brake problem

brake problem

I had my 2008 Roadster detailed and when I got it back the brakes no longer work properly. If I press really hard on the pedal I can slow the car down, and I don't know if it is a hydraulic problem or something else. The detailers were oblivious. Any suggestions as to what they might have accidentally done to create the problem?

eric.zucker | 18 February 2018

Brake assistance failed? Don’t know how exactly it works, I would guess either a connection is loose or not reconnected properly, or a puncture in the vacuum line.

Service Center should be able to fix it.

yves | 26 April 2018

We own both a detailing company and a Roadster Sport 2.0...
Every time we give it a good wash we have the same issue with the brakes, it wears of after some driving but indeed, carefull on those first kms/miles until you feel the brakes working 'as usual' again..

The brakes never were 100% good tho... We're still considering an aftermarket upgrade to stop this monster the way you need to...