Tesla surround view parking?

Tesla surround view parking?

Do you know if the Model 3 (or S/X) have the 3D surround view when parking so you can see the curbs? The car has all the cameras, so in theory it could, right? Would it need a camera on the front bumper?

andy.connor.e | 6 October 2017

In theory, it could fly you to mars.

Frank99 | 6 October 2017

It's not a current feature of the S/X, and hasn't been announced as a feature of the Model 3, so I'm going to have to answer with "No, not at the moment".

I don't think a Tesla currently has any cameras that cover the front corner of the car, so that might be a difficulty.

HWF | 6 October 2017

I have that feature on my 2012 BMW 5 Series. It's by far the most useful option I purchased. I'm very disappointed the Model 3 will not have it.

Carl Thompson | 6 October 2017

This in case anyone is wondering:

noleaf4me | 6 October 2017

Sad as my 2013 leaf has it -- and it's very useful...

Xerogas | 6 October 2017

Autopilot parks the car for you, so perhaps they feel that solves the problem (albeit in a different way)

Haggy | 9 October 2017

It's not in the Model S. I've used it in other cars, missed it in the Model S, and then when automatic parking came out, it became a non-issue for me. It would still be nice to have, but not anywhere near the top of my list.

PhillyGal | 9 October 2017

@Xerogas - I was going to say the same thing.

jamilworm | 10 October 2017

Although I saw a video of model S auto-parking hitting a parked car, so it would still be nice to have the 360 camera to supervise auto-parking.

arns60 | 10 October 2017

Does auto parking also drive you out of a parking spot? sometimes getting out is a bigger challenge because some fool has "parked you in"....anyone know about the exit feature?? s/x experiences?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 10 October 2017

arns60: Yes. The 'SUMMON' functionality of Autopilot will extricate the car from a tight parking space. It was the answer to those who questioned Falcon Wing Doors on the Model X. "OK, so they can get in/out of the back... What about the driver?!?"

Rutrow | 10 October 2017

But who in their right mind would want to park their shiny new Model 3 in such a tight parking space, between a '78 two door El Dorado and even the newest Oldsmobile on the planet?!?

Not me. Mine will be out at the far corner of the parking lot, straddling the line between two empty spaces.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11 October 2017

The idea is that even if you park 'dingless' in the furthest, most isolated corner of a parking lot, some [ICEHOLES] may still choose to park next to you, less than 6" away on either side, simply because they want to cause inconvenience to the person driving the fancy fully electric car. Summon will get the car out of the space without having to confront anyone or take a can opener to their car.

gar1116 | 11 October 2017

How smart is Summon? Will it 'just' back out (or parallel out) of the spot? Or can I stand at the store curb and 'summon' the car to pull up by me (back out of the parking spot, and drive to the curb where I am standing)?

MontaukProject | 11 October 2017

As far as I know, summon will have the car back out of the space. The new smart summon will eventually pull out from the spot and come to your location.

ShesNoCissy | 19 December 2017

Any news on the possibility of an overhead view when parking? There is a real need for this features particularly in OC (I.e. Laguna Beach) where the City writes you a ticket if you TOUCH the vertical parking line. With their extremely narrow slots, the only way to ensure compliance is a visual.

Carl Thompson | 19 December 2017

"Any news on the possibility of an overhead view when parking?"

Teslas don't currently have that feature. You'd think with all the cameras they could do it but the cameras may not be focused or aimed properly to be useful for this purpose. I also read somewhere else that that technique is patented so Tesla may not want to pay for it. But who knows; maybe Tesla will give us that feature (or a better one) later.

Would be nice but not a deal breaker for me.

Carl Thompson | 19 December 2017

Oh, I guess you could just let the car park itself. It will probably keep within the lines. (Can Teslas self-parallel-park?)

Haggy | 19 December 2017

If you set the mirrors for auto tilt, you can put the car in reverse for a final check and should be able to see the lines on each side.

Yodrak. | 19 December 2017

"in OC (I.e. Laguna Beach) where the City writes you a ticket if you TOUCH the vertical parking line."

Sounds like it sucks to be in OC.

jordanrichard | 19 December 2017

Ummm, has anyone looked at the picture below the rear view camera picture while backing up? It’s a top view of the car and if the sensors sense anything, the warning lines show up.

ShesNoCissy | 19 December 2017

CarlT - thank you for the response. Makes sense what you said I thought there must be a reason.

Jaggy - thank you for the suggestions. I’ll get used to it.

Yodrak - I only visit Laguna, will tuff it out when I visit in my new Model 3 from LA. Fingers crossed for January or February.