7 seat model X in Northern Denver

7 seat model X in Northern Denver

Model S owner trying to help my sister-in-law order a Model X. She is trying to decide between the 6 seat configuration or the 7 seat configuration. She is concerned with the access to the rear seats in the 7 seat configuration. Unfortunately, none of the sales offices in the Denver area has the 7 seat configuration for us to look at. Anyone have the 7 seat configuration that can comment whether you have had any issues getting to the rear seats (she often drives my parent and her parents around and they are all over 70)? Is the access any different than the 6 seat configuration? Even better, if anyone lives in the Northern Denver area that is willing to let us spend a couple minutes looking at your car, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


Solarman004 | 12 September 2017

Mike, I was at the new Denver store a couple of weeks ago and they showed me a 7 seat driving demo model. It was not in the store display, but out in the parking lot. You may want to call again and specifically ask if they have any 7 seaters anywhere on the lot, unless you have already.

Colorado_Mike_60D | 12 September 2017

Solarman004, we called both park meadows and cherry creek sales and both said they don't have a model that we can see. I know the service center used to have a loaner with a 7 seater but they were closed when we were trying to go see it tonight. Thanks anyways.

burdogg | 13 September 2017

Mike, the entrance would be the same - as the seats move forward and tilt in both. The problem is going to be leg room. We have the 6 seater and get nice leg room for the very back seats due to the open space in the middle. The 7 seater is going to be tight for adult passengers in the very rear seats.

Also, the middle seat in the 7 seat config has less head room.

Trade off though - 7 seater, all seats fold flat, 6 seater, only the rear seats fold flat.

I love our 6 seater and would not get the 7 seater - we had the debate and are extremely happy we went with the 6.

Good luck.

SteveMost | 13 September 2017

I went with a 5 seater so I could fold that row down for more space. Now the 7 seat config folds too! But Burdogg is right, that 2nd row middle seat isn't ideal.

jaytabanh | 13 September 2017

Just took delivery of MX fold flat 7 seat config a week ago. The second row seats are manual 60/40 split (60 behind driver and 40 behind passenger) - and are a bit stiff and awkward to move out of the way to gain entry to the 3rd row - mentioned this to the SC and they said it should loosen up with time. We needed to fit > 5 passengers in the car frequently and wanted the fold flat seats.

Would recommend 3rd row for kids and small flexible adults only.

Tropopause | 13 September 2017

Does the new 7-seat middle row actually move, in addition to folding flat? My sister looked at one last week and told me it didn't and that it a person had to crawl over the middle row to gain access to third row. Maybe the Tesla rep didn't show it properly. My sister went with 5 seater.

burdogg | 13 September 2017

OH crap, that is right, the entry is now different in the new 7 seater - Sorry, scratch my earlier statement! I knew better. Yeah, it seems like entry in the new 7 seater to the very back would be more difficult now. Love the monopost seat that moves forward and tilts - now only available on the 6 seater.

Another reason in my mind for the 6. To me (my opinion, others may vary) if you Do NOT need extra cargo space - ie fold down the middle row, or you Do NOT need to carry 7 passengers, than the 6 seater configuration is for you. Love the open layout of it (don't have the center console) and the room in the rear seats. I am 6 foot and have sat back there with no problems.

But yeah, if you could find a new 7 seater (that is the kicker, finding a new one, that doesn't have the monopost) to test how you get in and out the rear seats.

anshuman26 | 13 September 2017

The new 7-seat middle row actually moves (slides forward and backwards).

peter | 13 September 2017

Unless you really need 7 seats or need to have the middle row fold flat the 6 seat version has advantages. More legroom for the third row in the open space between the middle row seats. A place to lie down and catch a nap while supercharging on long trips (I cut a piece of plywood to fit on top of two 15" plastic steps that I cut off on my table saw to be the correct height).

Colorado_Mike_60D | 13 September 2017

Thanks All. There are some conflicting info but I think its due to new design vs old design. Here is a summary of my interpretation of what a newly ordered MX seat configuration pros/cons are:

7-seat configuration: Both second and third row can fold flat but as of the new design, to get to the back row, you have to fold 2nd row down (backing of seat ends up flat on top of sitting area) and step over the folded seats. Less leg room for those in the 3rd row.

6-seats: only 3rd row will fold flat. To get to the back row, fold the 2nd row (moves to ~45deg forward) and slide the seat forward, then passenger slides into 3rd row. There is more room for the 3rd row as you can have your feet in between the seats of the 2nd row.

bob | 13 September 2017

@Colorado_Mike - we just took delivery today on the new 7 seat configuration. We wanted the fold flat cargo area and the occasional ability to shuttle 5 or 6 adults. Getting into and out of the 3rd row is not bad for my 60 + year old wife. I'm also 60+ years young - 6'1, 250 -- I can sardine into the space. There's very limited leg room back there. But the 2nd row does move forward enough that I can fit. In order to create the added leg room in the 3rd row the driver and front passenger would in turn also likely need to slide forward in order to allow for someone my size to be comfortable in the back row. For around town it would be fine. For an hour or more drive I'd claiming shotgun immediately.

bob | 13 September 2017

bad bob. my wife is also 60+ years young... (not old).

Colorado_Mike_60D | 14 September 2017

Thanks for confirming bob and the additional info.

Solarman004 | 14 September 2017

bob: good save. I thought you were going to have to report back on how comfortable it was sleeping in the back of a 7-seat MX.

Ninefiveone | 14 September 2017

Not to be pedantic but in the 6 seat configuration, the seat doesn't fold. It moves forward and tilts in one motion as a single unit.

You probably already knew that but if not, it's an important nuance. That makes entry into the third row a simple one-button motorized action but it also means that much less cargo space.

If the second row also folded you could eke out even more cargo space in a pinch. As it is, we have left the second row in the forward "access" position to carry larger objects but 1) the car complains about it. a lot. and 2) it only adds a meager amount of additional capacity. A folding second row seat would do a better job of handling cargo.

That said, we love the 6 seat layout much more than the other layouts. Despite the easy one-button access, most of our passengers just access the third row by going between the second row seats, they really appreciate the endless legroom afforded by the space between the second row seats, and we pretty much only move the second row seats when cleaning the car or loading cargo.

burdogg | 14 September 2017

Ninefiveone - Ditto :)

Our 12 and 9 year old just access right through the middle.

inconel | 14 September 2017

So 9 and 12 years is old and 60+ years is young? English is so hard!

burdogg | 14 September 2017

Inconel thanks for the laugh!

Tropopause | 15 September 2017


You got me thinking about the design of the six seater. If most folks utilize the aisle to access the third row, you don't really need the monopost design. OTOH, the monopost seats are supposed to be more comfy than a folding seat.

Thoughts on what Tesla should do, if anything?

Ninefiveone | 15 September 2017

Monopost seat design maximizes usable space, particularly between them. Also maximizes options for entry to the back row.

Tesla should allow them to tilt back (recline) more but otherwise I'd leave them alone. They are a design win.

Tropopause | 15 September 2017

I know Elon worked really hard on those monopost seats only to lose the 7-Seat monopost design to folding bench style because so many people want the flat cargo space.

bob | 15 September 2017

unequivocally the 7 seat fold flat layout is what got my wife and I to pull the trigger on an MX. I like the 6 seat solution, but it doesn't work for us since we haul stuff much more frequently than people.

Ninefiveone | 15 September 2017

They spent a ton of time and money on those monopost seats.

Luckily, they paid off for the 6 seater version. Unfortunately, they didn't for the 7 seater version.

Often times when one tries to do something different and better it doesn't quite live up to the dream, but it's still better and worth it. A lot of the choices they made for the X are like that.

Hopefully someday they'll take another shot at monopost seats that work better for a 7 seat layout.

proxy | 18 October 2017

We just went through this buying our seven seater.

There’s a Tesla video on YouTube where the guy shows the new 7 seat config which was the same as we saw in person. The second row seat folded forward to a diagonal, you could then slide the whole thing forward to access the third row.

The new style seemed serviceable if maximizing cargo space is a priority, but was a little cumbersome for kids to operate.

We opted for the older style because it was easier for the kids, and don’t need *that* much cargo space.

If we couldn’t get the older style 7 seater, I think we would have gone with the 6 seat version.