A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms

Hello Tesla Community.
If youve been following the news, Tesla is currently under attack in the media and the haters and doubters are coming out in force. In addition to that the Tesla stock price has tumbled, a voluntary recall has been issued, a model x crash received a bunch of attention, and many outlets have framed Model 3 production as a make or break moment for tesla.

Tesla has internally mobilized by calling for the ahead of schedule production lines of model s and x to volunteer to assist the model 3 production line to boost numbers and prove the naysayers wrong. But I believe Tesla has another tool at its disposal. We have the most passionate and energized community of any car company, or for any movement for that matter. We believe supporting this company is being part of something bigger tban just buying a cool car. So I say lets mobilize as a community and show our support for this great company we believe is helping to build a better future.

I think we should try whatever we can to show support. If you have a model 3 order and its ready to be delivered, attempt to do so before quarter end. Consider buying Tesla stock while the price is low. Buy Tesla items from the store. If you have an online presence, try to motivate others to mobilize in this crucial time. In a free market we vote with our dollars. Lets get behind one of the best hopes in the marketplace of ideas today.

Update:please #teslasurge on twitter and post @elonmusk, @tesla, and at other tesla groups/people. You can retweet my post @BijanDMD9.

Thank you

b9in9 | 30 March 2018

. To make this go bigger we need to all contact the various Tesla personalities on you tube to see if they can help us spread the word.there is teslanomics, liketesla (kim), model 3 owners club, that bjorn nystand fellow (not sure if i spelled it right). If we hit these guys up and if we start a # on twitter maybe musk will notice eventually and retweet one of us. Hes got 20 million followers so that would be a big boost.
Lets do #teslasurge at elon and the various media people with a link to this post. Thank you!

flight505 | 16 April 2018

Can somebody tell me why I can't start a topic in the forums?