Machine does not respond key fob

Machine does not respond key fob

Hello. After changing the battery in the key fob, the car stopped seeing and reacting: all the doors are closed and blocked, I can not get inside. Tell me what to do? All the actions described in the operation manual did not lead to anything. The machine does not open. I read on the forum that you need to change the antenna and key fob chain. This is true? The car is new, 3.000 km run, X P100D. The nearest service is 1,200 km...

lilbean | 4 February 2018

Try changing the fob battery.

gb.eldrive | 4 February 2018

Battery 12 V? In the very key fob, I replaced the battery with a new one.

gb.eldrive | 4 February 2018

The car in the underground parking is, the application does not work.

Solarman004 | 4 February 2018

If available, try using the second FOB. Also, are you able to connect to the car with your phone's Tesla app? If so, you can unlock and start the car with the app.

gb.eldrive | 4 February 2018

I try: the second key also does not work, Tesla does not see it either. Since there is no network coverage, I can not use the application, IPhone does not work.

markcohen | 4 February 2018

It will not help you this time, but if there is WiFi in the underground lot, it would be a good idea to connect to it. That way next time the app will work. For this time, if neither fob works, call Tesla service. BTW, it sounds odd that the fob - actually both of them would fail for a new car. It sounds like you are having another problem.

gb.eldrive | 4 February 2018

I applied to Tesla, they say, visit the car to us. And how to drive, if there is no access to the car?

lilbean | 4 February 2018

I think you can place the fob at the bottom of the B pillar to get it to open.

gb.eldrive | 4 February 2018

Did so. This is described in the operating instructions. Did not help..

lilbean | 4 February 2018

Is Tesla able to unlock it remotely?

lilbean | 4 February 2018

Tesla can send a ranger to you to fix it.

gb.eldrive | 4 February 2018

No, because no internet connection.
1200 km to the Ranger...

lilbean | 4 February 2018

Maybe it is a 12v battery problem.

gb.eldrive | 4 February 2018

Yes, thank you. I think so too...

Redmiata98 | 5 February 2018

Hey, turn the battery over in the key fob!

gb.eldrive | 7 February 2018

How to turn on the battery in the key fob, tell me. To you I will be grateful. Maybe I do not know something or missed?

gb.eldrive | 7 February 2018

12 In the battery changed, nothing happened: the machine does not see both keys.

gb.eldrive | 7 February 2018

12V battery changed...

lilbean | 7 February 2018

Just make sure the battery in the fob is installed properly and facing the proper direction.

gb.eldrive | 7 February 2018

Thank you! This is in the instruction manual. I thought, that I had to activate the fob somehow.

PawelSokolowski | 8 February 2018

If your car has your home WiFi remembered, get your access point to the garage, and try to get it connected. When you are in the same local Wifi network with your car, your phone app should work.
Or make a hotspot on your phone with the same SSID and password as your home Wifi, if your car knows it.
This way the car will have internet connection and service should have no problem connecting to it.
I am using second keyfob, because one day the first one stopped working, and replacing the battery did not help.
I also have pretty long way to the nearest service.

tmarcnguyen | 27 February 2019

I had the same problem. Low battery warning signs. I decided to change battery on both key fobs. None of them works afterward. I called the service center and they were very surprised, even though I noticed that several Tesla owners (both model S and X)seemed to have the same problem.
On one of the thread (for model X) one person said that you must change the battery within a certain range of the vehicle, better yet, do it inside the car. The car needs to recognize the fob before and after, and within a short period of time. As if the system just has a very short memory and will forget the fob once beyond this short time period.

packpike | 27 February 2019

I've had one fob battery go bad (same warning that you mention) and when I changed the battery it wouldn't work. Mobile Service had to come out and replace the fob. I've never heard of changing the battery in the vehicle, but I'll definitely try that on the next one.

Vawlkus | 28 February 2019

I’ve changed the battery in both of my fobs (both arrived virtually dead), and did it in my workshop, well away from my car. It’s never had an issue recognizing them.

leon.fletcher | 9 April 2019


I have had a warning on my dash about low battery, so changed the battery now that key does not work. I have a spare but what do you do now? Contact service?

packpike | 9 April 2019

Contact service. That’s what happened to me and they had to send mobile service out to replace the fob.

jjgunn | 9 April 2019

Contact service - they will setup mobile service to come out & program BOTH key fobs for you.

Make sure you give Mobile Service BOTH key fobs