Brand new Model X 100D did I get a lemon?

Brand new Model X 100D did I get a lemon?


I am a new Tesla Model X 100D owner. I picked my new vehicle with 8 miles Friday afternoon from Seattle Office. I was driving at places on Saturday. I have been experiencing vibrations in steering when there is slight turn in the road, changing a lane or rarely while even driving straight. Vibrations are not every time but often enough to be annoying and worry some. Vibrations occurs when I am going slow or fast and even when I am well be speed limit. I would say my driving experience is not smooth.

Any others have similar experience? Is this a safe or quality vehicle?

zanegler | 24 September 2017

Lane departure warning. Its a feature, not a bug. Rtfm on how to shut it off, or dont cross lane strips without signalling.

lilbean | 24 September 2017


SamO | 24 September 2017

lol. It's definitely a lemon. Anytime you feel vibrations, it is a hydrogen bomb that is set to oscillate until ignition.

Do not drive the car anywhere until the oscillation overthrusters have been installed.

Triggerplz | 24 September 2017

If you turn lane departure off you will have sweet lemon aid

lilbean | 24 September 2017

Why would anyone buy such an expensive, high tech car and not RTFM?

Model_D | 24 September 2017

One should instead ask if one is a safe or quality driver. Use your turn signal to change lanes or stay in your lane when not using your turn signal. You will still get an occasional false warning. When will people realize that driving safely is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

mathwhiz | 24 September 2017

I so agree that owners should RTFM already... But I'll also say that the way Tesla has implemented the lane departure warning, being so damned subtle and nondescript, they've set themselves up for this situation... They need to make the warning more obvious and useful, since at the moment its mostly just annoying. :~

mathwhiz | 24 September 2017

At least give owners a third option.

lilbean | 24 September 2017

+1 Model_D

rxlawdude | 24 September 2017

TEA score higher than the IQ of OP.

lilbean | 24 September 2017


nojunk69 | 24 September 2017

Thank you for comments. Few more observations. Please note I had indicated I feel vibration on a single lane (for each direction) when the road is turning i,e, no lane violation. I did experiments of changing lane with and without turn signal, The vibration does not occur every time and they have nothing to do with if the change lane signal is active. I have observed vibration while changing lane with the turn signal. I do not see how some have reached conclusion that it is lane departure warning when NO lane was departed!

An intelligent human being, that has driven over 40 year and may be million miles does not need RTFM to figure out such random vibration while driving in single lane in manual mode.

carlk | 24 September 2017

You sounded pretty clueless not to mention that morinic title.

Tropopause | 24 September 2017

You should contact Tesla, not us. Ask them if you can get a full refund since it is within 90 days. Just make sure you have your receipt. Then you won't have to worry about RTFM.

Model_D | 24 September 2017

There might be something wrong with the lane departure warning in your Model X. There might be a defect in a tire. One of your wheels may be out of balance. There might be a problem with the power steering. A normal person would go to a service center and have it looked into. Often there are “trolls” that pretend to own a Tesla that post fake information to make them look bad. Your posts seem to be closer to one category than the other. In one thread you managed to do the following:
Speculate that your vehicle is a lemon, unsafe, and of low quality after driving it for a few days.
Admit to driving well beyond the speed limit.
Claim that an experienced driver doesn’t need to read the manual since you know the vibration is caused by poor quality.
I assume that you expect the pilots that fly airplanes to read the manual and follow the rules instead of rely on experience when flying a new airliner. I hold you to the same standard.

carlk | 24 September 2017

There are many reasons for vibration even if it's not lane departure warnign, Those include tires out of balance, low air presure, tires picked up mud,... all easy fixes. Someone who claims to have 40 year driving experience comes out right out ouf the gate to say the car is a lemon is either a moron or a troll. I do hope he's a troll for his own good.

nojunk69 | 24 September 2017

Model D: I have been conducting several experiments today (I had call the service center and they have opened a ticket). I think you may have come closer to what "I suspect" that the lane departure is providing false alerts. Not being a car technician I do not know what may be causing that.

I am newbie Tesla driver. I thought people in this forum are long time Tesla owner may have some ideas. Unfortunately some of the responded have blind faiths and turned to attack the one that reported a problem some even used fowl language. I think these attackers have not heard of safety recalls Tesla had conducted.

As for your other speculation you are totally wrong. I had read the manual and seen bunch of videos while waiting for my order for 6 weeks. Before telling others about reading manual before driving tell me If you that every time you rented or bought a new vehicle you first read the manual cover to cover. I am glad you did not compare driving Tesla to piloting the Apollo moon lander, or did not ask me to subscribe to use of a Tesla simulator like airline pilots, get real.

In my humble opinion "unexpected" vibration (without any violation of lane, speed or direction) for a band new vehicle (with 8 miles) is poor quality.

carlk | 24 September 2017

People have a lot of ideas and they are providing them to you. It's the inflammatory title and opinion made people to say you're either a troll or a moron. You certainly deserve that in case you do not aware of it but I believe you do.

rich.j | 24 September 2017

If Elon Musk was Steve Jobs the answer would be "you're driving the vehicle wrong"

lilbean | 24 September 2017

+1 carlk
I actually did RTFM from cover to cover before I got the car. You don't need to read the rental car manuals because they are not full of technology like Teslas.

dmm1240 | 24 September 2017

You have the lane warning drift option turned on. When this option is on, the steering wheel vibrates slightly when you cross the line marking lanes on the road. If it bothers you, go to your Settings, I believe, and turn it off.

Nexxus | 25 September 2017

You don't have to depart the lane you're in to have the warning go off. Anytime you get close to the line on either side of the lane the vibration happens.

patswin | 25 September 2017

-op, very quick to judge on poor quality on something you don't even understand fully. Makes me wonder why you would have bought a tesla in first place.
-It is the lane departure warning you are describing exactly. Turn it off and gaurenteed problem stops.
-I get it. Tesla's have a lot of features. It's hard to be aware of how everything works right away.
-Your not understanding how lane departure works is not a build quality issue
-turn it off and report back please. I am confident this will stop the vibration you are feeling
-btw I have had my mx for almost a year now and just experienced the car suddenly stopping when I was backing up for the first time. I was quickly moving it into a better parked position. I was unbuckled and lifted my bottom side slightly off seat as I turned to look behind me. Startled me a bit but I had just read a post about this and therefore new it is a safety feature and not a build quality issue.
-Had I not read that post and took your approach, I would have been complaining about an issue that is actually a safety feature just like you. :-)

klufkee | 25 September 2017

some even used fowl language


Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

Tropopause | 25 September 2017

With a name like "nojunk" I'm inclined to think carlk is correct, one way or the other.

OP- which is it? First you indicate did not need to read manual. Now you say you did read the manual.

Bighorn | 25 September 2017

Sounds like your mom got a lemon

ObieX | 25 September 2017

Lol Bughorn. Too funny!

ObieX | 25 September 2017

Sorry Bighorn.