Human Powered Battery Charger

Human Powered Battery Charger

Dear Elon,

I have a great invention idea.

Use human energy to powerup and recharge the batteries. This requires an exercise bike that can be bought and used at anyone's home to recharge the batteries.

Tesla2018 | 13 September 2017

Why not just get some hamsters and put them on exercise wheels under the hood to power the car:)

eric.zucker | 14 September 2017

Ever been to the fitness club? When I was in much better shape than now I could pedal on a stationary bike with a load of 200W to 250W for about an hour.

To fully charge a 100kWh battery, you need to pedal at that pace continuously for ... about 400 hours non stop.

Dramsey | 14 September 2017

Dear Paul,

Like virtually everyone else with a "great idea", you have done nothing to quantify it. Had you devoted even a few minutes to online research you'd have quickly discovered just how much physical work it requires to charge even a tiny battery, rendering your idea completely impractical.

Don't they show that film in grade school any more about how hard you have to pedal on an exercise bike to keep a 60 watt light bulb lit? I guess not.

@eric.zucker has actually done the work you should have done. Personally I would have factored in a 20% efficiency loss during charging, meaning almost 500 hours of pedaling.

RedPillSucks | 14 September 2017

I think I saw a demonstration of a really fit guy peddling a stationary bike hooked up to generate electricity to run a toaster. When the toast finally popped up, the guy was exhausted.
I guess if we did this there would be no fat Tesla owners, but they would be too tired to drive their cars.

Should_I | 14 September 2017

Energy is used to do "work" if you want to propel your car by human power the most efficient way to do that would be physically push it. Changing forms of energy to electricity, storing into a battery, then turning into rotation and forward motion is hugely inefficient as energy is lost each time it changes form.

Now stop and think for a second how much effort is involved in pushing a car, and in order to store the energy for later with the inefficiencies you will have to do a lot more work to move it the same distance.

Mike83 | 13 May 2020

I have a weather/FM/AM radio that has a small solar panel, a hand arm to charge the lithium battery and even a spare battery compartment. It can also connect a USB plug to charge a phone. Had it for a few years now.
Bicycling is great exercise and may save on medical bills. PV panels can capture about 22% of Solar energy; if I can recall its about 1.5 hp/m2 in full sun.
Just bicycle and with medical savings get PV panels for your roof. charge your car from your PVs for free. | 13 May 2020

Kinda silly to respond to spam.

andy.connor.e | 13 May 2020

its especially obvious when its a comment that not only has an advertisement link, but its on a 3 year old dead thread.