TSLA stock is going to....

TSLA stock is going to....

.... give me a heart attack.

Just saying.



Captain_Zap | 10 October 2017

It is definitely volatile. It always has been.

SO | 11 October 2017

Not for the faint of heart. Don't invest if you are not willing to lose it. This stock feels more like gambling than any other stock I own. (Especially at these prices.)

Rocky_H | 11 October 2017

Yes, any time an exec sneezes the stock moves 5% in some direction. What they chose for lunch that day can move it even more.

Tesla-David | 11 October 2017

Yes it is volatile, but has been trending upward since I brought it at IPO @ $25/share. Holding long and am comfortable with the volatility.

fritter63 | 11 October 2017


"Lucky B*st@rd!" - Monty Python.

Wish I'd bought in when it dipped below 200 awhile back. But I learned my lesson during the dot-com boom....too conservative these days!

Coastal Cruiser. | 11 October 2017

TD you are in an awesome position to ride out the waves and storms. I envy you.

It seems the collective wisdom already patterning in this thread for typical investors is Think Long Term.

I am waiting for the will-happen-sooner-or-later broad market correction to see how NASDAQ stocks and specifically TSLA behave. May be some fine buying opportunities on the horizon.


Coastal Cruiser. | 11 October 2017

Actually TD, if you haven't explained it a million times on this board already, would you care to share what your thinking was at the time of the IPO? Were you sort of in Elon Musk I-don't expect-Tesla-to-succeed mode, or were you more like this IS the future.


SamO | 11 October 2017

Tesla went public at $17 on June 29, 2010, and first hit $25 on November 4, 2010.

I didn't buy at IPO but was able to enter at in 2012 at ~$36/share . Then it dropped to $27/share a few months later and I doubled my purchase. My only insight was that I had driven a roadster and thought an EV sedan was genius. Especially with 7-seats.

So I bought more shares at the end of 2012 and more throughout 2013, with many friends and family jumping onboard. And I purchase additional shares every year since. Dollar cost average of $45/share.

If Tesla can sell:

500,000 Model 3 @ $45,000 = $22.5B
100,000 Model S @ $90,000 = $9B
100,000 Model X @ $100,000 = $10B
500,000 Model Y @ $50,000 = $25B
500,000 Model Truck @ $45,000 = $22.5B
25,000 Semis @ $350,000 = $8.75B
2GWh Solar Panels @$2/W = $2B
2GWh Stationary Battery Packs @$250/KWh = $5B

$104.75B revenue @ 25% profit margin = $25B

Now Tesla is going to need to build a lot of factories, which in turn will drain those profits for several years. But I may also be underestimating demand for Tesla products. :-)

What is the enterprise value of a company that generates $25B in profits each years? What about 50%+ growth, year after year?

I don't know the future, but Tesla looks to be more valuable in the future.

Wish I could buy SPCX shares . . .

Tesla-David | 11 October 2017

@SamO, yes TSLA went public on 29 June, I put my buy order in on 6/30/2010 and purchased my shares at $25.53/share. The stock subsequently went down and later started to climb back up to my buy in price. I checked my TD Ameritrade account to verify this information.

@CoastalCruiser, I just had a good feeling about Tesla after reading about the Roadster and seeing my first Roadster in Seattle. I felt that EM was pushing the future of transportation, and that this would be a worthy investment. I felt the same way about Google stock purchased at IPO. I have made some poor stock picks over the years, but these two were not one of them. I was prepared to ride the stock into oblivion but believed it would succeed. I also put my $5k deposit down on my first MS in 2010, and then waited for 3 years to see if I would ever get my car. Best $5k deposit and never regretted that decision either.

Tesla-David | 11 October 2017

Correction: I actually put my buy order in on 6/29/10, but my purchase did not go through until 6/30/10. The stock obviously went up due to heavy purchase activity from $17/share to my purchase price of $25.53/share.

Coastal Cruiser. | 11 October 2017

Thank you gentlemen.

Nic727 | 12 October 2017

I wish I had buy stock back in time, but I was only around 15 yo lol. Now I'm 23 and I'm not sure if I should get some stocks. Someone know a way to buy/sell stock without being taxed by government? For now I know I can buy stock from my bank, but after that I need to report that to government for taxes...

Tesla-David | 12 October 2017

For those of you who have missed this in another post on TSLA stock, here is a 30 minute video analysis of TSLA worth listening to, where Jack Rickard discusses the TSLA fundamentals that make him believe the stock will go to $950/share within the next 60 months, and eventually to $1500/share. He correctly predicted the stock would go to $350/share when it was at $30/share.

Coastal Cruiser. | 12 October 2017

Nic727 said: "Someone know a way to buy/sell stock without being taxed by government?"

Are you in the USA? Are you ready to start putting money away for retirement?

If the answer to those two questions are yes you could fire up a retirement account to dodge the tax man via an Investment Retirement Account.

An IRA account (traditional IRA) allows for tax deductible contributions and tax differed growth of the contributions. You pay tax when you retire and withdraw the funds.

Or a ROTH IRA, on which you are taxed on the front end (the contributions), but are not taxed on the growth or on the withdrawals when you retire.

Most older people would love to have thought to start socking it away when they were your age. Most didn't. ;>

petero | 12 October 2017

The wildest ride in the wonderful world of Tesla isn't Insane Mode, Ludicrous Mode, or the anticipated Maximum Plaid Mode. It is owning TSLA.

Tesla-David | 13 October 2017

@petro, well said!

SamO | 13 October 2017


Just pointing out the anomaly. I had a similar incident on SCTY IPO day. I had a buy order at $9 and it finally got filled at $11.