Teslas on TV shows

Teslas on TV shows

I know this won't be popular on this forum, but I own a show-quality 1966 Mustang GT Fastback. I've had it for 43 years, so I think I'll keep it.

Before the boo's and hisses start, my Model X will be delivered September 27th and I still have a pre-reveal reservation for a Model 3.

The point of this is that I was just reading a Haggerty's Email about the top ten Mustangs on TV shows.

A week or so ago while I was having my "Scotch and Kindle" time, my wife brought it to my attention that there was a Model X in a serial she was watching. I think it was " Person of Interest". We DVR everything to avoid commercials, and on the very next show she watched, there was another Tesla.

How many of you have noticed Teslas on TV? I know they don't advertise in the traditional sense, but do you think the company is arranging to have these cars on, or are the producers hooking their wagons to very fast horses?

rgrant | 13 September 2017

I've been looking for them too - but not spotted one yet. I was sure a family would have one on "Pretty Little Lies" but no...

reed_lewis | 13 September 2017

The Bachelorette drove a Model X in the first episode of the last series. Now before you think I watch that screed, it was posted here.

blue adept | 13 September 2017

The new neighbors on The Fosters has a Model X...

There are other shows and movies I've seen them in, just can't recall them at the moment.

dmm1240 | 14 September 2017

Haven't noticed them on TV, but then I don't look for that kind of stuff.

What impressed me once was to be traveling on a 3 lane each way main thoroughfare near my house a few weeks back and saw three Model S's in a row at a red light. If my Tesla wasn't still being assembled at the time it would have been 3 S's and an X. Interesting for Atlanta where there are no state tax subsidies of any kind any more and the state charges EV owners $200 a year to pay their share for road maintenance.

Famman49 | 14 September 2017

One episode of Castle has a Tesla featured.

nadurse | 14 September 2017

There was a new series last year or earlier this year on one of the big networks, I think it was called Mick, it had the woman from 'Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia" as the main character... one of the episodes she takes her rich family member's Tesla Roadster for a drive but doesnt know she has to plug it in to charge. I think she thought it was solar powered or something so it stops running after a few days. They might have cancelled the series idk... but it was a Tesla on TV so there ya go.

nadurse | 14 September 2017

Oh by the way, dont ever get rid of that mustang, its a classic! I dont intend on getting rid of my muscle cars for my tesla either, just my every day vehicles will be replaced.

Dramsey | 14 September 2017

Mustangs are fine; just replaced my 2007 Saleen with a 2017 GT350. It's not as if we drive them that much. My 90S will stomp the GT350 in a drag race, but I have to admit the latter sounds way better!

Anyway, re TV shows, the short-lived "Backstrom" featured a Model S in one episode; as a murder weapon, and I'm pretty sure we saw a Tesla in the sublimely awful Halley Berry sci-fi show "Extant".

mhrobinson3 | 14 September 2017

The Elon Musk analog on the summer series "Salvation" drove a Model X in one of the episodes.

joemar10 | 14 September 2017

I think "Salvation" was the other one my wife saw. | 14 September 2017

The first season of Extant (a few years ago) had at least one Tesla in every episode. Even had painted as a police car, and somehow got the Model X prototype on the set for a couple of episodes - well before any Model Xs were in production. Tesla didn't pay for these placements, but in the 2nd season, Jeep paid for vehicle placements, so the Tesla's disappeared. It really lost a lot of the feeling of a "future" based show. Might be one reason the show didn't make it to a third season.

I rented my first S for a Brazilian soap opera for a few days. While the show shot mostly in Brazil, they had some location shots here in San Jose where they used my car. Interestingly, they had colors mapped out for all the cars. Good guys in white or gray, bad guys in black cars, and the spoiled bad-boy in yellow!

There was even a Tesla in a Simpson's episode along with Elon Musk.
Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson) has a Model S, and I think also now an X.

Here's a bunch more tv shows with Tesla vehicles:

RedPillSucks | 14 September 2017

@Dramsey awwww....
A show with Halley Berry AND Teslas can't be bad.
I watched every episode of Extant.

blue adept | 14 September 2017


NOTHING with Halle Berry in it is awful because, well, HALLE BERRY!

Mozap | 14 September 2017

Don Cheadle drives an S on House of Lies

TheJimBug | 14 September 2017

Tesla Model S was driven by the bad guy in Stan Lee's Lucky Man; which is great as, other than Bond, the baddie should always have the best cars!

WormtownKris | 14 September 2017

On the late ABC series "Revenge," (ended in 2016), main character Emily drove a black Model S around the Hamptons. And as mentioned "Salvation"s lead character Darius (Elon clone) drives a black X.

PrGrPa | 14 September 2017

Person of Interest S05E12 at 5min 30s, Finch is driven in a tesla s. At about 8min, Finch arrives at airport in Tesla. In this case it seems that the Machine is doing the driving rather than Tesla’s own FSD system.

SO | 15 September 2017

Many Teslas can be seen on the HBO show Silicon Valley.

El Mirio | 15 September 2017

They should do "Transporter" featuring a Tesla.

BigBird271 | 25 September 2017

Royal Pains featured a roadster in a few episodes when they were first hitting the road. I think it was a paid product placement.

PhillyGal | 26 September 2017

@joemar - Why would anyone boo or hiss a 66 fastback??? Amazing piece of machinery and well worth keeping as long as you can.

I left a YouTube comment for a local rapper the other day. Told him I'd be happy to lend my Tesla to being in a photo/video shoot. The poor kid's last video was obviously shot at someone's house in NJ with an in-ground pool and prominently featured the rapper and his little friends dancing in front of a Lexus. (The rapper is like 11 or 12 years old.)

joemar10 | 26 September 2017

I've been a tree hugger since before they had a name for it, but I've also been a car lover. It just so happens car lovers were restricted to ICE vehicles due to the limited technology. I met my wife because of that car and she wouldn't let me get rid of it if I tried. After we met, I restored one exactly like it for her, except it was blue and white. Mine is black on black. We used to show them together. When we got tired of showing them we got rid of hers. I guess it's no coincidence out new Model X is blue on white. Anyway thanks for your comments about the car. There are some on these forums that tend to demonize ICE's. I am too old to ever see the future as Elon Musk envisions it, but by purchasing a Model X and hopefully a Model 3 next year I can hasten it a little bit. Maybe my Mustang will go to a museum so kids can see how it used to be.

joemar10 | 26 September 2017

They took all the trees
and put 'em in a tree Museum.
They charged the people
a dollar and a half to see 'em.

PhillyGal | 26 September 2017

@joe - I'm with you. We got the Model S on my insistence and it was wholly for the performance and tech before the greenness. It turned me into a tree hugger thankfully. Oddly, it turned me off of new ICE cars. Nothing is exciting anymore now that I know what's possible. I still enjoy seeing the classics at shows. I've brought the Model S to the same show 3 years in a row and next show (May) I should be able to bring both the S and her little brother the 3 :)

joemar10 | 26 September 2017

I'm not a religious person but I will be the biggest evangelist for EV's you've ever seen once I get my Model X. I currently take my Mustang to an occasional cruise-in just to have somewhere to drive it. When I get my Tesla, I plan to go to a lot of cruise-in's, open the FWD's and wait for the questions to start. I have been driving Priuses since hardly anyone knew what they were, in 2003. At one time 11 of my friends had Priuses and I was responsible for probably 5 of them, due to my enthusiasm. My enthusiasm for Tesla is tenfold.

PhillyGal | 26 September 2017

@joe - Oooh you're going to have so much fun! The second best thing after driving a Tesla is talking about it. | 26 September 2017

@BigBird271 "I think it was a paid product placement."

I'm about 98% sure Tesla has never done paid product placements. Most Tesla's you see on shows are owned by someone on the show, or they rent the Tesla. In the past (and perhaps still today) Tesla will not normally lend a Tesla for use in a show if asked. Extant is the only show I know they must have known someone at Tesla to let them have the Model X prototype for a day of shooting (non-driving).

Bluesday Afternoon | 27 September 2017
joemar10 | 27 September 2017

@Simply Red
Great find!!

Tesla-David | 28 September 2017

I watched a National Geographic special entitled: Breaking2, about Nike effort to break 2 hours in marathon. They used a black Tesla to drive in front of the runners attempting the effort, obviously to prevent exhaust fumes. Very thrilling effort, missed breaking 2 hours by only 25 seconds.

Tesla-David | 28 September 2017

I also watched the documentary "Racing Extinction" on the National Geographic Channel, which had a beautifully modified MS with a projection camera driven by Leilani Munter, racer car driver/environmental activist/MS owner/enthusiast. This was a sobering assessment of species being driven to extinction.

sean | 8 July 2019

French Crime Drama called Unit 42 (on Netflix right now) with a woman who dies while driving a Model S and it just keeps going; aired in 2017.

TranzNDance | 8 July 2019

Big Little Lies, season two, probably episode 1

uwe.keim | 31 December 2019

In one episode in "Magnum P.I." (the new show from around 2018/2019) there was a scene where a Model X was standing in a driveway. Only some seconds visible and no interaction whatsoever.

uwe.keim | 31 December 2019

In a recent episode of the Simpsons, Krusty the clown drives a Tesla Model S on Autopilot while trying to choke Homer:

TranzNDance | 31 December 2019

Raising Dion had a main character who drove a Model S.

jimglas | 31 December 2019

Model X used in Handmaids tale | 31 December 2019

In the final two episodes of Mr. Robot - lots of Teslas. At least one refreshed S, one older S with a whiteout nosecone, an X and a 3. I suspect they were personal cars from people involved with the show.

Notice a subtle touch in quite a few backgrounds. All the cars are all white, except for the black Escalade Elliot drives up in to store the dead body. Fitting use for the Escalade :)

robgorman | 31 December 2019

In Goliath on Amazon Prime Video, in Season 1 one character shown driving away in her Model X. In Season 2 one character was regularly shown driving a Model S.

BadgerErickson | 31 December 2019

Big little Lies, yes.

Spencer for Hire, is that a '69 fastback?

Wnorris904 | 1 January 2020

One of the doctors on botched must drive one, at the beginning of the show there's always one parked in front of the offices | 12 January 2020

First Cybertruck ad on TV! On the show "The Good Place", Season 4, Episode 10 (last week). At about the 5-minute mark, they are in the white void, and in the background is a billboard with "Cybertruck" and a picture of one. Goes by quick.