Looking for a model X for sale/trade in bitcoin

Looking for a model X for sale/trade in bitcoin

Hello, I'm looking for someone interested in selling/trading their P85D or Model X for fair amount of bitcoin. I'm near lake tahoe, but could fly out to your location should we strike a deal. (unfortunately, I can't wait for model 3 AWD)

dortor | 19 October 2017

convert your Bitcoin to currency and you'll have no problem buying a car…

lilbean | 19 October 2017

+1 dortor

ibord7 | 19 October 2017

bitcoins are the currency of the future I suppose

ulrichard | 20 October 2017

just as much as electric cars are the cars of the future!

nutner | 20 October 2017

Bitcoins are able to hide the identity/county of origin of the seller/purchaser. Many good reasons for this, but as many if not more nefarious ones.

rehajm | 20 October 2017

In the United Stares Bitcoin is treated as property for tax purposes, not as a currency. The use of the term 'trade' is correct. If you receive goods in trade for Bitcoin you will need to know the basis of Bitcoin you trade and will be subject to tax on any gain on the delta on the date of the transaction.

It's difficult to understand why a law abiding individual in the United States would do this except perhaps to encourage the appreciation of the value of Bitcoin by implying the value Bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

ulrichard | 23 October 2017

@rehajm: It's difficult to understand why an individual who knows more about bitcoin than what he read in the mainstream media, would be so opposed.
You have to pay taxes on your gains? So what? Is that a reason not to make gains? Or not to use a secure payment mechanism?

mattykolej | 30 May 2018

How do you think is it a good time to quit cryptocurrency trading or no? This "job" is too stressful for me and that's why I want to give it up. By the way what is the best way to sell crypto? I've found a lot of articles like that one on ICO Pulse - , but I think that there are some more options.

glassyvibesound | 7 July 2018

You know, all the modern technoligies such as blockchain and mining are a little bit too complicated for me. So if I'll ever start mining cryptocurrency, I'll do it with . Because it's much simpler than GPU mining where you have to control everything yourself.

jimglas | 7 July 2018

whats a bitcoin?

lilbean | 7 July 2018

I think it's a small amount of coin.

jjgunn | 7 July 2018

I'm guessing OP wanted to get off his bitcoin & have something tangible instead - Oct 2017 was when it was at the height of value.

Way too volatile & the car actually holds it's value better. Think about that for a minute.

jimglas | 7 July 2018


lilbean | 7 July 2018


Jp12687 | 7 July 2018

At what rate are you looking to trade at?

mikewer9 | 22 May 2019

I do not think if that is possible anymore because I have read on where people have said that bitcoin could take next big step into the market and started to live in homes again not in wallet

mayseemsilly | 14 June 2019

Well, this post is kinda old, but I bet there are more people who interested in buying Tesla with Bitcoin as both these brands are about advanced technologies.
Regarding the subject, as far as I know, it is possible with the help of some resellers. Here is some infographic about what can you buy with Bitcoin where #10 is a premium car, so it is worth checking out (the link at the bottom of that infographic).

gguinto | 14 June 2019

Whoever was thinking about trading their Tesla for bitcoins with the original poster is definitely glad they didn't. Although, the OP was in Oct of 2017, perhaps if they cashed out the bitcoin by December, they would've come out ahead.