a Sig X P90D and experiencing it finally working reasonably well it has been a big disappointment to go back to square one with Gen 2 cars.

We replaced all Gen one cars with Gen 2 cars in Jan 2017. Six months later it is frustrating to be back having a 16 year old girl on a learners permit as the auto drive driver. It has been a let down for months now that the new cars work so much worse than the older model cars.

We can only hope they begin to get the Gen two system up to where Gen one is.....SOON.....

Uncle Paul | 18 July 2017

Your complaint is like normal things in the automotive and tech industries.

Regarding your 60's VW Beatle analogy. I had one of those. It was an air cooled engine with cabin heat being ducted to a amall vent in the floor beneath the doors. You slid a metal plate to open or close the vent, which let in a marginal amount of warm air to get the cabin above freezing. Later years saw the addition of windshield vents for defrosting, and a giant leap forward was when the SuperBeatle integrated a small fan into the system to actually blow air into the interior defrosters.
Every year the Beatle got additional items, like seat belts, backup lights, windshield sprayers, multi speed wipers, better lighting, bumpers that actually protected from impacts, etc. The same thing is now going on with Tesla, abet at a much higher level. They showed us commercials where their cars were so air tight, they would float, but only the foolish would try to use it as a boat, crossing a deep river.

The level of expectations for Tesla are far higher than any other vehicle I have knows. Customers want it to be perfect, and do everything better than any other car in the marketplace. Perhaps it is our expectations (which are somewhat caused by ourselves) that are a big part of the problem.

I remember my Dad constantly saying...if we can put a Man on the Moon, why can't we ______________. His expectations for getting what ever he wanted at the time was boundless.

Tesla's are pretty good cars, beloved by many,but for for some, it will never rise to their expectations.

Level 5 self driving was never promised, just that they had upgraded their sensor and computer package to allow it to be rolled out in stages, with the hope that it would get better and better as the technology became available. They constantly tell drivers to keep the car under personal control at all times. Relying fully on the computer to drive with your precious family members on board has always been discouraged.

Recognize the reality of the current standards.

marc.fiore | 23 July 2017

Blind spot warning is just not accurate and reliable. Those white or yellow circles cannot be trusted. Just make the test.

And lane departure warning is another basic satire that's absent or not working. But works on basic cars coating 1/4 of the price.

carlk | 23 July 2017

There is no blind spot if you set mirrors correctly. You could see much more in mirrors than any "blind spot" waring could tell you. As for lane departure you need to set it to on from the screen. Default is off. Many people like to keep it off since it could be a little annoying when on.

Vawlkus | 24 July 2017

My lane departure works just fine.
With the rear view camera up, I don't have a blind spot at all. When a car goes out of the camera view, it's nose is viewable over my shoulder.

naikshubha | 24 July 2017

I like driving autopilot. Month old Tesla and I drive autopilot on highways.

I also have another car and I look for auto pilot on that now. I have to resort to driving myself (horror).

zanegler | 24 July 2017

My Mom used to say if we can put a man on the moon why can't we put ALL of them there. :)

scabello800 | 25 July 2017

Take you car in for service. AC could be a known issue with O-rings. Mine stopped working and they fixed it quickly.
I note the latest version will give warning from sensors much further than 20". I think I saw 36" on there.

So you got what you wanted... now enjoy driving in stop and go traffic and the warning pops up and down. It is kind of cool, though, that it will do that.. you do not need to be in R or some silly mode.. you just need to be driving.. once you realize what the flicker for a second or two was then you start to like the feature. So I guess someone was listening to you and increased the distance.

AlMc | 25 July 2017

@Roamer: Sorry AP2,0 not there yet. I hear you about switching over from AP1.0 hardware to AP 2.0 hardware vehicles. While I am talking about an S switchover in my family I am trying to wait until the ASP 2.0 is superior to 1.0 before getting a new S.

PM me over on TMC when you get a chance. Al

AttackOfTheMac | 25 July 2017

If warnings start to early people will just think "I got plenty of space", ignore the warnings, and crash.
If the warnings start when you are close, people will take it seriously and pay attention. | 25 July 2017

It has been a real adventure developing "Teslavision" in real time while owners are driving the cars. Mobileye developed their software and hardware over a 17 year period. By dumping Mobileye, Elon created a major issue for his development team, NVIDIA and owners of HW2 cars. Still, it was the right decision to bring the SW development in house. In the long run this will be a skill set akin to owning the best battery technology, a big competitive asset.

It is not always fun to nursemaid Tesla through its growing pains but the existence and success of Tesla is absolutely vital to force the rest of the industry to produce compelling BEVs. I took on Tesla ownership with my eyes wide open and on the whole it has been a rewarding experience. I love driving my X90D and use the AP features judiciously, knowing the limitations.

Saxman | 25 July 2017

Well put George +1

EternalChampion | 25 July 2017


So a person walks into a bar....and immediately offends the majority of the patrons of said bar. ;)

Redmiata98 | 26 July 2017 claiming GM should not replace the Volt with the Bolt ;-)

bigd | 29 July 2017

"Things that drive me crazy" - I thought you would say Bigd in a thong ;-)

IgnoranceBliss | 4 August 2017

Compared to other available Blind Spot Warning systems with lights near the side mirrors, Tesla's design to look at the dash is ridiculous, but using the rear camera may be the best solution of all.

Having gone from a year of respecting AP1 and realizing how much safer the driving was, to now suffering with AP2, I fail to see the benefit to the owners by Tesla "dumping" MobileEye.

What drives me crazy is unfortunately Tesla is more concerned about selling future cars than supporting the "promises" they made to the owners of the ones already sold, I doubt AP2 will ever reach parity, not to mention FSD ever happening.

I am just glad I saved my $3K for something I doubt will ever become reality.

The focus is now on Model 3 sales, targeted for a population seeking the $35-45K range, who will become very disillusioned when they realize that they can't touch a Model 3 for under $50K given the initial configurations and the loss of the Tax Credit.

The focus on Model S and X audience is but a faint glimmer in Elon's eye... onto the the Masses...