Any discounts for fourth-quarter 2017

Any discounts for fourth-quarter 2017

Hey guys, looking at buying a new model S. I have read that there of been a lot of discounts for the ending of the third-quarter, do you think there will be even more for a fourth-quarter push to empty inventory?

Thank you

ken | 4 September 2017

Discounts where? I pick up my MS75D on Saturday. As far as I know, I will pay exactly what the web showed.

Captain_Zap | 4 September 2017

I never heard of discounts based on calendar dates. Usually they rush at the end of the quarter to deliver cars that were already ordered.

jkilch | 5 September 2017

@ ken, referring to this?

Tesla offers up to '$30,000 showroom discounts'

Now with just a month left in the third quarter, Tesla is offering showroom discounts and lowering interest rates to boost sales before the end of the quarter. Tesla offering discounts to boost sales has been a controversial subject in the past.

jkilch | 5 September 2017

@Kpatrickmcl not @ken This is not about ordered vehicles...

p.c.mcavoy | 5 September 2017

My interpretation of the current discounts to inventory cars is simply to bring their prices in line with the price of an equivalently spec'd new order. What prompted the discounts seems more tied to Tesla changing the pricing in the design studio. Now if you want to argue that Tesla changed the prices for new orders to drive increased sales in the 3rd quarter, then I guess you can by extension argue that the adjustment to price of inventory cars was also motivated by increase sales.

However, I see the cause for the inventory price reductions to be the linkage to prices for new orders going forward.

Now, if Tesla had lowered the price of inventory cars WITHOUT changing the pricing for new orders, then I would definitely agree that the discounting was a tactic to clear out existing inventory. However, that's now how I view the current situation.

I was given a crystal ball many years ago by some work colleagues. If someone would like to use it to predict what will happen at the end of Q4, it's probably just as accurate as your old Ouija board. Ask me this question again in 3 months and I'll give you a good prediction of what they will do in Q4.

Anthony J. Parisio | 5 September 2017

I have tracked and taken advantage of the third quarter showroom discount every year for the past three years. The simple answer to you question is no. I have not seen discounts in the Fourth quarter cars to match any thing like the third quarter. What I have noticed is some of the biggest tech. updates to happen in the fourth quarter.

It seems to me that enough changes in tech. happen in the fourth quarter and over the year that the demo./loaner fleet needs to be updated. Like wise the third quarter seems to be an important one to Wall Street. Tesla seems to do its best to look good for Wall Street at this time. My 2015 had a $11,000.00 discount. My 2016 had a $13,000.00 discount. My 2017 had a $21,000.00 discount. Because of the discount and government money I have been able to upgrade to new tech. as I do my I Phone. Most of all I have been able to help Tesla sales number by doing so.

New cars loose 30% of their original price in the first year. Anything one can do to compensate for this makes trading in effortless and less costly. This is coming to an end because the government money will be gone soon. So for these reasons now is the time to buy a "showroom" car. Remember you may not get color, options or the latest tech. But if you can lessen that 30% loss you are ahead of the game. Good luck!

Kpatrickmcl | 5 September 2017

Thank you for all of your responses.

bdjoshi18 | 5 September 2017

Are the discounts in the third quarter across the board and at all locations? Anyone else seen discounts similar to Mr Parisios? Thanks - Going for a test drive today!!

hintonr83 | 5 September 2017

I received a decent discount on my showroom car of $8K, which had 2K miles on it, and they still qualify for the tax rebate. Definitely worth it. Just ask for a list of inventory cars when you go in.

Also, don't forget about the $1K referral credit- those apply on new and dealer models.
If you need one, feel free to use my code Randy4117 or

RedPillSucks | 5 September 2017

I think this is for gently used showroom cars which are fully or nearly fully loaded.
Think P100D with all the options. So its a discount on a $130k car. If you're not after something that pricy then this wont work for you.

Anthony J. Parisio | 5 September 2017

RedPillSucks is right. But the discounts can be $30,000.00 on P100DL That's nothing to ignore. is a great help to discover CPO and Inventory cars. An owner and Youtubers that are a great couple of guys.

jordanrichard | 5 September 2017

"showroom" cars are demos. It's nothing new for there to be discounts on demo models at Tesla or any traditional dealer. With dealers they want to get rid of their 2017 demos just as the 2018s are showing up.

SO | 5 September 2017 is another good one.

sidthaker | 5 September 2017

@Kpatrickmcl Make sure you use a referral code for a further $1000 / £750 off your new car order and this will also give you unlimited free supercharging for life. Here is my code if you need one :

Great discounts on new inventory cars at the moment...

Kpatrickmcl | 5 September 2017

@Sidthaker- thank you

sidthaker | 5 September 2017

your welcome let us know what spec you are going for and if you have any more questions !

Captain_Zap | 5 September 2017

sidthaker broke the referral rules and now he gets a referral for it. Sheesh.

AmpedRealtor | 5 September 2017

Tesla wants to have a sale but then doesn't want anyone to know about it. Tesla just fired the sales associate who sent information about the P100D discounts to us Arizona owners...