Tesla app 1.5.1 problems; won't show data

Tesla app 1.5.1 problems; won't show data

Anyone experiencing random disconnects with this app? Won't show power flow, self-powered, etc. Reset my internet several times and app won't update with any data. I logged off then back on -no help.
Is there a new version of this?
Any advice?

zubinanary | 28 September 2017

Are you referring to the iPhone version of the Tesla App? If so, the latest version is 3.2.0 and it's available on the iTunes App Store or from this URL (

If you're referring to the PowerwallOS version, 1.5.1 was replaced with 1.6.0 two weeks ago. Your gateway should have been updated automatically if it's got a connection to the Tesla NOC either through an Ethernet cable or through it's Wireless connection.

If you're Powerwall are having issues, contact Tesla on their 1-800 line, or email their support team for Powerwall for assistance.

bruceplmail | 28 September 2017

Thanks zubinanary;

My Gateway firmware is 1.5.1. Running an update today 1.6 was not available here (CA). I'm set up to communicate via cell network. Also, Tesla does not push firmware updates to my PW. I have Tesla app iOS 3.2.0. My Tesla app displays the Powerwall firmware as 1.5.1. I got confused I thought that was the app version.

zubinanary | 29 September 2017

It's weird that you're still on 1.5.1. I was using that when my Powerwall 2 were installed on the 13th of Sept, but then last week it was upgraded to 1.6.0 automatically. I did nothing at all.

My Pwerwalls are on Wifi as I don't get LTE coverage in my garage, and no Ethernet there either, but so far no Wifi issues.

When you say your in (CA) do you mean Canada, or California?

I'm in California, East Bay in the SF Bay Area, so not too sure why they aren't pushing out 1.6.0 to your Powerwall's.

Note: I don't have solar, so I'm on Whole Home Backup and doing my own manual Time of Use Load Shifting daily until the new software support that feature automatically at the end of the year.

roberto.argenio | 30 September 2017

For my experience, when the app doesn't display any data , the problem is with internet connection between wi fi and the gateway, and for the moment it is always for "my" problem with router and AP :)

bruceplmail | 1 October 2017

I'm in Santa Barbara. The installer was here last week and he had to reset the NURIO. But at the time he looked at firmware updates and none were available beyond 1.5. We had a Tesla tech on the phone and he said in fact 1.7 is out there. My install is a partial home backup. I have a main panel, gateway, and subpanel. Maybe that's the issue.