PowerWall and Gateway - Electrical Diagram

PowerWall and Gateway - Electrical Diagram

I was wondering if anybody has any detailed electrical diagrams for the PowerWall and Gateway?

I had signed a contract with Tesla to install my solar system (panels plus powerwall etc), but yesterday they informed me that they wish to cancel the contract due to the fact that I have a clay tile roof (which almost every other house in southern California seems to have).

Anyway, since I am an electrical engineer with lots of power experience, I am thinking about buying the PowerWall etc from Tesla (installed) and doing the system integration myself with the solar panels. Heck even the solar panels that Tesla uses are not theirs.

They have sent me a couple of pieces of literature (Powerwall 2 AC Owners Manual, Powerwall 2 AC Datasheet, and Backup Gateway Datasheet) but the diagrams in this literature is simplied at best. If anyone has an installation manual or something like that they could share, I'd really appreciate it.

Also - does anyone have an actual photo of the Tesla backup gateway, I'd be interested to see what it looks like.


eml2 | 10 January 2018

You can find a local solar installer for your PV system and have Tesla installs PW2 at a later time. On the other hand, I don't think Tesla will sell you a PW2 for self install. It has to be installed by a certified installer.

manutech | 1 January 2019
manutech | 1 January 2019
paulreif | 11 October 2019

Has anyone installed ferrite chokes on L1 and L2 in the gateway? I have been experiencing connectivity issues between Enphase micro inverters and their “Envoy” monitoring unit due to RF interference coming from the Power Wall ( as per Enphase tech support ) They suggest installing 2 wraps of ferrite chokes on both L1 and L2 in the gateway. Has anyone done this? what size chokes did you use and where did you place them along the lines?
I belive wiring is 6 AWG.

LYNN_PRESTON | 12 October 2019

Does anyone know when the Powerwall 3 will be available in the US?

gregbrew | 12 October 2019

Seems like a question for Tesla Customer Service, but *call* them. E-mail contact returns are spotty, at best.