Worse than waiting for Christmas morning...

Worse than waiting for Christmas morning...

I ordered my new Model S75 on September 22nd.

Midnight Silver Metallic paint, 19" Grey Wheels, glass roof, black interior, carbon fiber decor, premium upgrades package.

Says my expected delivery is December-Early January. Ugh.

Feel like a child waiting for Christmas morning!

TranzNDance | 30 September 2017

I only got a few hours with my car after delivery before I dropped her off for paint protection. It felt like Christmas day that day and I'm looking forward to another Christmas morning when I pick her up again. I can imagine every day after that would feel like Christmas morning.

chrisc1321 | 30 September 2017

@jsalerno63 - We ordered ours on Sept. 5th and picked ours up yesterday. You should have it in about a month, I am betting!
Ours is the S75 with Blue Metallic / Cream Interior with Figured Ash Wood Decor / 19" Grey wheels and the Premium Upgrades along with the Enhanced Autopilot and the Full Self-Driving Capability.

akikiki | 30 September 2017

@jsalerno63, yep, we know. We even gave the wait a name. Teslanxiety.

jsalerno63 | 1 October 2017

@chrisc1321 - You ordered on September 5th and picked it up on September 29th?? Wow! My account says my delivery will be December - Early January. I did see our VIN was assigned today. Was really hoping it wasn't going to take that long. We live in Florida so maybe shipping from California takes a lot longer? Anyway, hope you love your car. Can't wait!

p.c.mcavoy | 1 October 2017

@jsalerno63 - First, congratulations on your MS. Not wanting to dampen your enthusiasm, but I would not take @chrisc1321 recent experience of order Sept 5 and delivery Sept 29 as a good indicator yours will be that quick. The key difference is the end of the quarter delivery push combined with what many have perceived to be a pattern where Tesla bias production early in the quarter towards cars for overseas delivery with cars ordered for US production biased towards the end of the quarter. This helps Tesla at times book the greatest number of cars delivered by quarter end.

I totally understand the waiting for Christmas morning reference. I hope you do have yours before Christmas. Oh, and contrary to what anyone might suggest, refreshing your My Account page on-line to look for status updates 5 or 6 times a day will not make it show up any quicker. Trust me, been there, tried that ...

jsalerno63 | 1 October 2017

Thanks for the info. I did see my VIN number produced today. Will try to keep the refreshing of my "My Account" page to 2-3 times a day.

sr.smr | 1 October 2017

I'm just curious - didn't Tesla have new inventory cars that had options that met your needs? Maybe I was lucky in that respect. I had several cars to choose from in New York with all the options I wanted and drove one home in two weeks. They even had several out of state vehicles, but there would be a premium for shipping it to New York.

roninhuy | 1 October 2017

Ordered mine on Sept 24. S75, midnight silver metallic, 19" wheels, glass roof, enhanced auto pilot, full self driving capability, multi-pattern seats, dark ash wood decor. At first my account did say estimated late December to early January 18 delivery. Latest update show late November to early December. Yay!

bob | 1 October 2017

Congrats! We took delivery on our vehicle just over 2 weeks ago. August/Sept were the least productive (billable hours) months I've experience in years. Time came to an absolute stand still. If possible I'd advise staying away from the forums, the myTesla page or anything that has any hint of Tesla associated with it. Try to forget you ordered a car. Otherwise you'll become obsessed, meet a bunch of others who are in the same situation you are and stalk your DS until they stop responding to any of your inquiries.

SO | 1 October 2017

For those who ordered full self driving, please keep in mind that this functionality is possibly years away.

And many people still think AP1 is better than AP2. Teslas are still fantastic cars to drive though.

diegoPasadena | 1 October 2017

Oh my, jsalerno63...

(Here comes the "in *my* day we use to walk to school, in the snow, uphill, both ways" answer:)

Imagine those of us who ordered one of the early ones! I waited exactly 6 months, unbearably tortuous yet sweet 6 months to get my VIN <5k. But that was nothing compared to some of those before me who waited *years* - for a car about which they knew almost nothing! Those were the true pioneers!

You got it good! Enjoy the sweet pain .. :^)