Ferrari sees the light.. a bit late

Ferrari sees the light.. a bit late


I would say "better late than never" or some other witty aphorism, but Ferrari's rhetoric against EVs has been around for quite some time, which to me is symptomatic of a very stubborn culture influencing the company. Yeah, the CEO finally thinks that maybe, just maybe, electric cars are a bit better than combustion engines, or at least worth trying to manufacture... but this is 2018. Hell, even Porsche announced their EV (very excited to see that btw) in 2017, and your company still saw this and thought "nah, that will never take off" until recently. Too late, guys. Wayy too late.

2018wesm | 19 January 2018

Also Marchionne apparently said the model S is "obscene" because of the LACK of engine noise. That's not entirely arbitrary and subjective at all, no sir.

Shock | 19 January 2018

They can just add engine noise through speakers like BMW did with the i8. It is kind of a shame that we'll lose out on that, because the wail of a powerful engine is really cool, but that is the future.

SO | 19 January 2018

The sounds of an engine is no longer “cool” in my book. Especially when people feel the need to rev their engines late at night in a residential area.

carlk | 19 January 2018

Those companies were trying to put down Tesla as much as they could. They now see the writing on the wall and that Tesla is not going to go away but yes like you said it's too late for them to catch up now.

eric.zucker | 20 January 2018

Oh come on. The only reason everybody is jumping on the electric bandwagon is fear of China.

First, Tesla proved that electric mobility is both possible and fun, contrary to the industry's opinion.

China has a huge pollution issue, and they are going to address it. They are able to take brutal, drastic and possibly unpopular decisions contrary to western countries.

If China effectively only allows electric cars in a few years time, no-one wants to be shut out of that market. If China goes down that path, other countries will follow suit. Norway, India, France, etc. Domino effect.

Game over, gasoline.

carlk | 21 January 2018

Eric, I have a very different take on this than yours. Looking at the timing and read Marchionne's words it's pretty clear he's pushed by Tesla's Roadster. China's EV mandate is still long way away even if it's actually implemented. He could make quite a few generations of high margin low competition ICE cars in between. He only needs to quietly make whatever preparation needed but still selling as many ICE sports cars as possible and tooting them as the only legit ones. That's actually what he's been doing before the Roadster unveiling. That comment, and the promised actions, do carry a significant risk for Ferrari because it's a blessing on electric supercars to it's customer base. It's just the lesser of two evils that Tesla did not give him a choice not to pick.

On the other hand it's indeed game over for gasoline.

Jinnymobile | 21 January 2018

I tend to agree with carlk. Once the roadster comes out, I can’t imagine anyone buying a super expensive ice sports car. They have a 3 year warning, lets see what they do.

eric.zucker | 22 January 2018

I think there will always be a market for an ICE Bugatti Chiron or Koenigsegg Agera, or whatever.

It’s not the performance, it’s not the operating costs, it’s the exclusivity that top notch primadonnas want.

Along with bragging rights to the most exclusive, most expensive car on the block. And they won’t be bothered waiting at a Supercharger along with us plebes.

From an environmental standpoint, it makes more sense to electrify the bulk of the car market than the top 0.01%. Let’s get those Volkswagens and BMWs off the streets before we worry about a few Bugatti, McLaren, Konigsegg, or even Lambos and Ferraris.

Where Tesla has been very clever is in crating a cult brand image that rivals the top brands out there.

eric.zucker | 23 January 2018

I was told today that since two years ago all new cars registered in Beijing must be zero emissions.