What's that noise, Clark?

What's that noise, Clark?

J.T. | 27 February 2018

I hope Tesla makes so we can pick our sound.
Light Saber
Jaws theme

JayInJapan | 27 February 2018

Can you add the sound of a Falcon Heavy launch to that list, J.T.?

Alan75DUK | 27 February 2018

This reminds me of the 'Red Flag Laws' where a person was required to go ahead of a car and to alert bystanders of the car's approach by waving a red flag.

This latest proposal seems a crazy idea on first sight as it partly negates one of the benefits of EVs, but there is a good point about helping the blind.

Frank99 | 27 February 2018

Putting noisemakers on cars will simply turn parking lots into a cacophony of noises that nobody pays attention to.

The real issue with quiet cars is that they're quieter than all the noisy cars around them. They still make plenty of noise to hear them while they're moving - if that noise wasn't drowned out by all the noisy cars. There are two solutions to the problem - make the quiet cars noisier, or make the noisy cars quieter.

Tropopause | 27 February 2018

Leave it to the government to make a mess of a good thing. Why not ban the noise of ICE cars and see how that works? Why do humans need excess noise to be safe?

rxlawdude | 27 February 2018

"Why do humans need excess noise to be safe?"

Ask a blind person that question.

Alan75DUK | 27 February 2018

I don't think that there is going to be an easy answer for protecting blind people from near silent EVs. I agree with Frank's point about a cacophony of noise - annoying for most of us, and I suspect confusing for the blind as at least different ICE have differing sounds, especially when accelerating or slowing down. Can anyone comment on the usefulness of engine noises?

Of course, a near silent EV does not impact on a blind person's guide dog's ability to see the car. And all this does not relieve the driver of the responsibility for keeping a good lookout for pedestrians, be they blind or sighted.

Uncle Paul | 27 February 2018

If it is about blind people, golf carts, bicycles, and other people should also have sound emitters.

rxlawdude | 27 February 2018

"Of course, a near silent EV does not impact on a blind person's guide dog's ability to see the car."

You assume incorrectly that every blind person has a guide dog.

Alan75DUK | 27 February 2018


DTsea | 28 February 2018

uncle paul +1000

plus hybrids, phevs, and quiet luxury cars, and all cars that shut off the engine when nkt moving ie pzevs.

carlgo2 | 28 February 2018

There should be one distinctive noise used on all EVs to avoid confusion. It need not be loud as ICE cars really are not normally noisy these days and there is no need to be louder.

I had a dog that was a guide dog that flunked out of its training. It constantly chased cars, was run over twice. The point being that a guide dog could be last in its class and still be certified. Can't necessarily rely on them.