Powerwall 2 Setup (UK)

Powerwall 2 Setup (UK)

When my Powerwall 2 was installed, the setup asked for the model of the inverter. I have a SolarEdge 3680H but that model wasn't available in the list, so the installer put in what he thought was the nearest.

The thing is now I'm looking at the solar production stats in the Tesla app and they seem wildly different to those from the SolarEdge monitoring web page. e.g. Today the Tesla app is showing 10.2kWh but my SolarEdge is showing 15.4kWh.

Would this difference be down to the incorrect setup? If so would it have any other impact apart from incorrect stats?


sashton | 2 March 2018

I have three Fronius inverters that were not on the setup list. I just put the sum of the potential output into the wizard although since I have some east/west strings the system would never achieve that figure.
Possible issues are more likely to be poor comms between the sensor and the gateway or a faulty sensor.
Initially I did have comms issues between the import/export sensor and the gateway which did cause some bizarre behaviour but once these were sorted the disparity between the Tesla stats and those reported by Qubino or Fronius were minor.

bma14108 | 15 March 2019

I have been trying to set up my new powerwall on my home computer to Connecting to the Gateway

using the https://teg-xxx with no luck. please advise.
Regards Brian M (Australia)