How to meet elon musk

How to meet elon musk

How do you meet elon musk? I want to meet him because I have some good ideas for the company and for opeanai and neuralink

RedShift | 6 September 2017

I can hook you up, no problem. Of course, you have to meet me first...

KP in NPT | 6 September 2017

If you find out let me know. I keep meaning to stalk's on the list.

Tesla2018 | 6 September 2017

Buy a share of stock and go to an annual shareholders meeting and see if they allow questions from the audience.

sklancha | 6 September 2017

If you are gorgeous...female... blonde... single...

Ross1 | 6 September 2017

Might need a sitter for the twins and triplets...

Frank99 | 6 September 2017

1. Make a billion dollars
2. Buy Tesla stock with it
3. Call investor relations, mention that you'd like to meet with him the next time you're in town.

carlk | 6 September 2017

Lol RedShift. That should screen out 99.999999999% of people who want to meet Elon.

lar_lef | 6 September 2017

Say that you are an advanced form of IA that will zap him if he refuses to meet with you.

SCCRENDO | 6 September 2017

I'm meeting him for dinner Saturday night. Wanna come??

reed_lewis | 7 September 2017

@SCCRENDO - Elon told me that we were dining alone. ;)

RedShift | 7 September 2017


That's why he hired me. Can't just let any riffraff through.

SCCRENDO | 7 September 2017

@Reed-Lewis. You are dining alone. I'm dining with Elon. LOL

AlMc | 7 September 2017

@OP: Tesla2018 had the best suggestion. If you go with it, please don't ask him for a job and limit yourself to one question.

While unlikely to be successful you could also contact IR or have enough 'Tesla referrals' to get an invite to one of many Tesla events.

Ross1 | 7 September 2017

Seriously, when Tesla was hiring programmers last year, Elon was personally interviewing.

jmeg91 | 10 October 2018

Hi my name is Kerelos and I want to submit a great new idea to you that I think will revolutionize our century my idea is a dream machine like in the movie inception that once build can be set to an advanced age and then we could download all the information from that age to our computer and use it to advance our science and medicine, thanks and I hope you respond to my idea my email is feel free to contact me at my email

jmeg91 | 10 October 2018

also,Noahweinberger90 I want to know who did you add Participant to your conversation to get these many responds

carlgo2 | 10 October 2018

Want to meet Musk? Simply twitter him to meet you at the most expensive restaurant in town. While waiting, order the most expensive bottle of wine in the place and open the bottle so that it oxygenates just perfectly. He will be impressed when he shows up.

Ross1 | 11 October 2018

while waiting.
he will arrive soon.
wine will be more carbon than oxygen by then.

Prove your point. Tell us how it went (down).

David N | 11 October 2018

How was dinner?

David N | 11 October 2018

Did Noahweinberger90 show?

dave77java | 20 January 2019

I think that i have a diffrent vision to what people thinks that is normal I always felt that I am diffrent.
i have an idea that might change a lot or it might make me look stupid.
Mr Elon please of you think that I am crazy enough please honor me by replying to my gmail :

Xerogas | 20 January 2019

@dave77java: We’ll be sure to let Elon know. Expect a reply within a few days.

Tesla2018 | 20 January 2019

Please post your home address so that he can stop by and visit the next time he is in Nigeria.

frogldax000 | 6 September 2019

I want to meet Elon

SCCRENDO | 6 September 2019

I’m sure he can’t wait to meet you

RedShift | 6 September 2019

Actually you don’t want to meet him. He has a very strong handshake and you might end up in emergency afterwards.

Maxxer | 6 September 2019

Twitter him

Shesmyne2 | 6 September 2019

What I would give...

Still Grinning ;-)

andrewstrauss0007 | 7 September 2019

When Musk holds meetings, he expects his team to break down a topic into its molecular facts and then present those in a coherent way. He relies on his team to not only think outside the box, but to deconstruct and analyze the whole way the box is put together.

wisleytree | 13 October 2019

Do some research and then know in what department or area of his interests he works on most and then if you can perform best in that area he will only meet you and asks for your time.Look!there are many ways in which you can meet him but if you just want to meet him like that he may behave different as he values time more than anything and he is super ruthless on his time.So,if you have a desire to meet him it can be fulfilled if you can go to California and then look for a launch of any of their product,there you can see him.If you want more than that you need to outperform in something else that makes him to meet you or give you a chance to meet him.

Tesla2018 | 13 October 2019

Put on a dress and get some pigtails and talk with an accent and tell him your name is Greta. Oh no. I think I just gave Sasha Baron Cohen an idea for his next Borat movie.

dollc174 | 14 October 2019

A lady scratches a Tesla Model 3 and the car records it. After watching her video going viral she surrendered to police

andy.connor.e | 14 October 2019

Do people key cars like this all the time? People literally just making other's lives hell.